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A Corazón Abierto

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A corazón abierto telenovelaMaria Alejandra lives in Rivas Cavalier. She has the access to the governmental program to conduct investigations on prisoners at the Hospital Santa Maria. She is the daughter of the one of the most recognized surgeons of the time, who currently suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Maria Alejandra undertakes all responsibility and the authority for the project and its outcome is granted to her. The project is named after her.

She works in the team of professionals employed especially for the new program. They all become friends and almost the family since they find themes that make them closer and they have to keep confidentially about their job that unites them.
Maria Alejandra is alone and her loneliness made her depressed and suppressed for a long time. New friends with new attitude and habits add some vivacity to her monotone life. Moreover, she rushes into romantic relations with Dr. Andrés Guerra, one of the best surgeons in the hospital.  Andrés faces one of the trivial problems as divorce for the reason of being cheated with his best friend. Actually, the couple reunited after the betrayal but the love and tender care disappeared between them and  Andrés came with the idea to part to find love with Maria.


Iliana Fox as Dr. María Alejandra Rivas
María Alejandra, the daughter of the reputed prestigious surgeon (Dr. Helena Carrera) works at the hospital for Alzheimer patients. Dr. Rivas is the woman of the time who seeks to find her niche in the world. She experienced a great love and disappointment in her life and she had to abandon her wedding when she found she was deceived. María Alejandra is shy and humble. She meets Andrés Guerra at the hospital and since then her life is a little bit painted with live emotions and conflics.

Sergio Basáñez as Dr. Andrés Guerra
A talented neurologist, aged 40. Very athletic and attractive. He is unhappy in personal life. Recently he was betrayed by his wife who deceived him with his best friend. He is an honest person and when he faces betrayal he tends to break. His attitude to marriage is serious and therefore he is very upset. Andrés is a lonely person as well as Maria but when they get closer to each other, their warm feelings conflict with the life events.

Fabiana Perzabal as Dr. Aicia Durán
Dr. Aicia Durán is willing to return trust and love of her husband. She betrayed him with his best friend and she is about to do everything to get him back. She gets furious when she finds out her ex-husband loves another woman who is too close to him. She is strong-minded and she is tough with others to dictate her line and policy. She tends to use her authority to make people obey. However, she is a weak woman and she needs protection and acknowledgement.

Rodrigo Abed as Dr. Javier Burgos
A perfect cardiologist, aged 36. He competes with Dr. Andrés Guerra to manage the hospital. He is in love with the Dr. Cristina Solano. He is serious, thoughtful,sharp-witted. His sense of humor can hurt people.

A corazón abierto - telenovela

(2011) - Iliana Fox, Sergio Basañez


Iliana Fox ... María Alejandra Rivas
Sergio Basañez ... Andrés Guerra
Fabiana Perzabal ... Alicia Durán
Carmen Madrid ... Miranda Carbajal
Alejandro Lukini ... Mauricio Hernández
Luis Miguel Lombana ... Ricardo Cepeda
Franc Meri ... Cristina Solórzano
Luis Ernesto Franco ... Augusto Maza
Adrián Rubio ... Jorge Valenzuela
Angélica Aragón ... Elena Carrera
Rodrigo Abed ... Javier Burgos
Laura Palma ... Isabel Heredia
José Carlos Rodríguez ... Germán de la Garza
Rodrigo Cachero
Angela Fuste
Alfredo Anhert
Juliana Gomez
Hermes Camelo
Helga Diaz ... Dr. Silvia
Estefany Escobar
Alfredo Barrero ... Gomez
Estefania Godoy ... Sandra
Paula Barreto

Writing credits
Fernando Gaitán
Shonda Rhimes

Song: Vive
Written by: Mauricio Abaroa
Singing: Marta Sánchez, Samuel Castelli

Original music
Mauricio Abaroa

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Raul Quintanilla
Julian Atuñano
Wiliam Barragan

Produced by
Juan David Burns
Alberto Santini Lara
Fernando Barbosa
Leonardo Aranguibel
Jaime Sanchez Cristo
Silvia Duran
Claudia Faciolince
Yuldor Gutierrez

TV Azteca
Disney Media Networks Latin America


Remake of colombian telenovela "A corazón abierto" (2010) with Verónica Orozco and Rafael Novoa

The role of Maria Alejandra was actually given to Edith Gonzalez, but was replaced by Adriana Louvier, and eventually Iliana Fox

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danime2003   |2011-09-01 18:52:20
donde esta pasando esta novela o cuando va empezar.
danime2003   |2011-11-10 18:23:37
ayer fue el primer capitulo y comenzo muy bien ojala siga asi.
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