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Agua y Aceite

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Agua y Aceite telenovela

Ernesto and Julieta are invited to work at TV. They have to launch a new project where the hot life issues are to be discussed. Something gets wrong from the very first minutes of their cooperation. The project coordinator notices the conflict of character of these two and he has an idea to use it as a zest to create a brainstorming and breath-taking show. This is how the Water and Flame TV Show is launched.

As they cooperate, Ernesto and Julieta notice chemistry about them and they fall in love with each other but they do not want to reveal it. They are real water and flame and they love and hate at the same time. They cannot live without each other and when they work together, they make the best couple of performers.


Christian Bach as Julieta 

Julieta is a very fine-looking woman in her late 30s. At such an early age she is a widow. She lost her husband in a twink at night when he was killed in the car accident. She feels she is guilty for his death. She cannot keep on working at TV after the accident. She devotes herself to her house and her little daughter Mariana. Mariana is a light-headed girl who treats life easily. Despite her age, she understands her mother and her problems.

Julieta is not alone – she is after by other good-looking men. One of these persons making a bid for her sympathy is the one who is responsible for the death of her husband. After several years spent in the jail he sweethearts her.

Humberto Zurita as Ernesto

Ernesto is the well-known and recognized TV show presenter. He is known for his free-spokenness and smartness. He seems to look aggressive and pushing, though from inside Ernesto is an honest man, offended by a woman, a good son and the best father. His wife left him many years ago leaving their son with him and saying nothing. Ernesto is left with two sons the younger of which is sick with the bad disease. Ernesto becomes estraged from Julieta when he wrongly assumes that she pushes off his sick son. Later on they clarify the incident and when Julieta is ready to sink into a new love, Ernesto’s wife is back. When she disappeared, Ernesto did not divorce with her and now she returns to announce on her rights on her children and Ernesto. Moreover, her sister Margarita lives with them to take care of children and she is secretly in love with Ernesto.


Agua y Aceite - telenovela

(2002) - Christian Bach, Humberto Zurita


Humberto Zurita .... Ernesto
Christian Bach .... Julieta
Héctor Bonilla .... Gerardo
Aylín Mújica .... Déborah
Xavier Massimi .... Francisco
María Renée Prudencio .... Yolanda
Mayra Rojas .... Patricia
Martha Verduzco .... Catalina
Gabriela Roel .... Silvia
Verónica Merchant.... Margarita
Guillermo Gil .... Don Gregorio
Zoraida Gómez .... Mariana
Jair De Rubin .... Josué
Stephanie Salas .... Leticia
Leonardo Daniel .... Héctor
Mauricio Bueno .... Alejandro
Tania Arredondo .... Meylín
Concepción Márquez .... Dorotea
Miguel Ángel Ferriz .... Luis Vega
Ernesto Godoy .... Armando
Constantino Costas .... Miguel
Fabiola Campomanes .... Elena
René Campero .... Güero
Tamara Guzmán .... Teresa
Alma Moreno .... María
Álvaro Carcaño .... Felipe
Beatriz Cecilia .... Andrea
Amara Villafuerte .... Elba
Daniela Schmidt .... Verónica

Writing credits
Alberto Barrera (original story)
Carlos Diez (adaptation)

Art Director
Ariel Bianco

Production manager
Martha Pérez-Valdéz

Production co-ordinator
Meiling Ley Rodríguez

Chief of production
Pedro Luevano

Cinematography by
Heriberto López de Anda

Directed by
Heriberto López de Anda
Elisa Salinas (general director)

Produced by
Humberto Zurita
Christian Bach
Gerardo Zurita

TV Azteca and ZUBA Producciones


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Anonymous   |2008-07-27 00:54:38
This novel was considered a failure even though the idea was not bad.
Anonymous   |2008-07-27 02:03:22
Removed from the air steeply apparently to touch to very truculent subjects like the lesbianism and the drug trafficking.
Anonymous   |2008-07-27 00:57:07
This novelita did not have anything of positive. What revolting thing but! I never could understand, what makes so talented and good an actor as Ernesto Godoy in this novelita? He has made novels very superiors in the past, now to end up making a ridiculous, revolting, sad personage and without joke like this. Peculiarly, he was his completes novel. Hopefully and he returns to act, but in a quality novel, not in things like this.
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