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Agujetas de Color de Rosa

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Agujetas de Color de RosaElisa (Angélica María) and her children, Paola (Natalia Esperon), Daniel (Jose Maria Torre) and Anita (Marisol Centeno) fall victim to the conspiracies of Elisa's overbearing mother-in-law as she plots, together with her powerful lawyer friend, Julian Ledezma (Alexis Ayala), to have them disinherited. Amidst all the problems encountered, Paola manages to find her emotional escape through the sport she loves the most, ice skating. Meanwhile, Gonzalo David (Alberto Vazquez), father of two sons, struggles to keep his family together after his wife abruptly abandons the family. The fates of these two families become tangled in a powerful dramatic story full of love, intrigue and suspense.

Agujetas de Color de Rosa - telenovela

(1994) - Alexis Ayala, Natalia Esperón


Angélica María .... Elisa viuda de Armendáres
Alberto Vázquez .... Gonzalo Dávila
Carlos Bracho .... Jorge
Angélica Aragón .... Bertha
Julissa .... Lola
Enrique Guzmán .... Enrique
Pedro Armendáriz Jr . .... Aarón
Alexis Ayala .... Julián Ledezma
Natalia Esperón .... Paola Armendáres
Roxana Chávez .... Irma
Flavio César .... Martín Dávila
Liliana Weimer .... Patricia Dávila
Eulalio González .... Antonio
Humberto Elizondo .... Tomás
Anel .... Rebeca
David Ostrosky .... Víctor Manuel
Eduardo Liñan .... Victor Manuel
Luis Caballero
Oscar Servin .... Bruno
Leonardo Daniel
Monserrat Ontiveros .... Lina
Pedro Weber 'Chatanuga' .... Nicolás Dávila
Diego Schoening .... Tavo
María Teresa Rivas .... Elvira Armendáres
César Évora .... Estéban Armendáres
Ofelia Guilmáin .... Bárbara
Regina Torné
Anna Silvetti
Sergio Bustamante .... Gino
Edith Márquez
Alfredo Alegría
Raúl Meraz
Gabriela Hassel .... Vanessa
José María Torre .... Daniel Armendáres
Marisol Mijares .... Renata
Irán Castillo .... Cecilia
Laureano Brizuela .... Laureano
Alan Gutiérrez .... Jerónimo
Sergio Blass .... Cristian
Nora Salinas .... Jessica
Charlie .... Charlie
Francesca Guillén .... Débora/Fernanda
Sylvia Campos .... Marcela
Karla Álvarez .... Isabel
Eduardo Schillinsky
Ariane Pellicer .... Lara Lai
Claudia Vega
Yadira Santana
Eugenio Bartilotti
Felipe Colombo .... Luisito Dávila
Marisol Centeno .... Anita Armendáres
Shanti Clasing .... Marisol
Sherlyn .... Clarita
Diego Sieres
Isaac Edid
Giorgio Palacios
Martha Susana .... Martha Susana
Alejandra Peniche .... Gloria
Marcela Pezet
Adriana Acosta
Sergio Acosta .... Pérez
Martha Aguayo .... Martha Aguayo
Eduardo Arroyuelo .... Rubén
Arleth Terán
Sergio Ochoa
Alex Ibarra .... Lola's son
Saúl Lisazo .... Martín's attorney
Fernando Borges .... Chaffeur
Jacqueline Voltaire

Writing credits
Susan Crowley

Sergio Schmueler
Gabriela Ortigoza

Song: Agujetas de Color de Rosa
Written by: Mickie Grant and Luis Felipe Cisneros
Singing: Curvas Peligrosas

Cinematography by
Manuel Barajas

Directed by
Otto Sirgo

Produced by
Marco Flavio Cruz
Luis de Llano Macedo



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Anonymous   |2008-07-19 01:17:39
A fairly long novel, very good in its beggining, fresh and different, but in the second part became a soap opera where nobody knew what to do. Very good performance of Angélica María, but many regret the departure of Alberto and Flavio Cesar Vasquez. Carlos Bracho did not have much and looked like a mummy
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 01:19:50
I agree with everyone else it was very good at the begining, but when they sent Martin to jail, it just went downhill from there. It got stupid when they changed the main couple from Paola & Martin to Paola & Julian.
Anonymous   |2010-03-22 06:45:24
I saw this soap opera just because of Sergio Blass (Cristian).
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