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Alborada telenovelaHipólita Díaz is a young woman who lives in Panamá with her husband, Antonio, and her mother-in-law, Adelaida. Antonio suffered from sexual abuses when he was a child, so he isn’t able to consummate his marriage. Adelaida wants to have a grandchild, as Antonio will not inherit the fortune of his uncle, Próspero, unless he sires a son. Luis Manrique y Arellano is a Mexican merchant who came to Santa Rita to close a deal under orders from his cousin Diego, the Count of Guevara, without knowing that the trip was a pretext to have him killed. When Luis is captured by Adelaida's servants while fleeing from justice, she orders him to take Antonio’s place in Hipólita’s bed, or she'll turn him over to the authorities.

So Luis goes to Hipólita’s bedroom, intending to escape from a window. It’s very dark, she awakes upon hearing him try to escape, she doesn’t see him very well and she believes he is her husband. He makes love to her to keep her quiet, and then makes good his escape. But before he leaves, Hipólita discovers that this man isn’t her husband, but an escaped prisoner. Luis departs, without Hipólita seeing his face or knowing his name - but Luis knows hers. She is furious with her mother-in-law for what she has done, but she can’t change what happened.

Some weeks later, Hipólta finds out that she is pregnant with Luis's child, so she decides to leave home with her maid, Adalgisa, and go to Mexico, where her family lives. There, she has her child, Rafael, and finds her mother and her sister, but they aren’t very thrilled to see her. Hipólita was Asunción’s illegitimate daughter, so she sent the girl to Panamá to be raised by her grandmother, so that no one in Mexico could know that she had a daughter outside of wedlock. When Hipólita arrives in Mexico, she has to fight against her stepfather’s hate and her mother’s desperation when she finds out that there’s another bastard in the family.

Luis also lives in Mexico: he is a rich man, cousin of the count of Guevara, and there is much mystery about his relationship with his mother, Juana, who appears to hate her own son and support the count against him at every turn. Hipólita and Luis meet again and, although she doesn’t recognize him, he recognizes her and he suspects that the child that Hipólita has with her is also his son. They don’t get on very well initially, but later, they fall in love with each other. Luis feels that he has to tell her that he is her son’s father, but he can’t do this, because if he did, Hipólita would hate him. The eventual recognition of Rafael as Luis's son, the reason why Luis's mother detests him, and the plots of the Count of Guevara against Luis are played out against the background of Luis's and Hipólita's attempts to be together.


Lucero as Aría Hipólita Díaz De Guzmán

Aría Hipólita Díaz is a joyful and enthusiastic woman. She is smart and intelligent. Aria is willing to help people and she shares her sensitivity though she gets critical and convincing when stout decisions are required. In spite of the time she lives in, Aria is rebellious and she is not the one to obey with closed eyes and her head down. Moreover, she does not accept that a woman should obey to a man.

Fernando Colunga as Luis Manrique Y Arellano
Luis Manrique speaks precisely and laconically. He is strong-minded and smart. Luis is versatile in cultures and he shares the concepts of freedom and independence. He is diligent and serious. In most cases he behaves discreetly and humbly.

Luis Roberto Guzmán as Diego Arellano
Diego Arellano is ambitious, pretentious and mean person. He is pettifogging and keeps no principles to follow. As an adult he becomes stubborn, envious and mischievous. He practices fencing and addicted to alcohol. He hates Luis to the
extent he is ready to kill him.

Daniela Romo as Doña Juana Arellano, Viuda de Manrique
Juana Arellano is nice-looking, elegant lady in her early 40s. She is bossy. Power and authority spoil her and her ambitions make her dodge to achieve her goals. And she knows for sure how to get it and what to do.

Arturo Peniche as Antonio De Guzmán
Antonio De Guzmán is an amiable well-groomed young man. He is very handsome but his weak will and willing to obey to stronger people make him look too fragile and inconsistent. He is easily manipulated to be the strong weapon in mean hands. His biggest problem is his sexual dysfunction. 

Irán Castillo as Catalina Escobar Y Díaz
Catalina is a young girl restricted in the walls of the abbey. She is not introduced to the other world and therefore she is wicked and merciless to others. Most of all she wishes to get free to marry a man and have a strong and happy family.

Manuel Ojeda as Francisco Escobar
Francisco Escobar is irritated, selfish, greedy and abusive man. He badly treats his service-men, though he is a coward in nature. He is unable to get affected to people, even to his children.

Alborada - telenovela

(2005) - Lucero, Fernando Colunga


Lucero ... María Hipólita Díaz de Guzmán
Fernando Colunga ... Luis Manrique y Arellano
Arturo Peniche ... Antonio de Guzmán
Daniela Romo ... Doña Juana Arellano, Viuda de Manrique
Alondra ... Alondra - Singer
Alyosha Barreiro
Rosa María Bianchi ... Esposa del Regidor
Olivia Bucio ... Asunción Díaz Montero de Escobar
Rudy Casanova
Irán Castillo ... Catalina Escobar y Díaz
Rubén Cerda
Alberto Chávez ... Serafin
Aurora Clavel ... Cleotilde
Veronika Con K.
Marcelo Córdoba ... Marcos
Gilberto de Anda ... Gasca
Gabriel de Cervantes
Analía del Mar ... Mirtha
Daría di Blanco
Humberto Dupeyrón
Isaura Espinoza
Analía Galloso ... Mirtha
Mariana Garza ... Esperanza de Corsa de Manrique
Carlos Girón ... Cirilo
Ricardo Guerra
Luis Roberto Guzmán ... Diego Arellano, Conde de Guevara
Magda Guzmán ... La Poderosa
Vanessa Guzmán ... Perla
Aarón Hernán ... Regidor
Nelly Horsman
Benjamín Islas
Jan ... Santiago
Mariana Karr ... Isabel
Archie Lafranco
Ernesto Laguardia ... Cristóbal de Lara
Lucero Lander ... Sor Teresa
Valentino Lanús ... Martín Alvarado
Lupita Lara
Mariana Levy ... Esperanza de Corsa de Manrique
Eduardo Liñan
Susana Lozano
Rebeca Manríquez ... Elvira
Mario Iván Martínez
Patricia Martínez ... Carmela
Monica Miguel ... Modesta
Sara Monar
Zully Montero ... Adelaida
Beatriz Moreno ... Adalgisa
Manuel Ojeda ... Francisco Escobar
David Ostrosky ... Agustín de Corsa
Adalberto Parra
Benjamín Pineda
Alexander Renaud
José Luis Reséndez ... Andrés
Ernesto Ricaud
Roberta ... Paula
María Rojo ... Victoria Mansera de Oviedo
Sherlyn ... Marina
Edgardo Tejeda ... Negrote
Alejandro Tommasi ... Felipe Alvarado
Ana Lilia Tovar
Raúl Valerio
Arturo Vázquez ... Ramón
Rocío Yaber
Amelia Zapata

Writing credits
María Eugenia Argomedo
Edwin Valencia
María Zarattini

Song: Alborada
Written by: Jorge Avendaño
Singing: Plácido Domingo

Original music
Jorge Avendaño

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos
Bernardo Nájera

Directed by
Cynthia Klithbo
Monica Miguel
Sergio Quintero

Produced by
Carla Estrada
Guillermo Gutiérrez
Arturo Lorca



Aracely Arámbula was considered to star

TV y Novelas award - best telenovela of the year (2006)

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YILDIZ ARICA  - novela   |2010-05-15 20:57:30
soy de turquia. soy fan de telenovelas mexicanas. descargo a los capitulos de internet. miré 46 capitulos. la mira con alegria.
MAREDA MATA'U  - RHNMW   |2014-08-13 02:22:18
i need to friemd with the star in this movie because i like seen ALBORADA AMIGOS
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