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Al Diablo con los Guapos

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Al Diablo con los Guapos telenovelaThis is a story of Milagros  and Alejandro Belmonte  who face many challenges with other characters. Milagros, as a girl, loved soccer and plays well to the degree that in the convent where she was raised, they called her "Miligol". At the age of 18, she leaves the convent and finds work with lady Regina Belmonte - the matriarch of a family company. Regina sympathizes with Milagros immediately but the remainder of the family does not bear her self-assured character and her bad manners. The son of Constancio Belmonte, Alejandro, is interested in Milagros because of her way of speaking captivates him. Little by little, between suits and discussions, the two begin to date although Milagros resists to accept him. She well knows Alejandro's fame of being Constacio's son fears her and believes she is going to be abandoned like her mother. Besides this, Alejandro is engaged to Andrea, his girlfriend. 


Allison Lozz as Milagros

Milagros is a young, beautiful, amiable, brainy and sociable girl with the perfect sense of humor. Her drawback is her impulsiveness, riskiness though she is still loving and attentive. She is too passionate about football, singing and dancing. Milagros is very reluctant to be manipulated and she easily rebel against every breach of justice. Her belief in God and pureness of intentions make her feel safe and protected. She is taught to easily solve problems and eat a life with full spoons. Milagros is in love with Alejandro.

Eugenio Siller as Alejandro

Alejandro is an athletic, handsome and self-confident young man. He shows a taste of style in what he wears and does. Though he is courageous, he is still chargeable and reliable employee. Alejandro is true to his principles but he tends to change completely when he perceives the true love. He is high-spirited enough to cope with problems and protect his happiness. He is negative to a piece of injustice, and votes for comprehension and care for people he loves.

César Évora as Constancio

Constancio is an arrogant and artsy-craftsy man. All his deeds are seen through his manipulative and domineering nature. Hankering after power of him has no borders and he shows no remorse when doing wrongly. All that matters is support of him and his performance. As a young man, he suffered from being weak-willed person without firm principles, and as an adult he tries to make good for the deficit of what he missed. He is extremely ill-disposed and harsh, though as any person, he needs to love and to be loved.

Laura Flores as Luciana 

Luciana is a beautiful woman with elegant manners and high class style. She is full of offences and bitterness to fail making her dreams come true. She is completely unhappy addicted to alcohol for desperation.

Alicia Rodríguez as Regina

Regina is a woman of strong personality, high moral principles, intelligent and polite. As all women of her age, she is annoyingly persistent, intended and too sickly, though open-armed and caring. When she sees Milagros, she gets alive and glimmers with joy. She has never been afraid to risk and she tries to attract Milagros to behave as a real lady.

Marco Muñoz as Damián Arango 

Damián Arango is a cynic, haughty, aspirant and crafty. His passion for gambling made him a liar and black-mailer. He is a coward who played foul with his family for the sake of gambling. He feels some touches of remorse though he cannot stop gambling even seeing how his son suffers from it.

Altair Jarabo as Valeria

Valeria is a spoilt young woman from the rich family. She does not differ from other whimsical, half-baked and light-headed girls. She lives to create the image though from inside she is tender and kind, with a great need to love and be cared. She is afraid to be alone.


Al Diablo con los Guapos - telenovela

(2007) - Allison Lozz, Eugenio Siller


Allison Lozz ... Milagros
Eugenio Siller ... Alejandro
Ariadne Díaz ... Florencia Echevarria de Belmonte
Maribel Guardia ... Rosario
Derrick James ... Ramses Buenrostro
Ricardo Margaleff ... Morgan
Abraham Ramos ... Sergio
Fabián Robles ... Rigoberto
Gloria Sierra ... Nefertiti
Tania Vázquez ... Andrea Castillo Riquelme
Andrés Zuno ... Hugo Arango Tamayo
Aitor Iturrioz ... Mateo
Roberto Vander ... Nestor Miranda
Rosángela Balbó
Luis Barreiro
Claudia Bollat
Arsenio Campos ... Peralta
Mario Carballido
Raúl Castellanos
Carlos Cobos ... Padre Manuel
José Luis Cordero ... Horacio
Sergio DeFassio
César Évora ... Constancio
Laura Flores ... Luciana
Anna Fomina
Gerardo Gallardo
Andrea García ... Zulema
Dacia González ... Madre Superiora
Alfonso Iturralde ... Eugenio
Altair Jarabo ... Valeria
Luz María Jerez ... Milena
Fabián Lavalle ... Instructor de Modelos
Rafael León ... Bobby
Eduardo Liñan ... Armando Calvillo
Margarita Magaña ... Karla
Marco Muñoz ... Dámian
Leticia Perdigón ... Socorro
Miguel Pizarro ... Braulio
Michelle Ramaglia ... Lina
Alicia Rodríguez ... Regina
Eduardo Salazar
Georgina Salgado ... Gloria
Mónika Sánchez ... Rosario
Rossana San Juan ... Roxana
Sheyla Tadeo ... Sor Cachete
Monique Vargas
Poncho Vera
Michelle Vieth .... Pilar

Writing credits
Juan Carlos Alcalá
Enrique Torres
Fermín Zúñiga

Song: Al Diablo Con Los Guapos
Written by: Jorge Eduardo Murguía and Mauricio Arriaga
Singing: K-Paz De La Sierra and Allisson Lozz

Original music
Mauricio Arriaga
Jorge Eduardo Murguía

Cinematography by
Claudio Lara
Armando Zafra

Directed by
Sergio Cataño
Alejandro Gamboa

Produced by
Ignacio Alarcón .... associate producer
Esteban Azuela .... supervising producer
Angelli Nesma .... executive producer
Eduardo Ricalo



Remake of argentinian telenovela "Muñeca brava"

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cristal montes  - hola amigas   |2009-03-11 20:00:42
hola amigas como estab bueno me gussto mucho la novela de al diablo con los guapos.fue un exito ....las quiere su amiga ccristal...
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