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Alegría del Hogar, La

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La Alegría del Hogar tv series

Five women live in the elegant condominium who are extremely different from each other despite they are united with the internal matters and necessity to solve internal problems. The swimming pool is under construction there while the murder is committed. The deaf yard-keeper is the only witness of the crime. The five women are employed as servants for these families who are involved in these life peripeteia.


Eugenio Derbez as Edmundo "Mundo" Martínez

Edmundo "Mundo" lives a life when he upholds the view that he has seen or heard something to happen around. He behaves as a real taleteller discussing in details and the cases he is the participant or he hears accidentally.

Danny Perea as Maribel

Maribel appears in the Ramirez house to be employed as a servant recommended by her Aunt Esther who worked for this family for many years. Ester is about to retire due to her health state. And she offers Maribel try her job. Maribel is happy to accept the proposal to work in the rich family since she dreams of saving money. She dreams of having some courses on esthetics to open her own beauty salon in future. Maribel is sure her job is temporary and she does not have to get suppressed with serving to others. She is after by the person with who she gets to know at the accounting courses at the college, Manuel though she is in love with Rodrigo, her employer’s son.

Vanessa Bauche as Carmela

Carmela is artsy-craftsy young girl exploited by the wealthy. She works with Maribel and she does not scorn to blackmail her for she noticed Maribel is in love with Rodrigo, the landlady’s son. Though Maribel denies it, Carmela has a picture to prove it. Carmels makes her scheme and she does not guess her plans will play another way.

Maya Zapata as Adela

Adela is a beautiful woman with no goals and objectives apart from getting married to a wealthy and influential person. She has a son, Kike, in Chilpa, Hidalgo, left with her parents. Adela is aware that she cannot make the same mistake as she did with Kike’s father and she has to aim surely for Kike is the only love in her life. Otherwise, Kike will leave with her parents. Kike’s father works in the USA and Adela dreams secretly that he returns to marry her. She loves her Landlord and his daughter and she feels confused in her sexual preferences.

Gustavo Sánchez Parra as Román

Román looks like a man of serving class. He is humble and looks after Silvia. When he finds out the police is investigating the crime, he disappears.


La Alegría del Hogar - tv series

(2009) - Eugenio Derbez, Arcelia Ramírez, Vanessa Bauche, Maya Zapata, Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez


Eugenio Derbez ... Mundo
Arcelia Ramírez ... Silvia
Vanessa Bauche
Maya Zapata
Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez
Danny Perea
Arlette Pacheco
Humberto Elizondo
Mario Iván Martínez
Gustavo Sánchez Parra
Luis Fernando Peña
Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez
Jenny Zundel
Sylvia Eugenia Derbez
Aislinn Derbez

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Produced by
Eugenio Derbez


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