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Alegrijes y Rebujos

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Alegrijes y Rebujos telenovela

Alegrijes у Rebujos is the story about the excentric millionaire, Don Darvelio, who often visits the house where the characters of the story live.

Sofia lives a tight life with her jealous step-mother, her father and a brother who ignore her. She finds out that she can see ghost in the house and she is eager to find it out with the help of the servant who worked for Don Darvelio. On entering the house she finds the thing that is of great value for her – her mother’s picture who died when she was a baby. She meets a little boy there, Alfonso who is the grandnephew to the ex-servant Chon.

To their great surprise, the kids realize the old man, Don Darvelio, is not at all dead but he enjoys to haunt all the neighbors for the last ten years amusing himself for living such a boring and valueless life. Don Darvelio is so disappointed to live a live just making and saving money and he realizes children with their pure souls are the purest valuable things in the world. He calls Sofia and Alfonso “Alegrijes” meaning they are people who love life, who enjoy the little things to make them pleasant and who never lose hopes for the better future. These happies is the stuff he needed before to feel himself happy.

Altogether this old man and two kids – Sofia and Alfonso – enjoy their great adventures whey experience in the whereabouts of the mansions they live inviting Ricardo, Pablo, Esteban – Sofia’s mean brother, all the neighboring kids, to their games.

Don Darvelio has a great idea to gather all children with their families in his mansion. Knowing that parents of every child gradually become “Rebujos” meaning people who aspire to acquire only material stuff to enjoy, who grow the feeling of envy and selfishness and who are totally trapped to find love and sympathy, instead. Don Darvelio is supported by two people – a handsome music teacher Angelica and fitness instructor. However, his kind intentions are destroyed with appearance of his ex-wife who arrives to hold on a grasp to the mansion she has to inherit from her ex-husband. Thus, the dream is not going to be made true. Don Darvelio becomes feeling ill when Helga appearance in the house and for the sake of dark secrets in the house. And he is weak to confront the evil though haunting people for so long years.

Helga, Don Darvelio’s ex-wife, makes her attempts to empty the house and the kids have to use all the best they have to confront Helga and other “Rebujos” who are limited in their fancy, and who are deprived of joy and happiness. The weapon they use include friendship, family values, healthy competition, music, joy and love. And only this way the children are able to win getting out of influence, traps and mean tricks of the “Rebujos”.


Miguel Martinez as Alfonso "Alcachofa" 

Alfonso comes from the village where he lived till he is ten. His grandfather sent him to the city to grow and get educated. He is aware he cannot write not read. Though, he is excited with living in the place and he is happy to get to know Sofia. He likes her though sometimes Sofia behaves she is willing to kill him for his actions and in the lack of his own family, Alfonso loves Sofia and other kids feeling they are his family.

María Chacón as Sofia Dominguez "Chofis"

Sofia is a ten year old girl, strong-willed, brave and adventurous. She is a real Alegrijes: she is afraid of secrets and mystery, she gives a hand to one who needs it, she loves her friends. She loves her brother Esteban but he pushes her off, as well as her stepmother. She loves her father and wants to see them happy though she feels she is not respected, loved, cared and wanted in her house. She is happy to get to know to Alfonso.

Jacqueline Bracamontes as Angelica Rivas

Angelica is a person full of music and who lives for music. She is 22. Living in music, she is waiting for her Prince to come after her. She is in love with Bruno and is mad about his immaturity and craziness.

Luis Roberto Guzmán as Bruno Reyes

Bruno is a very impulsive, unrestrained young man in his 20s. He is a man of street. He is happy to be in love with Angelica since he has realized being just happy with a pair of trainers and love in the heart is better than live a life trying to make more money and depriving of other life joys. and he is proud of being rich from inside.

Héctor Ortega as Don Darvelio Granados

Don Darvelio Granados is in his late 80s. He spent long years living as “Rebujos” but he has not built his happy life. Only to the end of his life he knows the truth that being happy is the thing that overcomes all other life values. He supported young children to join them with their families to find hoy in being together and he is proud to leave the world with such a legacy.

Rosa María Bianchi as Helga Aguayo

Helga Aguayo is a real villain in her soul. She is a destroyer. Every action that is initiated for kindness and love, she comes and destroy employing her poison of the snake, witchcraft, fraud and manipulation. She looks elegant and delicate though inside she is an old wicked witch. Where she appears, the conflict comes.

Eugenia Cauduro as Mercedes Goyenechea 
Mercedes is 34. She is beautiful and she always tries to set priorities in the marriage with Sofia’s father towards her and her son Esteban. She is not willing to live in the shadow of Sofia’s mother.

Salvador Sánchez as Asunción Yunque "Chon" 

Asunción Yunque "Chon" is in his late 50s. He comes from the family poor to raise him and he worked as servant for many years. He is used to serving people and he is not happy with such end of his life.

He wants to love and be loved though he cannot meet a woman who could fall in love with him, toothless and old.

Jesús Zavala as Esteban Dominguez

Esteban Dominguez is a nine-year old boy who can easily get everything he washes through crying, yelling and other way of manipulating people. If it does not help, he simulates being sick. He dislikes his step-sister Sofia since he feels she is a real competitor for family influence. His mother Mercedes does everything to make the best position for him than for Sofia. His father, Antonio, who is Sofia’s father either, protects him more than her. However, Esteban sometimes feels he is not backed really by anyone and when he makes life for other worse, he feels better. He is a real one to belong to the group of “Rebujos”.

Alegrijes y Rebujos - telenovela

(2003) - Eugenia Cauduro, Miguel de León


Eugenia Cauduro .... Mercedes Goyenechea
Miguel de León .... Antonio Hernández
Luis Roberto Guzmán .... Bruno Reyes
Arath de la Torre .... Matías Sánchez
Jacqueline Bracamontes .... Angélica Rivas
Rosa María Bianchi .... Helga Aguayo
Héctor Ortega .... Don Darvelio Granados
Salvador Sánchez .... Asunción Yunque, 'Chon'
Olivia Bucio .... Tere Aguayo
Luz Elena González .... Irina Calleja
Sebastián Rulli .... Rogelio Díaz
Raquel Pankowsky .... Consuelo Marquez, 'Chelito'
Adriana Laffan .... Flor Cárdenas
Roxana Castellanos .... Elvira Gómez
Rubén Cerda .... Fito Maldonado
Miguel Martínez .... Alfonso Pascual, 'Alcachofa'
María Chacón .... Sofía Domínguez, 'Chofis'
Jesús Zavala .... Esteban Domínguez
Diego González .... Ricardo Sánchez
Nora Cano .... Nayeli Sánchez
Michelle Alvarez .... Ernestina Garza, 'Tina'
Antonio Hernández .... Pablo Maldonado, 'el Chuletón'
Cecilia Gabriela .... Mercedes Goyenechea #2
Bibi Gaytán
Alfonso Iturralde .... Santiago
Allison Lozz .... Allisson
Ernesto Breton .... Fantasma
Pablo Poumian .... Pepe
Achú .... dog Achú

Writing credits
Palmira Olguin (original story)

Song: Alegrijes y Rebujos
Written by: Alejandro Abaroa
Singing: Alegrijes y Rebujos

Produced by
Rosy Ocampo



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Anonymous   |2008-07-19 19:58:00
I think that Alegrijes y rebujos is a nice program, but the rebuja Allisson is pretiest than Sofia the protagonist, I think the songs are lovely and they are really lovely persons.
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 19:58:43
Me parece una buena telenovla, especialmente el actor Diego Gonzalez es un nuño re chido, y re bonito, aunque se que la protagonista en medio fea, este chico mejora la telenovela. Esta buena, me encanta, y que siga asi.
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 19:58:59
This TV show is so cool I like how Maria Chacon acts in it and Ricardo too. They act so cool that I want to act like them. Everyone acts good the teacher that show them the steps good job and go work. The novela has action
Christina   |2009-12-23 17:28:52
I love this show I just wish I knew where to watch since they stopped airing it on t.v.
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