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Alguna Vez Tendremos Alas

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Alguna Vez Tendremos AlasIn a bad area of Mexico City lives a young girl Ana Hernandez with her mother, sisters and her step-father Rodolfo "the Cat" Suarez. In spite of living in the misery, of being a witness of the abuse of her mother by her step-father, and of being herself a victim of the sexual harassment of Rodolfo, Ana is an optimistic, hard working girl. In a good area very far from Ana lives the rich conductor of orchestra Guillermo Lamas. Guillermo is married to a beautiful Isabel and has a daughter Alejandra. A lot of tragedies happen in Ana's and Guillermo's lives. The guy with whom Ana falls in love, Nacho, dies in a plane crash. Suarez The Cat and his buddies rob a bank. The Cat kills one of his buddies and Ana is a witness. The Cat supposedly dies, Ana's mother becomes crazy and is locked up in a mental hospital, Ana's sisters are sent to an orphanage. At the same time, Guillermo's wife is diagnosed with a leukemia and shortly after dies in a car crash. Ana starts working as a governess of Alejandra, Guillermo's daughter, and falls in love with her patron.


Kate del Castillo as Ana Hernandez

Ana Hernandez is a young girl, beautiful, young and rebellious, aged 17. She is strong-minded, though, in spite of her naivety and innocence. She lives with her mother and sisters who are violated and sexually obsessed by the step-father Rodolfo "the Cat" Suarez. Ana loves a young rich man, Nacho, a sports car broker, but he dies in a plane accident.After serious horrible events Ana is hired by Guillermo Lamas as a governess for little Alejandra.

Humberto Zurita as Guillermo Lamas

Guillermo Lamas is a mature man in his late 40s. His wife is dying from brain tumor. His world is destroyed and he is trying to distract himself from the grief and thoughts of death. When his wife dies in the accident, Guillermo stays alone until Ana appears in his home. Eventually he notices a loving and faithful woman in her. Guillermo is attractive for women, emotional and charming but a little selfish to ignore most things occurring in is environment. He believes it’s reasonable to accept and enjoy love from Isabel and his sister, two women who love and adore him. He comes from poor family and it makes him vulnerable to some social events.

Alberto Estrella as Rodolfo "Gato" Suarez

Rodolfo is very abusive, obsessive person who torments his folks doing mean and wicked things. He really enjoys violating his wife and step-daughters. He event sexually solicits them. His evilness and mean temper reach the higher point when he accuses Ana of doing a crime done by him.

Synthia Klitbo as Rosaura Ontiveros

Rosaura Ontiveros is a strong and intelligent woman raised by her father to inherit his business. Her father has always regretted he has a daughter but not a son. Trying to please her father and make him get proud of her, Rosaura refuses from her dream to become a pianist.

Edgar Vivar as Sebastian Medina

Sebastian Medina is the housekeeper. He is full of secrets and all his acts and appearance suppose that his life is full of adventures. He has travelled a lot and being a person of high intelligence and culture, he is seeking for a place in Ontiveros’ place to settle down for some reasons. He desperately loves Rosaura.

Alguna Vez Tendremos Alas - telenovela

(1997) - Humberto Zurita, Kate del Castillo


Humberto Zurita .... Guillermo Lamas
Kate del Castillo .... Ana Hernández
Cynthia Klitbo .... Rosaura Ontiveros
Alberto Estrella .... Rodolfo 'Gato' Sánchez
Óscar Bonfiglio .... Padre Miguel
Edgar Vivar .... Sebastián Medina
Silvia Mariscal .... Silvia de Nájera
Margarita Isabel .... Verónica del Olmo
David Ostrosky .... Dr. Ricardo Aguilera
Raúl Buenfil .... Gregorio Luque
Eugenia Cauduro .... Magdalena Arredón
Luis Couturier .... Gustavo Nájera
René Strickler .... Nacho Nájera
Justo Martínez .... Padre Tomás
Katie Barberi .... Isabel Ontiveros de Lamas
Ana Karla Kegel .... Alejandra Lamas Ontiveros
Elena Paola Kegel .... Alejandra Lamas Ontiveros
Maickol Segura .... Pepín
Sagrario Baena .... Hortensia de Arredón
David Rencoret
Anabel Gutiérrez .... Bernardita
María Prado .... Matilda
Antonio Miguel
Andrea Sisniega .... Andrea
Mario Prudomme .... Matías
Alejandra Peniche .... Yolanda
Ramiro Orci .... Crispín Mancera
Maricarmen Vela .... Madre Superiora
Lili Inclán .... Madre Tornera
Yula Pozo .... Madre Josefina
Adriana Barraza .... Clara Domínguez
Ángeles Balbarena
Francisco Casasola
Marianna Gabriela
Said Manuel Jiménez
Edna Lobato
Inés Moreno
Roberto Murguía
Antonio Méndez Padilla
Walter Jay Nava
Joel Nuñez .... Gabriel
Arturo Paulet .... comandante de policia
Genoveva Pérez
Betina Sade
Miguel Santana
Evelyn Solares
Moisés Suárez
Alea Yólotl
Ana Layevska .... Violinist
José Estrada .... Nicanor
Victor E. López
Alfredo Adame .... Carlos Augusto

Writing credits
Alberto Migré (original story)
Florinda Meza (adaptation)
Carlos Daniel (adaptation)

Theme song
Singing: Carlos Cuevas

Music arranger
Juan López

Film Editing by
J.R. Navarro
Enrique Núñez

Directed by
Roberto Gomez Fernández

Produced by
Florinda Meza García
Alfredo González (associated producer)



"Alguna vez tendremos alas" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "0597 da ocupado" (Argentina, 196?).
2 version: telenovela "2-5499 ocupado" (Brazil, TV Excelsior, 1963) with Maria Aparecida Alves and Neuza Amaral.
3 version: telenovela "Una voz en el telefono" (Argentina, Telearte Argentina, 1990) with Raúl Taibo and Carolina Papaleo.

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Anonymous   |2008-07-19 21:24:18
The thing that most impressed me in this telenovela is the music. As the galan of the telenovela is a conductor of an orchestra and Ana a member of a church choir, we have the opportunity to listen to wonderful music that makes the telenovela more exciting. My opinion is that the best part of Alguna Vez Tendremos Alas is Humberto Zurita and Cynthia Klitbo, who act fanastically and give flesh and blood to Guillermo and Rosaura. Another good actress is Katie Barberi, Guillermo's first wife.
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 21:24:30
The whole story is a work of art. The acting was superb. Specially Kate del Castillo, Humberto Zurita and Cynthia Klitbo. Excellent work. Well deserve of an award.
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 21:24:58
Junto con el privilegio de amar creo que es el mejor refrito del mundo con las actuaciones exelentes y una historia que fue larga porque la historia asi es y no porque se les ocurre alargarla y sin tener mas historia, ojala las saquen en dvd, estubo nominada a el tvy novelas como mejor telenovelas junto con esmeralda y te sigo amando lastima que no se lo llevo, ojala la volvieran a repetir o la volvieran a hacer.
monica  - Alguna Vez Tendremos Alas   |2008-12-06 17:49:08
la telenovela es bastante antigua ya que la actriz hace de una adolescente de 17 años. Esta actriz hizo papeles como la mentira(que es muy parecida a la telenovela del juramento que estan echando en el 2008), por cierto no es muy creible , todos parecen del siglo pasado tratando a las mujeres como una propiedad y no como a una persona. Toman la infidelidad del hombre como un descuido que se debe de perdonar y la de la mujer como una cualquiera.
Anonymous   |2009-02-06 08:45:19
I loved this telenovela. Great music, real life problems, complelling, multidimensional characters especially those of Guiilermo (Humberto Zurita), Ana (Kate del Castillo), Rosaura (Cynthia Klitbo). Also actors playing villains Mario Garcia Suares (A. Estrella) and Magdalena Arredon (Eugenia Cadurro) really shine in their roles and you love to hate them...
One thing that botheres me in this telenovela is double morality and machismo. Male infidelity is socially accepted while more sexually liberated women are considered sluts, all men on this show are unfaithful and see nothing wrong in it but don't accept betrayal of their women including main character Guillermo who in spite of being unfaithful even during his marriage to his beloved Isabel cannot stand betrayal (he broke things off with Rosaura after seeing her pictures with another man and later left Anna when he thought (mistakenly) that she was cheating on him eventhough he himself had betrayed her with Magdalena). It strikes me that all men in this telenovela are promiscuous but at the same time jealous and possessive towards the women they love and this attitude is common for men from different walks of life from refined, educated artist Guillermo to savage violent criminal Mario Garcia Suarez. The only difference is that Guillermo only got into fights and trashed his studio (after finding out about Anna "infidelity") while Mario tried to kill Ricardo his rival for Rosaura's affection and several times beat her up out of jealousy.
But in spite of this "Alguna Vez Tendremos Alas" is the best telenovela I have ever seen because it touches viewers on so many levels and is really unconventional in contrast to predictable and boring latin telenovelas.
Katherine Rose  - Una excelente historia, una excelente produccion   |2009-03-25 23:13:42
Sin lugar a dudas esta historia original de Alberto Migre es una bellisima pieza porque se sale de la regla ya puesta para las telenovelas mexicanas. Es una historia que le pone enfasis a lo que son las casualidades de la vida. Como bien dicen: "Las casualidades son los anonimos de Dios cuando este no quiere firmar sus milagros". Ana pertenecio a la vida de Guillermo desde antes de ella conocer a Nacho Najera (Rene Strickler), pero no estaba en sus planes conocerse, pero si en su destino. Isabel y Nacho tenian que morir de esa forma, ese fue su destino desde antes de nacer, asi como el destino de los otros personajes para que Ana y Guillermo (Kate del Castillo y Humberto Zurita) estuviesen juntos. El amor se da entre un hombre y una mujer que no solo se gustan sino que tienen cosas en comun, independientemente de la edad que tengan, en este caso el 44 anos y ella tan solo 17. Por las obvias circunstancias ellos no se amaron antes, pero se aman ahora, en su tiempo...a su hora,
Valdria la pena adaptarla a cine.
Anonymous   |2009-08-04 09:37:02
This telenovela was superb but in my opinion Ana deserved much better than selfish womanizer Guillermo. Nacho seemed much better suited for her. Too bad he had to die... I liked AVTA because it was different from the most sloppy and unreal Mexican telenovelas and had many interesting storylines and great acting but the only disadvantage was the main couple. Ana and Guilermo didn't seem suitable for each other in my humble opinion not only because of the age gap but Guillermo should have ended up alone. He was a great artist but a diffcult person to live with. He needed a woman to be his muse but not equal partner (his first wife Isabel put up with his mood swings, infidelities and selfishness because she was passive, submissive woman by nature but Ana was too independent, brave and strong to settle for this.
Madeline   |2009-09-10 22:54:45
Para mi esta novela fue una de la novelas mejores que yo he visto en mi vida. Empezando que los protagonistas son el bello y precioso Humberto Zurita y la bella y profecional mujer que es Kate Del Castillo. Aprovecho para felicitarlos a los dos por su maravillosa y dedicado trabajo juntos.
MichaElle Smith  - This short story is simply a Love Song   |2011-06-01 12:19:00
This short story is simply a Love Song that conveys all the passion in an intimate setting that can tip toe and stump any american soap opera. Every month I look for a repeat of this show. I am tired, worn, and distressed from the searching. I have never seen such a riveting story that has left a fingerprint on my soul - and the irony is I do not speak spanish but can understand every scene. My aunt is spanish so i tape some of the shows and took it to my family reunion in hope my aunt would decipher and she said i was "Spot On It". But she was not going to sit and watch all those episodes with me and decipher. Their is so many latino shows on the air now until and I have called the radio show to try and get an answer, to no avail. If I can't see it in English can someone tell me, Anna, Guillermo.....when will you air again!!!!!
MichaElle Dunwoody Georgia
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