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Alma de Hierro

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Alma de Hierro telenovelaThis is a comedy telling the story of the Hierro. Sebastián, Sandy and Wicho. In the house where they live there is another family living, Mimicha with Paty (Elena’s mother and sister), Angelito (Hierro’s brother) and Ezequiel (picked up by Elena and Hierro in the street and treated as their son).

Sebastián lost his vision whe he was ten and Elena has to stay home to help him adapt to new life of darkness. He hhas acquired the degree in history and he teaches in the school.
Sandy is proud of his father but he is keen on dancing and show business and he is not willing to heir tis father’s business. He is rather supported by his grandfather. Wicho is an immature, stubborn and cheerful fellow. Hr does not know what he wants and he feels he is the one neglected in the family.
Sebastián and Wicho fall in love in Renata Higareda, a beautiful but stubborn teenager, the daughter to Saúl Higareda, the person whom Elena was about to marry before she met Hierro. Saúl cannot still forget about her though he is married. He is back in Mexico divorced and aspiring to be happy again. He takes an important position in National educational agency and he invites Elena to join him since he is about to take her back. Mimiche, a comer from the wealthy family, has not made up with Elena’s choice and, thus, she is strongly for the revival of relations between Elena and Saúl. She relies on Paty that she is suitable to take a powerful position or conquer an influential official. This hurts Angelito who is in love with Paty as never.
When Saúl appears in Elena’s love, the three sons appeal to Hierro to protect his marriage and family. The love triangles appear frequently in this telenovela, as well as relations between the youth and adults that end positively for everyone.


Zuria Vega as Renata Higareda Fontana         
Renata is a smart, sensitive and a very young woman. She acts deliberately in extreme and urgent events. She is governed by the spontaneous emotions most of all which ends in some consequent problems to cope. She takes notes of her thoughts in her diary. She is close to Wicho and Sebastián, though she has no idea they are brothers. She tends to love Sebastián rather than Wicho.

Rafael Inclán as Don Ignacio Hierro González
Don Ignacio is wise and very kind to everyone. He left his wife shortly before she died. However, Don Ignacio tries to be close to his children and grandchildren. He has good relations with Ángel, his second son, his wife Elena and three grandsons. Don Ignacio is lonely. He believes that a person expresses the goodness or evil through their behavior.

Martha Julia as Patricia (Paty) Jiménez de la Corcuera
The beauty of Patricia is in her elegance. She learned racing but her mother thinks it ends in nothing but being bow-backed. She is proud of her name Corcuera.

Alma de Hierro - telenovela

(2008) - Luz María Aguilar


Luz María Aguilar ... Matilde 'Mimicha' de la Corcuera viuda de Jiménez
Alyosha Barreiro
Angelique Boyer ... Sandra 'Sandy' Hierro Jiménez
Alejandro Camacho ... José Antonio Hierro Ramírez
Gabriela Carrillo ... Karina
Juan Carlos Colombo ... Rafael
Alberto Estrella ... Ángel 'Angelito' Hierro Ramírez
Blanca Guerra ... Elena Jiménez de Hierro
Rafael Inclán ... Don Ignacio Hierro González
Martha Julia ... Patricia 'Paty' Jiménez de la Corcuera
Adamari López ... Rita Anguiano
María Fernanda Malo ... Lorena 'Lore'
Flavio Medina ... Amadeo
Jorge Poza ... Sebastián Hierro Jiménez
Miguel Rodarte ... Ari
Moisés Suárez ... Ortega
Adrian Uribe ... Ezequiel
Grettell Valdéz ... Melisa
Zuria Vega ... Renata Higareda Fontana
Juan Verduzco ... Saúl Higareda
Eddy Vilard ... Luis 'Wicho' Hierro Jiménez

Writing credits
Adrián Suar
Ximena Suárez
Aída Guajardo

Song: Hay días...
Singing: Fonseca

Original music
Saúl Torres

Cinematography by
Héctor Márquez
Bernardo Nájera

Directed by
Eric Morales
Xavier Romero

Produced by
Roberto Gómez Fernández
Giselle González S



Remake of argentinian telenovela Son de Fierro (2007 - 2008) with Osvaldo Laport, María Valenzuela

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karla  - super cool   |2009-01-23 01:31:50
esta super buena la telenovela bueno aveses un poco aburrida ok
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