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Alma No Tiene Color, El

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El Alma No Tiene Color telenovelaBlonde and beautiful, Guadalupe Roldán is a pawn in a deal between her family and the del Alamo family to save her father, Don Humberto Roldán, from financial ruin. She is forced to leave her boyfriend, Luis Diego Morales, a local teacher of modest means, and marry Lisandro del Alamo, a wealthy and powerful man she feels she will never love. Lisandro tells Guadalupe that she'll grow to love him and over time, after Guadalupe realizes how sincere and understanding a man Lisandro is, she develops strong feelings for him. When Guadalupe becomes pregnant, Lisandro thinks he is the happiest man in the world. But when her child turns out to be a dark-skinned girl, Lisandro is disgusted and abandons Guadalupe, accusing her of adultery. Don Humberto coerces Macaria, Guadalupe's black nanny, to keep Guadalupe's real parentage a secret, and Macaria is unable to tell Lisandro that it is ancestry and not adultery which is responsible for the baby's color. Guadalupe, it turns out, is her own daughter. Ana Luisa, Guadalupe's physically and emotionally disabled cousin who has always been jealous of her, steps in when she finds out that there are marriage problems between Guadalupe and Lisandro, and she manages to force Lisandro to marry her. Guadalupe, who was able to save her father from total ruin, is unable to save herself. Her life is branded by the stigma of a secret, a truth that no one should ever hide.

El Alma No Tiene Color - telenovela

(1997) - Arturo Peniche, Laura Flores


Laura Flores.... Guadalupe Roldán
Arturo Peniche .... Lisandro del Álamo
Lorena Rojas .... Ana Luisa Roldán
Claudia Islas .... Begonia
Celia Cruz .... Macaria
Rafael Rojas .... Luis Diego Morales
Patricia Navidad .... Sarita
Carlos Cámara .... Humberto Roldán
Aracely Arámbula .... Maiguálida Roldán
Kuno Becker .... Juan José
Osvaldo Sabitini
Blanca Torres
Guillermo Zarur
Maribel Palmer .... Isadora
Ernesto D'Alessio .... Papalote
Serrana .... Monica
Xavier Marc .... Román
Zulema Cruz .... La Tatuada
Christian Rubí .... Alejandra
Rolando Brito
Ligia Robles .... Mirna
Ofelia Guilmáin .... Alina
Karla Ezquerra
Jesús Ferca
Perla Jasso
Diana Laura .... Daisy
Rigo Palma .... Gonzalo
Erika Buenfil .... Verónica
Esmeralda Salinas
Teresa Tuccio

Writing credits
Alberto Gomez (original story and adaptation)
Ricardo Tejeda (script editor)

Song: "El Alma No Tiene Color
Written by: Marco Antonio Solis
Singing: Laura Flores

Original music by
Raúl Elizalde

Film Editing by
Alejandro Álvarez Ceniceros

Set Decoration by
Laura Ocampo
María Teresa Ortiz

Production co-ordinator
Jorge Sosa

Cinematography by
Carlos Guerra
Javier Rodriguez

Directed by
Otto Sirgo

Produced by
Juan Osorio
Pablo Noceda Pérez (associated producer)



"El Alma no tiene color" is a remake of telenovela "Angelitos negros"

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Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:03:39
Arturo Peniche was dismissed from the novel long before that story came to an end. You never knew the reasons, but there were rumours that Arturo Peniche had problems of alcohol and drugs, which arrived late in the film, and that there were creative differences with the producer of the novel. After the departure of Arturo Peniche, Osvaldo Sabitini became the new galleries of the protagonist, despite initially had been called to interpret a secondary role
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:03:56
Esta novela es mi novela favorita de todos los tiempos y me gusta muchísimo, es la preferida mía.
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:04:36
This is one of the worst telenovela in history, the only salvageable here was that the end was quite original, if the whole novel would have been like the end, it would be excellent ...
sara  - lebanon   |2009-10-24 07:57:10
this is best of serials and best actresses laura flores very cute
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