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Alma Rebelde

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Alma Rebelde telenovela"Happiness and Pride are Incompatible" is the basic lesson of this story of selfishness, passion, love and deceit. It is a story about gambling with love. Ana Cristina is as beautiful as she is arrogant. She has been accustomed to having her own way with total disregard for the feelings of others. She is about to be married to Damián when she discovers that he is unfaithful to her. Ana Cristina decides to take revenge on her fiancé and her own father, who has sided with Damián for reasons of interest. To this end, Ana Cristina ruthlessly manipulates Emiliano, a civil engineer who is newly arrived in Los Arrecifes and is immediately enamoured of her. Ana Cristina enfolds him in her web of lies but she is about to learn that you cannot go through life crushing everyone without consequences. Through pain and tears, Ana Cristina will learn that a broken heart is not healed with remorse alone but only through the power of love and sacrifice.


Lisette Morellos as Ana Cristina Rivera Hill Hernandez 
Ana Cristina Rivera is a spoilt young daughter of Clemencia and Marcello. She is penny wise, merciless and high-stomached girl. She makes plots just to prevent people from being happy, as she wants it. She has to face people who hate her living with her and she gets to know soon people whom she hated but who really helped her.

Mariagna Prats as Clemencia 
Clemencia is the mother to Ana Cristina, who is eager to indulge her in everything Ana wants to try or acquire which is the reason why she is spoilt. She is seriously sick and soon Ana loses her.

Ariel López Padilla as Damian Montoro 
Damian Montoro is engaged with Ana Cristina though he does not love her. This is done for the sake of interest only.

Eduardo Verástegui as Emiliano Hernandez / Mauro Exposito 
Emiliano Hernandez is a common engineer who is employed to work for Marcelo. He is a humble young man, wearing glasses that make him look intelligent and serious. Actually, he is the son of the wealthy person and twin-brother to Mauro. He starts with raping a woman, Ana Cristina, on the first night, falls in love with another woman and marries her, and ends with Ana Cristina again.


Mauro is Emiliano’s twin-brother. He is put to reason for the crimes he committed though he shrives. Mauro marries Maria Emilia finally.

Gustavo Rojo as Octavio Fuentes Cano 

Octavio moves in the wheelchair though he is not at all paralyzed. He lives in New York, actually. He is here to find his son, Emiliano who left the family to start a new life. He keeps pleasant memories about Clara unlike her since his son is the one to inherit his wealth in the end. So, he simulates being the disabled and finally he manages to meet Emiliano.

Juan Pablo Gamboa as Alessandro

Alessandro is a young painter. He saves Ana Cristina when she escaped from the psychiatric hospital running along the street.

Alma Rebelde - telenovela

(1999) - Lisette Morellos, Eduardo Verástegui


Lisette Morellos .... Ana Cristina Rivera Hill Hernandez
Eduardo Verástegui .... Emiliano Hernandez / Mauro Exposito
Aracely Arámbula .... Maria Elena Hernandez
Otto Sirgo .... Don Marcelo Rivera Hill
Karla Álvarez .... Rita Alvarez
Ana Martín .... Clara Hernandez
Ariel López Padilla .... Damian Montoro
Mariagna Prats .... Clemencia
Gabriel Soto .... Vladimir
Julio Alemán .... Diego
Elizabeth Dupeyrón .... Pamela
Juan Pablo Gamboa .... Alessandro
Andrea Lagunes .... Angelita
Adriana Lavat .... Juanita
Evita Muñoz 'Chachita' .... Bernarda
Frances Ondiviela .... Isabela Chabela
Claudia Ortega .... Juanita
Raúl Padilla .... Narciso
Edgar Ponce .... Chente - foreman of Damian
Alejandra Procuna .... Iris
Sergio Ramos .... Narciso
Gustavo Rojo .... Octavio Fuentes Cano
Marisol Santarcuz .... Laiza
Arleth Terán .... Odette Fuentes Cano Rivera Hill
Mayrín Villanueva .... Paula
Raúl Magaña .... Roman
Óscar Morelli .... Evaristo
Socorro Avelar .... Nana Chayo
Carmelita González .... Simona
Josefina Echanove .... Salomé
Isabel Martinez "La tarabilla" .... Evangelina
Eduardo Antonio ... El Huesos
Luis Fernando Torres .... Grillo
Ricardo Hernandez .... Zeus
Marieth Rodriguez .... Almudena
Marcia Coutino .... Federica
Maria Esther Paulino .... Sandy
Paulo César Quevedo .... Ariel
Roberto Assad .... Junior
Andres Gutierrrez .... Mario
Khotan .... Valentino
Octavio Menduet
Ivonne Montero
Salim Rubiales
Gabriela Tavela
Yaldha Victoria

Writing credits
Hilda Morales de Allous (original story)
Alberto Gómez (libretto)
Alberto Aridjis (adaptation)
Tere Medina (script editor)

Song Alma Rebelde
Singing: Grupo Limite

Song Si me pudieras querer
Singing: Eduardo Antonio

Song: Mil Besos
Singing: Aracely Arámbula

Music arranger
Juan López

Production co-ordinator
Pablo Noceda Pérez

Production manager
Alejandro Azcárraga

Cinematography by
Isabel Basurto
Alfredo González

Directed by
Karina Duprez
Martha Luna

Produced by
Nicandro Díaz González
Ignacio Sada Madero (associated producer)



"Alma Rebelde" is a remake of telenovela "La indomable"

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Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:21:48
This was a good soap opera, but towards the middle and the end, things got shifted and made it kind of boring. The ending, other than Rita & Damian's death, didn't do a thing for me
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:22:37
Pesima novela con un argumento tonto y poco convincente. El unico que se salva es Lopez Padilla, a el si le quedan los papeles de trama rayó en lo ridículo y en lo aburrido y quisieron hacer ver a Lissette Morelos como una actriz de caracter, pero nada que ver. "La Indomable" fue muchísimo mejor y sus actuaciones si convencieron, como las de Lety Calderon y Elvira Monsell. Esta novela no se merece ni siquiera un 5.
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:23:01
This soap opera was marvilous! But, the once it got closer to the end, i have to admit that it got retarded. I mean first people are rich than poor then rich again! Like I said, some parts are retarded but i still think it's a great soap opera. on a scale of 1 - 10, I give it an 8
fanny  - Alma rebelde   |2010-01-13 03:55:47
Esta novela estuvo muy bonita y tenian muy buenos actores y pienso que lissete morelos huviera sido la protagonista De la novela alma indomable me gusta mucho como actua
leyla   |2010-10-28 17:21:10
a mi la novela me encanto .liuset morelos actua muy bien era bella elegante y con clase ...como su personaje ...eduardo verastegui ..tambien estuvo adorable como el inocente emiliano q se deja seducir por ana cristina una de mis novelas preferidas ..en mi pais esta novela fue un exito ..ojla la repitan el el tlnovelas ..y la historia me gusta se sale del cliche de la niña rica con el pobre pero conserva el romanticismo y lecciones de una telenovela me encantooo ....
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