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Al Norte del Corazon

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Al Norte del Corazon telenovelaAngela Medina's and Jose Reyes love began in their teens, it is a clean and pure love that grows with them, as time goes by. But this romance is shadowed by Rafael Treviño, who in the intention of possessing Angela, brutally murders both his parents: Sebastian and Marina. Knowing of Rafael Treviño’s intentions Matias, Angela’s godfather, secretly gets her out of town and puts her in a boarding school. No one in town, with the exception of Jovita and Matias, knows that Angela survived.

Ten long years go by before Angela returns to the town with an extremely painful past. Full of questions and doubts, she stays in the town now called "Tres Cruces", because of the tombs of the Medina family. Both Jovita and Matias insist that she remains in her secret personality. They know that when Rafael discovers it, he will do everything possible to conquer her. Without knowing it's the same woman for whom he has wept for ten long years, José Francisco courts her, and finally proposes to her, something he has never done with Eloisa, Rafael’s daughter. In the world of intrigue racial struggles and injustices committed against the illegal workers, the story continues, without Angela and José Francisco ever being together unmolested by the sinister Rafael Treviño...


Fernando Ciangherotti as Rafael

Rafael is an influential businessman who is used to manipulating lives of people living in the same town. When he meets Angels, he tends to marry her or at least make her a lover, though Angela was against it with her tooth and nail. All his efforts up to killing her parents made her escape from the town for the orphanage and get lost for many years.

Anette Michel as Ángela

Ángela is a young beautiful woman who experienced a horrific story as a young girl. She is aware that her parents were killed because of her disagreement to marry Rafael. She feels her fault and she is back to her town several years later.

Jorge Luis Pila as José Francisco

José Francisco and Ángela loved each other since teenagers. Their pure love grew and developed as they grow adults. He suffered when Ángela disappeared though he could not do anything against Rafael. When he runs into her again, he can’t recognize her as a girl he loved so many years ago though the attraction between them is still strong even with the lapse of time.

Danna García as Eloísa

Eloísa is a beautiful young daughter of Rafael who is interested in José Francisco as his future son-in-law. She wants to marry him since she does not know about Ángela and the past love.



Al Norte del Corazon - telenovela

(1997) - Jorge Luis Pila, Fernando Ciangherotti, Anette Michel


Fernando Ciangherotti .... Rafael
Anette Michel .... Ángela
Jorge Luis Pila .... José Francisco
Danna García .... Eloísa
Guillermo Quintanilla .... Aquiles
Carlos Cardán .... Marcos
Rodolfo Arias .... Fernando
Fabiana Perzabal .... Valeria
Roberto Montiel .... Sebastián
América Gabriel .... Marina
Miguel Couturier .... Irving
Roberto Mateos .... Joel
Graciela Orozco .... Jovita
Enrique Muñoz .... Matía
Ana Silvia Garza .... Trinidad
Lupita Sandoval .... Carla
Surya MacGregor .... María
Ana Claudia Talancón .... Ángela (joven)
July Furlong .... Marcela
Marta Resnikoff .... Virginia
María Rebeca .... Maribel
María Fernanda García .... Beatriz
Marco Muñoz .... León
Diana Ferreti .... Amara
Alexandra Loretto .... Pilar
Angelina Cruz .... Dolores
Eugenio Montessoro .... Richard
Fernando Sarfatti .... Andrés
Rolando de Castro Jr. .... Jimmy
Pedro Vega .... David
Karla Llanos .... Miriam
Aline Hernández .... Delia
Vanessa Acosta
Ricardo Aldape .... Ricardo
Marco Bacuzzi
Eduardo Cassab
César Díaz .... José Francisco (young)
Mónica Franco
Juan Gallardo
Roberto Medina
Bárbara Mori
María Elena Olivares
Jaime Padilla
Nora Parra
César Riveros
Arturo Ríos
Julio Sandoval

Writing credits
Santiago Galindo (original story)
Rubén Galindo (original story)
Denisse Pfeiffer (adaptation)
Jesús Calzada (adaptation)

Song: Al Norte del Corazon
Singing: Lumi Cavazos

Directed by
Olegario Barrera
Miguel Ángel Lozana
Roberto Sosa

Produced by
Juan David Burns
Rubén Galindo
Santiago Galindo
Elisa Salinas

TV Azteca

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Anonymous   |2008-07-27 01:29:16
muy buena novela la verdad recuerdo cuando la miraba hace 11 añitos.... ya ni me acuerdo como va alguien tiene los videos please subanlos
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