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Alondra telenovelaAfter the death of Alondra's mother, her father Baldomero, who feels sad and lonely, brings his sister Loretto and her two kids, Maria Elisa and Rigoberto to live in his house, hoping that Loretto will replace a mother to Alondra. But he is mistaken. Loretto hates Alondra, as she reminds her of Alondra's mother who used to be an actress and whom Baldomero's family never accepted. Years go by, and Alondra grows up into a beautiful, rebellious girl, with very independant and progressive views for that time. Her constant fights with Loretto continue, but now she learned how to fight back. 

In the meantime, Baldomero spends most of the time on his ranch in arms of his new love Carmelina, unaware of what's going on in his house. Loretto manages not only to make Alondra's life a living hell, but also the life of her own daughter Maria Elisa, shy and weak girl. She tries to force her in marrying a rich old man, while Maria Elisa is in love with a young officer Raul. To make things worse, Loretto's evil and ambitious son Rigoberto gets kicked out of a seminary and returns home, also torturing Alondra and Maria Elisa. Alondra meets a retired famous singer Leticia del Bosque. Leticia influences and advises Alondra, she suggests  that Alondra goes on the ranch and tells everything to Baldomero. On Alondra's way to the ranch, she accidently meets Bruno. They live a very passionate love, but later she discovers that he is married and has 2 children. Further more, on the ranch she finds out that her father is going to re-marry for the second time. Disappointed she returns home, where she finds that Maria Elisa is also upset, as she is pregnant and believes that Raul has abandoned her. Two girls decide to go to Mexico City in search for a better life, success and new love. In Mexico City, enterprising Alondra starts a flower business and meets a new suitor, Carlos. But her forbidden love for Bruno is not over yet...


Ana Colchero as Alondra Diaz Real 

Alondra is a humble beautiful young girl living with her Aunt Loreto. She is known for her independent and advanced thinking that make her attractive to people from other society circles. After the death of her mother she is left with her loving father but for some time she lived with her Aunt Loretto. She is the cause of indignation in the high society for her rebellion and liberal thoughts and intentions. She is not willing to adapt to a thought she is a plain house-wife and a wife. Instead, she is going to start a study at the collage which is provocative step at the time.

Beatriz Sheridan as Loretto Diaz viuda Escobar 

Loretto is Alondra’s aunt. She is an old woman of extremely conservative views. She feels offended by Veronica, Alondra’s mother who was a theater actress. This makes her control Alondra and her own daughter Maria Elisa to limit in their views, preferences and relations with other people. Moreover, she caused Maria Elisa accepted to the monastery making a timid girl more obedient. Despite such up-bringing, Alondra grows to become an independent and rebellious woman. Loretto hates Alondra who confronts every intention from Alondra for her happiness and love.


Alondra - telenovela

(1995) - Ana Colchero, Gonzalo Vega, Ernesto Laguardia


Ana Colchero .... Alondra Diaz Real
Ernesto Laguardia .... Carlos Tamez
Gonzalo Vega .... Bruno Leblanc
Marga López .... Leticia Del Bosque
Beatriz Sheridan .... Loretto Diaz viuda Escobar
Verónica Merchant.... María Elisa Escobar
Eric del Castillo .... Baldomero Diaz
Olivia Bucio .... Carmelina Diaz
Juan Manuel Bernal .... Rigoberto Escobar
Fernando Colunga .... Raúl Guttierez
Jorge Martínez de Hoyos .... Alfredito
Beatriz Aguirre .... Rosita
Héctor Gómez .... Padre Gervacio
Amparo Arozamena .... Maty
Emoé de la Parra .... Cristina Leblanc
Gustavo Ganem .... Ramiro
Silvia Mariscal .... Mercedes
Joel Nuñez .... Germán
Blanca Torres .... Barbarita - aunt of Cristina
Diana Bracho .... Alondra (voice)
Queta Carrasco .... Rosario
Dina de Marco .... Trini Gómez
Ernesto Godoy .... Roberto Hurtado
Queta Lavat .... Concepción Hurtado
Justo Martínez .... Jorge
Aurora Molina .... Rita
Mónika Sánchez .... Enriqueta
Guillermo Murray .... Lic. Pelegrín
Bertin Osborne .... Capitan Kloszt - captain of the ship
Angelina Peláez .... Librada - maid at Alondra's house
Tina Romero .... Cecilia
Mauricio Achar .... Javier Leblanc - son of Bruno
Anahí .... Margarita Leblanc
Omar Gutiérrez .... Jesús
Yuliana Peniche .... Alondra (12 years old)
Bertha Moss
Jacqueline Andere
Marina Marín
Katie Barberi .... Rebecca Montes de Oca
Luis Couturier
Nerina Ferrer .... Gloria
Sergio Klainer .... Gonzalo
Alejandro Villeli .... Jacinto
Consuelo Duval
Dulce María
Eduardo Lopez Rojas
Gloria Jordan
Guillermo Aguilar
Irene Arcila .... Jovita
Juan Felipe Preciado
Lorenzo de Rodas
Luis Gimeno
Martha Elena Cervantes
Martín Muñoz
Mary Carmen Vela
Miguel Corcega
Roberto Dámico
Zoila Quinones
Isaac Edid
Valentina Garcia
Maritza Aldaba
Alfredo Alfonso
Dulcina Carballo
Angel Casarin
Lourdes Deschamps
Gustavo del Castillo
Rafael de Quevedo
Jose Antonio Ferral
Arturo Guizar
Lucia Irurita
Rodolfo Lago
Willebaldo Lopez
Arturo Lorca
Julio Monterde
Carlos Osiris
Soledad Ruiz
Teo Tapia
Victor Zeuz
Roxana Ramos
Gabriela Murray
José Antonio Baron
Martín Rojas
Fabiola Stevenson

Writing credits
Yolanda Vargas Dulché (original story)
Martha Carrillo (script)
Roberto Hernández (script)

Song: "Alondra
José Pablo Gamba

Chief of production
Guillermo Gutierrez

Production manager
Diana Aranda

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos
Isabel Basurto

Directed by
Monica Miguel
Miguel Córcega

Produced by
Carla Estrada
Arturo Lorca (associated producer)



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Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:29:44
Alondra is one of the best telenovelas I've seen in my life, and it is sure in my personal TOP-3. Thanks to the perfect acting of the beautiful and talented Ana Colchero and to the fascinating story, Alondra can make any person in the world "addicted" and until the last episode we wonder: "With whom will be Alondra?? Bruno or Carlos? Alondra is a strong, intelligent and independent woman
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:30:03
This was a wonderful novela and the beauty and talented Ana Colchero can take the majority of credit for its popularity!
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:30:18
Esta novela estuvo super brutal Ana Colchero realizo su papel al perfeccion y esta es la mejor telenovela de epoca que hay
maria barragan   |2012-05-27 22:13:33
Is it possible to purchase the novela Alondra My great-granddaughter was named Alondra and would like to purchase if possible. Thank you
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