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Amada Enemiga

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Amada Enemiga telenovelaRegina  is married to a much older man. She leads a sedate life but longs for some passion. In a business trip to Miami, Regina meets Samuel, a much younger man, and they have a brief but torrid affair. On her return, Regina finds to her horror that Samuel is now working for her husband. To make since worse, her daughter Jessica  falls for her father's new employee. To save Regina's reputation, Samuel agrees to marry Jessica.


Susana Dosamantes as Regina
She is in her late 40s but she is full of life and has a soul of a young girl. She hopes to find peace in her heart with the young man. However, it turns out that she is trapped again in love affair, lie and the only way to keep her status is to let it go with Samuel and Jessica. She is about to cry and woe but she grasps everything in hands.

Enrique Ibañez as Samuel
Samuel falls in love with Regina. When he arrives to the place she lives and gets employed, he gets disappointed to find out Regina is married and his new employer is her husband. He agrees to marry Jessica to get out of this explicit situation.

Guillermo Murray as Esteban
Esteban is Regina’s husband. He is much older and too conservative to ensure an adventurous life for his wife. He approves Jessica’s choice and he decides he is the appropriate part to marry. Thus, hurts Regina that she cannot reveal her feelings.

Dominika Paleta as Jessica
Jessica is an attractive young girl. She is the daughter of the rich parents and the things she gets easily.

Amada Enemiga - telenovela

(1997) - Susana Dosamantes, Enrique Ibañez


Susana Dosamantes .... Regina
Cecilia Gabriela .... Cecilia
Enrique Ibañez .... Samuel
Guillermo Murray .... Esteban
Roberto Palazuelos .... Mauricio
Dominika Paleta .... Jessica
Hugo Acosta .... Héctor
María Rubio .... Reinalda
Mauricio Aspe .... Jorge
Lucero Lander .... Alicia
Kenia Gazcón .... Gilda
Mariet Rodríguez .... Alexandra
Carmen Amezcua .... Elena
Amara Villareal .... Felisa
Fabian Robles .... Marcos
Israel Jaitovich .... Francisco
Zully Keith .... Rita
Marco Uriel .... Emiliano
Carlos Bracho
Gustavo Negrete
Martha Zamora

Writing credits
Eduardo Quiroga
Lorena Salazar

Song: Desesperadamente Enamorado
Singing: Jordi

Music arranger
Jesús Blanco

Set Decoration
Felipe Santoyo

Chief of production
Martín Támez
Elías Solorio

Producion manager
Juan Manuel Silva

Production co-ordinator
J. Antonio Arvizú V.

Carlos Sánchez Ross

Directed by
Sergio Cataño
José Acosta

Produced by
Carlos Sotomayor
Rafael Urióstegui S. (associated producer)



"Amada Enemiga" is a remake of telenovela "Mi Rival"

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Raquel Dubon  - telenovela   |2011-01-13 22:08:51
hola trate de ver mi novela favorita en youtube amada enemiga y solo tiene el soundtrack. adonde puedo buy esta novela la quiero ver tenia 12 anos cuando alves la miraba ahora tengo 25 y es una novela que quiero ver de nuevo. porfavor si me puede dar info de como comprarla. muchas gracias
Raquel Dubon   |2011-01-13 22:09:47
i want too see amada enemiga. where can i purchase this soap opera
Dulce  - Una peticion   |2013-09-09 07:09:20
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