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Amalia Batista

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Amalia Batista telenovela

Amalia Batista spends years in the jail accused of the murder of her husband. She killed him for the purpose of self-protection since she was regularly abused by him. Thanks to José Roberto she is free, and the only thing she aspires to do is to get her daughters back. The girls are under the custody of their grandparents who hate Amalia and they do a lot to poison the girls’ minds against Amalia.  In the meantime, Amalia settles in a modest region and rents a room. Her searches end in being employed as a maiden at José Roberto’s house. She names herself Lawrence not to reveal her past and tries to find the way to the family where her daughters live. The girls overhear the phone talk and they take in their mother is not guilty.

Soon, Margarita, José Roberto’s wife, falls out of the window to die and José Roberto seeks to marry Amalia. She agrees and seems to be finally happy in the full family when other obstacles appear.


Susana Dosamantes as Amalia Batista

Amalia Batista is hated by her husband’s folks for the murder. She gets freedom when her daughters are 15 and 11. In her decision to get them back, she gets employed as a maid for her lawyer, José Roberto. Her daughters are forced to believe she is guilty to grow hatred to Amalia.

Rogelio Guerra as José Roberto

He is married to a death-sick woman, Margarita. They had a child in marriage though he died. After that Margarita gets insane and accuses her husband in this death. José Roberto falls in love with Amalia though while helping her in her case, but she is anxious about having her daughters back only.

Amalia Batista - telenovela

(1983) - Susana Dosamantes, Rogelio Guerra


Susana Dosamantes .... Amalia Batista
Rogelio Guerra .... José Roberto
Nuria Bages .... Margarita
Roberto Ballesteros .... Macario
Leticia Calderón .... Leticia
Armando Calvo .... Daniel
Dolores Camarillo .... Pachita
Ada Carrasco .... Petra
Aurora Clavel .... Adela
Connie De La Mora .... Diana
Maribella García .... Marcela
Magda Karina .... Iris
José Elías Moreno .... Jorge
Letícia Perdigón .... Reyna
María Teresa Rivas .... Esperanza
Alicia Rodríguez .... Doña Ana
Rubén Rojo .... Manuel
Mario Sauret .... Jaimito
Beatriz Ornelas .... Sor María
Nubia Palacio .... Eugenia
Julieta Montiel .... Serafina
Alberto Gavira .... Juancho
Patricia Mayers .... Rosa María
Martha Resinkoff .... Ursula
Gregorio Casal .... Augusto
Ines Morales .... Irma
Luis Uribe .... Esteban
Alicia Encinas .... Viviana
Enrique Lizalde
Carmen Belen Richardson
Jacaranda Alfaro

Writing credits
Inés Rodena (original story)
Lucía Carmen (adaptation)

Cinematography by
Manuel Ruiz Esparza

Directed by
Gilberto Macin

Produced by
Valentin Pimstein



Further remake of "Amalia Batista" is telenovela "Prisionera de amor"
The Venezuelan version of "Amalia Batista" is telenovela "Iliana" (1977, RCTV) with Lila Morillo, Jean Carlos Simancas and Grecia Colmenares.

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Anonymous   |2008-07-27 02:03:06
Good telenovela, it'a s pity that in the second part the original story was lost
llanos   |2010-01-12 18:43:06
Recuerdo de pequeña,al salir esta novela salió una canción en tiempo de salsa que decia
"amalia batista,amalia bayombe/que tiene esa negra que amarra los hombres"
jaja,el resto no recuerdo, pero era muy jocosa.
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