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Amar Otra Vez

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Amar Otra Vez telenovelaThe story is about a humble fashion designer named Rocio. She was adapted by her Godmother Balbina, who raised Rocio with her son Fernando, as her own daughter. In the beginning Fernando and Rocio grow up as siblings, but years pass by and no longer they see each other as brother and sister. The love between Rocio and Fernando grows each day. Rocio has a dream of becoming a fashion designer.

As for Fernando, he decides to leave Rocio and his mother and go to Mexico City. He promises Rocio he will come back and marry her. A promise he never kept, because Fernando goes to the capital looking to get rich quick. He fakes his own death and betray the love of Rocio. He will marry Brenda, a daughter of a millionaire Guillermo and a spoiled girl who is madly in love with him. He does not love her and stays with her because of the money. In his plans is to steal Guillermo's money, divorce Brenda and return to Rocio, his supposed true love. But his plans go wrong, because Rocio meets Daniel, a radio host, poor and hard working, who makes Rocio believe in love once more. But Rocio is again heartbroken when she must leave Daniel because of his evil ex Veronica who lies and says she is pregnant with Daniel's child, when in fact this is a child of Guillermo, who happens to be Daniel's father and Veronica's lover. Even with her failure at love Rocio moves on and plans to make her dreams of becoming a famous designer come true. And she still dreams of that beautiful wedding she never had.


Margarita Magaña as Brenda
Brenda  is a young and attractive woman used to getting everything she wants thanks to her parents. She is involved in family business and soon she gets addicted to Fernando. She manages to marry Fernando.

Valentino Lanús as Daniel
Daniel is a handsome and athletic-looking young man. He is noble, as well as his deeds. He lives with his mother and finishes his study at the college. At the same time, he works as the radio host though he dreams of getting employed in business administration sphere. When he meets Rocío he feels in love with her.
Lourdes Munguía as Estela
Estela  is a beautiful woman who holds the remainders of her beauty referring to plastic surgery. So, she looks younger and far beautiful than her age. She is Brenda’s mother and Guillermo’s wife. She comes from high class and she is really anxious about being gossiped.

Rafael Amaya as Fernando
Fernando  is a good-looking and charismatic young man. His ambitions make him leave his love, tell a lie and marry a wealthy-family girl. He does a lot to stay in the clan of the rich to steal their money and return to his love as the businessman.

Guillermo García Cantú as Guillermo
Guillermo  is a successful businessman who manages to consolidate the economic empire in the town thanks to investments from his spouse, Estela. He is mainly involved in textile industry. He employs Fernando as one of the promising workers and when he dates with Brenda, his daughters, he does not mind it. Moreover, Guillermo is Daniel’s father and Veronica’s lover.
Eduardo Rivera as Ismael Pardo
Ismael Pardo is Fernando’s best friend. He is as well ambitious and prudent as Fernando. He is also employed at Montero textile business and these two make a scheme of how to steal Guillermo’s money and destroy his business.
Irán Castillo as Rocío
Rocío  is a pleasant, beautiful and humble young girl from the village. She is orphan as the nine-year old child and since then she lives alone knowing no father. She is raised by her Godmother Balbina together with her son Fernando. With the lapse of time they fall in love with each other and making plans to marry in future they feel so happy.

Vanessa Guzmán as Veronica
Veronica  is a cold-blooded and thrifty  woman who comes from Monterrey for the best life. She aims to head the business of Guillermo Montero. Then, she was Daneil’s girlfriend but she was afraid Daniel was impossible to make her happy and she decides to turn attention to Guillermo.

Amar Otra Vez - telenovela

(2003) - Irán Castillo, Valentino Lanús


Irán Castillo .... Rocío
Valentino Lanús .... Daniel
Rafael Amaya .... Fernando
Margarita Magaña .... Brenda
Vanessa Guzmán .... Veronica
Angélica María .... Balbina
Guillermo García Cantú .... Guillermo
Roberto Ballesteros .... Julio
Nuria Bages .... Esperanza
Eduardo Rivera .... Ismael Pardo
Lourdes Munguía .... Estela
Mario Casillas .... Manuel
Julio Camejo .... Mateo
Marisol Mijares .... Janet
Marcia Coutiño .... Zoila
Gabriela Cano .... Molly
Carmen Becerra .... Sandra
Arsenio Campos .... Javier
Zully Keith .... Carmela
Maribel Palmer .... Fabiola
Anastasia .... Andrea
Rodrigo Mejía .... Gustavo
Chela Castro .... Antuca
Jaime Lozano .... Carrillo
Marco Méndez .... Gonzalo
Javier Ernez .... Felix
Rebeca Mankita .... Peggy
Justo Martínez .... Padre Danilo
Isabel Martínez "La Tarabilla" .... Juanita
Roberto Miguel .... Diego
Maripez Garcia .... Irma
Juan Imperio .... Oscar
Lucy Tovar .... Blanca
Arturo Barba .... Santiago
Illiana de la Garza .... Hortensia
Polly .... Josefina
Martin Rojas
Fidel Zerda .... Pepe
Catalina López .... Milagros
Ricardo Silva
Miguel Garza
Alberto Estrella .... Alberto
Ana Martín
Juan Carlos Serrán .... Bonifacio
Abril Campillo
Carmen Rodriguez
Carmelita Gonzalez .... Lidia
Alejandra Jurado .... Rebeca
Carlos Espejel .... Edilberto
Gerardo Gallardo
Maribel Fernandez .... Lucy
Carlos de la Mota .... Sergio
Adalberto Parra .... Carlos
Patricia Martinez
Javier Ruan

Writing credits
Pablo Serra (original story)
Erika Johanson (original story)
Julián Aguilar (script editor)
Victor Ontiveros (script editor)

Song: Tu fotografía (USA edition)
Written by: Gloria Estefan and G. Marco
Singing: Gloria Estefan

Song: No es amor (Mexico edition)
Singing: Enrique Iglesias

Song Hoy
Singing: Gloria Estefan

Musical co-ordinator
Jesús Blanco

Julio Blanco

Set Decoration
Angeles Márquez

Socorro Manrique D.
Héctor Flores A.

Production co-ordinator
Angel Villaverde

Cinematography by
Ernesto Arreola
Miguel Valdes (on location)

Directed by
Gastón Tuset
Claudia Elisa Aguilar (on location)

Produced by
Lucero Suárez



"Amar otra vez" is also known as "Ramillete de ilusiones" (working title).

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Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:39:35
Very good soap opera. Has a traditional story, but is very well written that keeps us interested. Best novela that is on Univision at this current time. The cast is great and they all act magnificantly
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:39:44
It is a fresh story with fresh performances given by a young cast and a solid support in people as Angelica Maria who brings her great and succesfull experience to this new and outstanding soap.. cool!
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:39:56
It is a great pleasure to see Angelica Maria, a great and beautiful multi-talented actress and singer
happy  - q   |2009-11-12 20:26:40
who's the singer's song Rocio marriage i tink and in lyrics the name of rocio was mentionned
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