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Amar Sin Límites

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Amar Sin Límites telenovelaThis melodrama reveals the love triangle between the handsome protagonist, Diego oran, the seductive villain Mauricio Duarte who fight with each other for the heart of the beautiful Azul Toscano. Diego starts as the assistant at the men’s store. His ex-girlfriend, Valery, has damped him taking all his money and property and leaving him behind to live with his parents in poverty.

Diego feels his life changes for the best when he meets Azul and he immediately decides to live the rest of his life with her. Unfortunately, Azul is engaged with Mauricio, the young prospective man from the dark business world. Deeply inside the far-sightedness of Azul does not allow leaving him and she takes both men close and at a distance, as the case to be, though every time when they part they believe it is the end.

Diego renders assistance to Silvana Lombardo who lost her seven-year old son Nicolas in the car accident arranged by the evil Mauricio. She accuses Mauricio of the murder and supposes he killed his first wife in the same way. With the time Silvana decides to take revenge of him though Diego tries to stop her in her emotions that overwhelm her. He ends in saving life to his competitor.

Mauricio is strongly impressed with the power given to Diego and he believes Diego is the part of success of him. He hires Diego to work at his company. So, soon Diego takes the job offer and starts working for Mauricio supposing he lost the chance to win Azul’s heart. He believes she chose Mauricio because he has a lot more than him, including estate, jewelry, apartments. With the lapse of time Diego realizes that Mauricio is the true trader in death that infects people with mortal diseases for money. Azul knows nothing about this side of Mauricio’s work ignoring the true diabolism and immorality. Thus, Diego keeps on working for Mauricio to protect Azul; and her father, Alfredo Toscano, the brilliant scientist.

Alfredo and Azul become the men in the mortal game that Mauricio plays. However, Diego refuses to give up and yield to Mauricio. He risks with everything to protect and keep the woman he loves.


Otto Sirgo as Alfredo
Friendly, distracted, too confident and totally in love with science, Alfredo dreams of creating something valuable to the benefit of humanity. He is too cold with his family though he strives to be an understanding parent. He is stubborn and almost always ends up giving in, but sometimes it’s too late.

José Carlos Ruiz as Aurelio
Aurelio is an older man, serious and hardworking. Desperately loves his daughter and his grandson Diego Clemencia. Without any fortune he feels he is rich I his folks and values appreciated by people. He is strong, responsible and wise to guide the ones he loves.

Karyme Lozano as Azul
Azul is beautiful, smart, hypersensitive, mature and responsible, but she feels a litlle bit manipulative. She is generous to others, but tends to consider people’s opinions. She likes living a good life, but she does not tend to change not to hurt others. She is committed and fearless, able to risk everything for love.

María Sorté as Clemencia
Clemencia  is gentle and a responsible mother and wife. She respects the personal life of her two children, but she is always willing to help. She is generous to those who fight for their rights, but what matters most is the union of her family.

Valentino Lanús as Diego
Diego is nice, strong, intelligent and creative. He is a little immature in the way he builds his future life. He like having and doing everything in easier way. He is though risky and courageous, is able to fight to the death to defend his love. He is a man of strong principles who knows to keep his word.

René Strickler as Mauricio Duarte
Mauricio is a lovely man in appearance who hides a wicked and dark soul. Mauricio is handsome, athletic, ambitious and stubborn. He uses all his power he is afforded with money and influence to execute his will. He does not tempt the heart to use people or remove them from his way when he faces them.

Monika Sanchez as Silvana Lombardo
Silvana is distinguished, lonely though a sexy woman, sometimes a little disoriented by her suffers and psychological distress over the death of his son. She is bold and determined, and is obsessed with revenge. She shows her compassion, accentuating her goodness and absolute need for love.

Amar Sin Límites - telenovela

(2006) - Karyme Lozano, Valentino Lanús , René Strickler


Karyme Lozano... Azul
Valentino Lanús ... Diego
René Strickler ... Mauricio
Sabine Moussier... Eva
Mónika Sánchez... Silvana
María Sorté... Clemencia
Otto Sirgo ... Alfredo
José Carlos Ruiz ... Aurelio
Alma Muriel ... Leonarda
Isaura Espinoza... Isela
Socorro Bonilla... Gloria
Lourdes Munguía... Emilia
Diana Golden... Ines
Juan Carlos Serrán ... Anibal
Marco Muñoz... Manuel
Carmen Beccera... Lidia
Alejandro Ruiz... Tavo
Manuela Ímaz... Cecilia
Julio Camejo ... Paco
Jorge De Silva ... Arnaldo
Lisardo... Piero
Estrella Lugo... Lucia
Marcelo Córdova... Andres
Mariana Beyer... Caty
Luís Bayardo... Chucho
Jaime Lozano ... Efrain
Óscar Ferretti... Gaspar
Arsenio Campos... Leandro
Luis Xavier... Julio
Rafael del Villar... Ivan
Eduardo Limón... Perez Castelan
Patsy... Liliana
Agustin Arana... Luis Felipe
Alejandro Avila... Mario
Myrrha Saavedra... Magda
Lupita Lara... Madre Maria
Karyme Lozano... Azucena

Writing credits
Maricarmen Alonso
Gustavo Belatti
Iván Cuevas
Araceli Guajardo
Ana Montes
José Rendón
Cecilia Reyes
Mario Segade
Ximena Suárez

Song: Dispárame Dispara
Singing: Laura Pausini

Song: Amar Sin Límite
Singing: Karyme Lozano

Original music
Alexis Aranda

Directed by
Sergio Cataño
Arturo García Tenorio
Xavier Romero

Produced by
Ignacio Alarcón
Angelli Nesma



Remake of argentinian telenovela Resistiré

The american version of the telenovela titled Watch Over Me

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