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Amigas y Rivales

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Amigas y RivalesThis is a story about four young girls who come from different social classes. Laura is a girl from a middle-class, serious and sensible, she studies computer science in a private university on a scholarship. Jimena is a typical rich, spoiled and irresponsible girl, for whom sex is just another way to entertain herself. She is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Ofelia is the best friend of Jimena and like her, she is rich and she lives a life of diversion and frivolous pleasures. Nevertheless, she will soon face the consequences of that style of life: she is diagnosed with AIDS. Nayeli works as a maid in the house of Jimena. The dream of Nayeli is to become a Hollywood star, like Salma Hayek. This dream will bring her to the United States illegally but she will only face a disillusion over there and soon will be deported back to Mexico.


Rodrigo Vidal as Armando
Armando did not want to pursue a career and live a double life. He is willing to resemble his friend, Robert, of his age, pretending to be rich. Armando has a tortured, unstable personality and he acts every minute. He wants to marry Jimena, not for love but to raise his social status and pay out huge debts which he made pretending to be wealthy. At the same time he has the passionate affair with Angela, the best friend of Roxana.
Michelle Vieth as Laura
Laura , 21, belongs to the middle class and is studying computer science at a private university, which is a scholarship. Her father has a weak personality dominated by his wife Rosa, frivolous and prudent woman and her sister named Andrea. Laura feels really fascinated by computers, being the best student and dreaming of becoming a professional. She meets Roberto and his father, Don Roberto de la O, who will teach her to use computers in practice. The girl is attracted by the two Robertos. In Don Roberto she sees a father figure, a strong character, mature, decisive, while junior Roberto is young, physically attractive with the joy of living. Laura is an introverted girl, serious and focused, but she gets affected by the money of the de la O.
She is good and sweet. Suffers to see her mother and sister humiliating her father. The Roberto Sr. opens a new world for Laura.

Angélica Vale as Nayeli
Nayeli  is cheerful, optimistic and attractive young girl. She dreams of becoming a star. She realizes the path will be difficult, because she needs to learn. She is like Cinderella for the family of the O cooking and cleaning their place. She tries to escape her misery life for Hollywood to become the second Salma Hayek. Although lots of people desire and attempt to get her by force, Nayeli’s heart belongs to Robert Jr.

Adamari López as Ofelia
Ofelia is a beautiful young woman who likes to dress up in fashion trends. Ofelia and Jimena are best friends. Ofelia gets AIDS which makes her life twisted incredibly. Though she is frivolous and superficial, she is collapsed completely to discover she has AIDS. After a crisis she learn that friendship cannot be bought. Her friend, Jimena, lives her life fast. AIDS is the only thing that can stop her hectic life. Knowing hopeless and despised by all, Ofelia learns the real values of life and she discovers that love and friendship are not forbidden .

Arath de la Torre as Roberto Jr.
The young prosperous man, 24, studying law. He takes life seriously enough, especially when it has to do with his career and his dreams of improving the country. Although a young, educated and cultured, he is weak about women. He has a girlfriend Veronica, whom he loves and plants to marry as soon as he graduates from college.
He is an educated young man, intelligent and committed. He feels confused and guilty about growing attraction he feels for his young stepmother. He is handsome and his money will not prevent from having a social conscience and fight for the rights of the oppressed.

Eric del Castillo as Don Roberto
Don Roberto, 58, owns a finance company and is one of the richest men in the country. He is obsessed with cleanliness and it is extremely hardworking and responsible. He lost his wife four years ago and immediately married Roxana. Don Roberto is flawless in every way, is a gentleman, gallant, attractive and noble.
Joana Benedek as Roxana
A very beautiful woman, aged 28, who married Don Roberto for his fortune and even believed that she had to do with the death of the first wife of Don Roberto. Roxana plays several facets: on the one hand she makes her husband believe she was raped, making it difficult to have sex with him, and on the other hand, she pretends to be in love with her husband, but really loves his son Roberto.
Gabriel Soto as Ulises (Feo)
He is a monster at the local university where Laura, Ophelia and the O study. More than ugly, he is disgusting, vulgar and lover of practical jokes, Ulises is accustomed to his role as jester. However, the discovery that the beautiful Ofelia, due to her illness, is now so despised and isolated like him, force him to become her knight.

Amigas y Rivales - telenovela

(2001) - Michelle Vieth, Angélica Vale, Arath de la Torre


Michelle Vieth .... Laura
Angélica Vale .... Nayeli
Ludwika Paleta .... Jimena
Adamari López .... Ofelia
Arath de la Torre .... Roberto Jr.
Rodrigo Vidal .... Armando
Johnny Lozada .... Johnny
Gabriel Soto .... Ulises (Feo)
Eric del Castillo .... Don Roberto
Joana Benedek .... Roxana
Manuela Ímaz .... Tamara
Susana González .... Angela
Ernesto Laguardia .... Himself
Chela Castro .... Carlota
Carlos Girón
Rafaél Inclán ... Moncho /Jacaranda / Manuel
Eugenio Cobo .... Pedro
Irina Areu .... La Güera
Alicia Fahr .... Alma
Marisol Mijares .... Andrea
Carlos Suárez .... El Chacal
Sergio DeFassio .... Chema
Paulo César Quevedo
Raúl "Ratón" Macías .... Kid Dinamita
Rudy Casanova .... Tony Corrales
Marina Marín .... Amada
Rodrigo Ruíz .... Padre Emiliano
Ana Liz Rivera .... Marilú
Claudia Troyo .... Mónica - friend of Laura
Sergio Acosta .... Gardenia
Imperio Vargas .... Yolanda
Luis Roberto Guzmán .... Frank
Ramón Valdez .... Rodrigo
Angel Claude .... Johnathan
Fabian Fuentes .... Brian
Elias Chiprout .... Luis
Luis Couturier .... Emilio Larrosa
Lorena Velázquez .... Manuel's wife
Nailea Norvind .... Paula
Damián Mendiola .... Abelardo - boyfriend of Andrea
Karen Alicia .... Gema
Alejandro Ávila .... Sebastián
Jorge Robles .... El Chino
Edgar Ponce .... Ricardo
René Strickler .... Carlos
Martha Julia .... Margarita
Felicia Mercado .... Sonia
Mayrín Villanueva .... Georgina
Alejandro de la Madrid .... Rolando
Eduardo Santamarina .... Pepe
Arsenio Campos .... Padre Tomas
Maribel Guardia .... Herself
Itatí Cantoral .... servant
Paulo César Quevedo .... Edgar Paulo
Vanessa Arias .... Isabel
Joemy Blanco .... Rebeca
José Luis Reséndez
Horacio Castelo

Writing credits
Emilio Larrosa (idea)
Alejandro Pohlenz

Song: Amigas y Rivales
Singing: Kabah

Song: Amigas y Rivales
Singing: Alex Sirvent

Film Editing by
Adrián Frutos

Art Direction by
Salvador Garcini

Set Decoration by
José Luis Gómez Alegría
Ángeles Márquez
Beatriz Villalon

Costume Design by
Dulce Maria Penetre

Production Management
Lourdes Salgado

Produced by
Emilio Larrosa



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Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:55:07
It started out kind of slow, got better in the middle, then got boring again and spiced up real good at the end
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:55:23
Felicito a Todas las amigas y Rivales: Michelle Vieth, Ludwika Paleta, Angelica Vale y Adamari Lopez. Todas estuvieron estupendas. En cuanto a la ausencia de Michelle el productor informo a los medio a serca de su enfermedad y justificó su falta
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 22:55:54
I did love it, it was so cool, the song was the most pretty thing that i ever heard, so you know; the girls were very well and the cats was too. For whom didn't wachted it is really too bad, 'cause it was very nice... and another thing I gotta say is that if you have friends and one of they have AIDS, don't be rude, be nice and be its friends until its death, right?!
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