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Amigos por Siempre

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Amigos por Siempre telenovelaThe story is set at a prestigious, but rigid and repressive school called Instituto Vidal. Its strict owner, Julia Vidal, was once kind but has now turned into a bitter woman following the death of her husband and her daughter, Laura. Her granddaughter, Ana, a very sweet and intelligent 10 year old, also has been affected by the death: she has been rendered virtually speechless by the trauma, though she expresses herself through music and possesses an extraordinary ability to move objects with her mind. Ana's unscrupulous father, Francisco Capistrán, however, has taken advantage of the situation to try to steal Julia's school. The timely arrival of Ana's uncle, Salvador, Amanda and her adopted son changes everything. Ana's sad and lonely life takes an unexpected turn for the better and she regains her joy in a series of adventures bursting with humor, excitement, music and thrilling surprises.


Adriana Fonseca as Melissa Escobar
Melissa is humble, well-organized, selfmotivated and too honest girl. She faces some financial problems and thus, she has to earn money to keep stability. She is compassionate and sympathizes people which make her defeat in some cases. Mostly, she is respected and loved. She is in love with Salvador.

Martin Rica as Pedro Vidal Naredo
Pedro is free and happy. He is liberal to most tings in the society. Thanks to support from his father, Salvador, who is always short of time, he is loved and cared. Amanda has never worked and she is like his mother.

Ernesto Laguardia as Salvador Vidal Ruvalcaba
Salvador leaves for the US since he disapproves the wedding of his sister Laura and the stringent dominance of his mother, Julia Vidal. After the death of Laura, he returns to Mexico with his spouse Amanda and his son Pedro who become the student of the school belonging to Julia.

Belinda as Ana Capistran Vidal
Ana is 10 year-old daughter of Laura, who is Julia’s daughter and sister to Salvador. Her mother died in the car accident. Ana is alone since then. She is so gentle and smart but she hardly speaks after the accident. She expresses herself through music and singing. She is able to move things with the help of her mind power. She is so talented in piano playing. When Salvador returns back with Amanda and Pedro, Ana revives and re-enjoys the life. Her father, Francisco, is guilty in the car accident where her mother was injured.

Amigos por Siempre - telenovela

(2000) - Belinda, Martín Ricca


Belinda .... Ana
Martín Ricca .... Pedro
Adriana Fonseca .... Melissa
Ernesto Laguardia .... Salvador
Erick Elias
Lourdes Reyes .... Melissa
Oscar Traven .... Ernesto
Rebeca Mankita .... Amanda
Odiseo Bichir .... Francisco
Yolanda Mérida .... Brígida
Eugenio Bartilotti .... 000
Maripaz García .... Elizabeth
German Robles .... Neftalí
Vanessa Angers .... Claudia
Marcela Páez .... Isabel
Vanessa Guzmán .... Barbie
Juan Carlos Bonet .... Javier
Julio Mannino .... Marco
Lucía Guilman .... Victoria
Carmen Montejo .... Julia
Héctor Ortega .... Crispín
Julio Monterde .... Felix
Juan Carlos Casasola
Amparito Arozamena
Humberto Dupeyrón .... Araulfo
Bárbara Ferré .... La Nena
Francisco Rossell .... Gonzalo
Susan Vohn .... Laura
Lisette Sáez .... Merlina
Montserrat Gabriela .... "Lachilis"
Arón González .... "Mocos"
Pablo Emilio .... "Chorejas"
Stephanie Pérez
Jéssica Reyes
Gabriela Ramos .... Alex
Esteban Franco
Yamil Sesin
Lucero Campos .... Cero
Christopher Uckermann .... Santiago
Daniela Mercado .... Lourdes
Grisel Margarita .... Patricia
Mickey Santana .... Gilberto
Naydelin Navarrete .... Renata
Oscar Larios .... El 7 Leguas
Pablo Tableros .... Carlitos
Ronald Duarte .... Rafa
Mariagna Prats .... Olga
Ariel López Padilla
Gerardo Camarena .... Agente Doble
Óscar Morelli .... Maximo
Héctor Gómez .... Alfonso
Raúl Magaña .... Gerardo
Pepe Magaña
Isaac Castro
María Fernanda García
Alejandra Perez

Writing credits
Palmera Olguín
Irma Ramos
Martha Olaiz
Alfonso Mier y Teran

Plamera Olguín
Sergio Schmucler

Song: Amigos Por Siempre
Singing: Martín Ricca and Belinda

Directed by
Martín Pérez Islas
Eduardo Said
Rafael Banquells
Gilberto Macín
Pino Castellanos

Produced by
Eduardo Meza
Rosy Ocampo



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Anonymous   |2008-07-19 23:07:04
I love this telenovela, the acting was very well and that was very good and very funny. Well I say it is the best. Many kisses and especially the abrasive guapicimos Martin Ricca, Christopher Uckermann, Oscar Larios and Mickey Santana.
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 23:07:16
Odio la novelita. Todo está sobreactuado y los personajes son caricaturas. Además apela constantemente a la violencia, todo el mundo todo el tiempo apuntándose con pistolas. Además los guionistas necesitan un siquiatra porque todos sus personajes tienen un padecimiento mental. Casi ninguna persona se comporta como ser humano en sus cabales. Es un desastre para mostrársela a los niños. Sugiero a Televisa que tomen cursos de sensibilización, a menos que pertenezcan a una sociedad como la que ellos presentan allí.
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 23:07:34
I think this soap opera is great because Belinda shows that she has a talent even though this is a very short it's a great show to watch b/c kids are just having fun
Anonymous   |2008-07-19 23:07:50
Esta telenovela fue el regreso de Ernesto Laguardia despues de 3 años de ausencia, luego de estudiar produccion en Nueva York, retomando el rol de galan.
Anonymous  - re:   |2009-09-22 05:11:48
Anonymous wrote:
I love this telenovela, the acting was very well and that was very good and very funny. Well I say it is the best. Many kisses and especially the abrasive guapicimos Martin Ricca, Christopher Uckermann, Oscar Larios and Mickey Santana.

I love too...
Yeimi Amanda   |2011-03-30 04:00:30
En mi punto de vista, está es una de las mejores telenovelas que han podido hacer, me encantaría que la volvieran a dar en mi país. COLOMBIA. Estoy segura que muchos colombianos la verían con gusto y yo no me la perdería por nada...
julayfah irina   |2012-09-13 14:23:25
Who downloud this film amigos?
futy  - amigos   |2012-11-22 04:49:03
i want amigos show again in indonesian's tv...pleass
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