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Amor Bravío

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Amor Bravío telenovela

This is a love story of Camila and Daniel who happen to meet in so ambiguous circumstances. She suffers after the car accident that is the terrible landmark in her life story and soon she accepts invitation from her Uncle, Don Daniel Monterde, to come to his rancho to catch a break.

Camila loves the vast lands and freedom as well as her Uncle Daniel. She adores animals and that is why she went to study vet medicine. Her Uncle Daniel welcomes her at his rancho. He owns the rancho managed by Alonso Lazcano, a young man not appreciated and respected for his lordly manners. However, he is intelligent enough to realize that Camila inherits everything that Don Daniel owns at the moment. So, he has a goal – to meet and seduce her using slow but sure tactic. Alonso lives with his mother Isadora, a woman with dominant character who manages every his step. She supports him in his intention to seduce Camila since she is eager to recover her social status in any possible way.

Don Daniels finds out that Agatha died in Chile leaving a son Daniel named after him. Don Daniel suspects that the boy could be his son and he starts seeking him. In the meantime, Daniel Díaz Acosta lives in Chile as the IT technology specialist. He is happy to learn his wife expects a baby. At the same time he receives the notice from Mexico that says he inherits the fortune to get personally upon arrival there. This results in losing his luck, his wife and his son and all for the sake of this inheritance.


César Évora as Dionisio Ferrer

Dionisio is an ambitious and unscrupulous person who does not look after anyone but his own interests. He is a sinister, revengeful but too seductive due to his looks. He is aware his looks are attracted by women and thus, he manipulates successfully with Agustina and Isadora. Dionisio Ferrer is a businessman who seeks challenges to construct the resourt facilities based in Rancho La Malquerida. He tried to buy up Monterde from Don Daniel but failed and he decided to use powers that Isadora and Agustina have on the old man to achieve his goals. He learns that there is another rancho heir and he hires the cutthroats to get rid of the competitor.

Flavio Medina as Alonso Lazcano

Alonso Lazcano is a young, handsome and athletic man. He is striving and too haunting, arrogant and lofty. Alonso acts under supervision of Isadora, his mother, and Dionisio Ferrer. He is smart, artful and hypocrite to be able to insinuate himself into Don Daniel’s confidence when he is assigned the rancho manager.

Silvia Navarro as Camila Monterde Santos de Lazcano

Camila Monterde is a young woman of incredible beauty, without any prejudice and misbeliefs. She says what she feels and thinks and she has no idea what people think of it. She is passionate and challenging. Her romantic nature is crashed when she failed to find a person to love and believe first time. She is the vet technician and she is keen on animals and rural life. She is known to have independent thinking, sharp mind and strong personality.

Camila arrives to live in Malquerida after she had been injured in the car accident when her fiancé Luis died. She is depressed and lost after that. Alonso, the rancho manager, is able to shake her and stir her emotions.

Leticia Calderón as Isadora de Lazcano 

Isadora  is elegant, beautiful and respected woman in the suburbs. She is Alonso’s mother. Being too delicate, she is practical, artsy-craftsy and a good pretender. She supports Dionisio Ferrer
in his attempts to develop tourist business here in Malquerida, and this is the reason why she backs her son to marry Camila and dispose her assets.

Cristián de la Fuente as Daniel Díaz Acosta / Andrés Duarte

Daniel Díaz Acosta is the son of Ágatha  and Jose Julian Díaz Acosta though everyone believes he is the son of shame of Daniel Monterde, including him himself. He is an engineer with a vast experience in Chile. The unemployment brings him getting engaged in different occupation. He is honest, smart and straight-minded. He is married to Miriam, the heir of the Judish origin.

He is somehow accused of his wife’s murder and he has to escape. He is sure his inheritancefrom Daniel Monterde is the thing to be the fault. He meets Camila and falls in love with her.

Amor Bravío - telenovela

(2012) - Silvia Navarro, Cristián de la Fuente


Silvia Navarro ... Camila Monterde Santos de Lazcano vda. de Del Olmo
Cristián de la Fuente ... Daniel Díaz Acosta / Andrés Duarte
Leticia Calderón ... Isadora Vda. de Lazcano
César Évora ... Dionisio Ferrer
Laura Carmine ... Ximena Díaz Santos
Flavio Medina ... Lcdo.Alonso Lazcano
René Strickler ... Mariano Albarrán
Olivia Bucio ... Agustina Santos
María Sorté ... Amanda
Jose Elías Moreno ... Leoncio Martínez
José Carlos Ruiz ... Padre Baldomero
Fernanda Castillo ... Viviana del Valle
Alex Sirvent ... Rafael Quintana
Florencia de Saracho ... Natalia
Magda Guzmán
Norma Herrera
Yolanda Ventura ... Piedad Martínez
Eddy Vilard ... Pablo Albarrán
Mariana Van Rankin ... Luz María «Luzma» Martínez
Juan Diego Covarrubias ... Yago Albarrán
Héctor Sáenz ... Osvaldo Becerra
Ricardo Franco ... Rodolfo
Alejandro Ruiz ... Padre
Lorena del Castillo ... Liliana
Toño Infante
Rogelio Guerra ... Don Daniel Monterde
Valentino Lanús ... Luis Del Olmo
Lisset ... Miriam Farca de Díaz-Acosta
Liliana Ross ... Ágatha Vda. de Diaz-Acosta
Carlos Embry ... Abraham Farca
Alan Estrada ... Aaron

Writing credits
María Zarattini
Martha Carrillo
Cristina García

Song: Cuando manda el corazón
Written by: Vicente Fernández

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Lily Garza
Fernando Nesme

Produced by
Carlos Moreno Laguillo



Remake of:
Mexican telenovela "De pura sangre" (1986) with Christian Bach and Humberto Zurita Mexican telenovela "La Jaula de oro" (1997) with Edith González and Saúl Lisazo

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Florence Bamwete Bakka  - I love Amor Bravio.   |2013-08-24 18:48:56
I love Amor bravio. It has become my must watch. I want to have the video. I really love it. It is terrific, smooth. It always leaves my heart pumping fast. Cant enjoy my food while watching it. Thanks Camilla, Daniel / all players are great especially the good guys.
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