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Amorcito Corazón

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Amorcito Corazón telenovelaFernando Lobo is a widower with three kids, a mature man in his 40s. He adores his children and undertakes for all their troubles. He is rather unsociable, strong-minded and restricted who is sure that no one can replace his wife Soledad Andueza. One day he takes decision to move to Caracas.

This is a romantic, cheerful and realistic telenovela to describe the intimate story of three friends: Isabel, Zoe and Lucia who seek for the real love. They put high hopes to find the perfect partners in life and they are desperate to achieve the goals they set. However, every one of these young women faces specific obstacles to overcome.

Isabel is an art-designer is highly obsessed with the negative event she experienced on her 18th birthday when she was ready to become a real woman but something got wrong and her boyfriend was injured by the bull. Since then his mother cursed her and she is like dad-blamed for that accident. Her friend Zoe seems to be very happy in marriage with Alvaro. She is a perfect wife and ideal housewife. At least she feels herself like that but when she finds out that her husband betrays her, she comes with the idea to change her life. Actually, the love of her life comes to her eventually when she does not expect it.

Lucia is Isabel’s best friend. She decides to devote her life to the God. She is so naïve, sweet and gentle and she is not spoilt with the life of adults. She is somehow rebellious and she tends to help others in the society. She is very socially-centered and she teaches young girls the skills. Lucia is set to the choice of the religion or love in her heart and the decision takes her time and deep emotions.

Another character is Fernando Lobo, a widower with three kids. He takes charges for his children and their problems. However, he seems to be very cruel, tough and strong-minded. He isolates himself from other women strongly believing no one can replace his love, Soledad. One day he meets Isabel when he starts a new life as a director general for the Caricia brand that belonged to his mother. The whole life of his changes and so is his attitude to women, particularly to one woman. Also the theme of bi-sexual life is also revealed hereunder.


Diego Olivera as Fernando Lobo

Restricted and too unsociable person who refuses to open his heart to anyone ever. He is tall and athletic, reliable and brave. He feels responsible for the life of his children and he tries to make their lives easier and more comfortable. He prefers being tender and caring, unlike his mother who was really abusive and despotic. And he manages to fall in love with Isabel who wins his heart.

Elizabeth Ávarez as Isabel Cordero

Isabel is a vulnerable and tender young woman whose life is believed to be cursed by the mother of her boyfriend who got injured because of her. Every time when she tries to build relations with men, something wrong happens to her and her partner. She is fragile and very tender and she is eager to rely on the strong shoulder of her man. She also falls in love with Fernando and is willing to marry him with his three children.

Grettel Valdéz as Zoe

Zoe seems to be happy in marriage with Alvaro until she finds him with his lover in the shower. On the top of it, his lover was a male person which makes her miserable even more. At the first thought Zoe is about to commit a suicide falling down the bridge but she is saved by Cecilio. He teaches her that life is wonderful to enjoy and with the time he falls in love with her. But Zoe is full of revenge and is ready to seduce a person just to make her husband hurt. She achieves her goal even feeling miserable for betray.

África Zavala as Lucía

She is so naïve and pure creature to believe all people are good and faithful. She meets Willy who tries his best to make her closer. But Lucía is shocked to death when she finds out Willy makes money on being gigolo.

Daniel Arenas as Willy

Willy is a gigolo. He is handsome and prefers to live on his beauty than committing to work. He seems to be kind and tender to women to seduce them without any seductive or tempting techniques used. He is a fitness trainer and he knows what to do, what to say and how to behave. He falls in love with Lucia though he meets with her for the bet primarily.



Amorcito Corazón - telenovela

(2011) - Elizabeth Álvarez, Diego Olivera


Elizabeth Álvarez ... Isabel
Diego Olivera ... Fernando Lobo
Grettell Valdéz ... Zoe
Alex Ibarra ... Felipe
Fabiola Campomanes ... Sofia / Manuela
Mariana Karr ... Beba
Silvia Mariscal ... Sarita
Carmen Becerra ... Marissa
Macaria ... Hortensia
Africa Zavala ... Lucia Lobo
Ricardo Fastlicht ... Cecilio
Gerardo Murguia ... Jorge
Miguel Angel Biagio ... Poncho
Liz Vega ... Doris
Diego Amozurrutia ... Juancho
Renata Notni ... Marisol Lobo
Gabriela Mellado ... Barbara
Ricardo Margaleff ... Moncho
Rosita Pelayo ... Guillermina
Alfonso Iturralde ... Leopoldo
Daniel Arenas ... Willy
Patricia Martinez ... Lala
Maria Alicia Delgado ... Susy
Ruben Cerda ... Padre Benito
Pietro Vannucci ... Alvaro
Dalilah Polanco ... Katherine
Raquel Morell ... Sor Ernestina
Thelma Dorantes ... Irma
Joana Brito ... Minerva
Regina Tiscareno ... Marifer
Karol Sevilla ... Marilu

Writing credits
Valentina Párraga (original story)
Lucero Suárez
Carmen Sepúlveda
Edwin Valencia
Luis Reynoso

Song: Amorcito corazon
Written by: Manuel Esperón
Singing: Chayanne

Original music
Jesús Blanco
Julio César Blanco

Cinematography by
Víctor Soto
Jesús Acuña

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Felipe Najera
Fernando Nesme

Produced by
Lucero Suarez
Ángel Villaverde Bolaños



Remake of venezuelan telenovela "Trapos íntimos" (2002) with Marlene De Andrade, Carlos Montilla

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