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Amor de Mi Vida, El

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El Amor de Mi Vida telenovelaNine years of happy life pass and Ana, a young and beautiful woman, has to work hard and a lot to build and keep her strong and happy family. She is confident in this live, she believes in Daniel, his loyalty and faithfullness. On their wedding anniversary Ana finds the pager massage sent by her husband to Patricia with the worlds of love. For the first time Ana feels how doubts,  deceit and jealousy settle in her heart. Her life grows into the real nightmare full of shame, astonishment and disappointment that Daniel, her partner and her daughter’s father, loves another woman. Ana decides to share this with her best friend Clarissa. She remembers how Daniel spent a lot of time trying to get her heart and even now, when she flurry and pain dominate over her love to him, she still feels passion to him.

Daniel is puzzled and confused with the situation and Ana is willing to get divorced with him. Patricia, in her turn, understands that Ana is the big and real love of Daniel while he feels only passion to her. Daniel loves stability and he adores his daughter. When Clarissa talks to Patricia and insists that she gets away from Daniel, she finds out Patricia is pregnant.

The life causes plenty of difficulties and obstacles for the couple to divorce and for the lovers to unite. Patricia decides to wait for Ana with whom she is eager to meet and talk, at her house and she meets and talks to Leo, Daniel’s brother and Ana’s sister’s husband. They have no children in their marriage and Leo is eager to have a son. Finally Ana is full with this betrayal and she decides to give Daniel divorce. The couple gets parted emotionally and they face lots of minor common things puzzled to absurdity. Daniel keeps on finding comprehension and warmth in other women and he finds Clarissa who is always near and is able to listen to him, pleasant. Ana comes to decision to tailor her own life as she wants it, put puzzles together and find her love.

El Amor de Mi Vida - telenovela

(1998) - José Ángel Llamas, Claudia Ramírez


Claudia Ramírez .... Ana Valdez
José Ángel Llamas .... Daniel Suárez
Verónica Merchant.... Clarisa Villaseñor
Ernesto Gómez Cruz .... Faustino Valdez
Ana Ofelia Murguía .... Doña Lupe (Mamá Lupe)
Martha Navarro .... Ofelia de Valdez
Eileen Abad .... Patricia
Patricio Wood .... Elías Mendoza
Rafael Sánchez Navarro .... Miguel Ángel Castañeda
Jesús Ochoa .... Leopoldo Mirabal
Roberto Sosa .... El Chino
Martín Altomaro .... Aníbal
Emilio Guerrero .... Cabrera
Patricia Llaca .... Angela
Eugenia Leñero .... Mayra
Enoc Leaño .... Anselmo
Eliana López .... Rocío
Diego Luna .... Claudio
Liat Heras Sclar .... Ana Elisa
Raúl Méndez .... Rodrigo
Daniel Martínez .... Darío
Ari Telch .... Jorge
Mercedes Olea .... Adriana
Alejandra Prado .... Silvia
Gabriela Canudas .... Pilar
María Rojo .... Sagrario Verti
Ana Laura Espinosa .... Irma Langarica
Juan Carlos Remolina
Abe Heras Sclar .... Diego
Dora Cordero
Rosa Furman
María del Carmen Farias

Writing credits
José Ignacio Cabrujas (original story)
Libreto Luis Zelkowicz (libretto)
Ricardo García (libretto)
Luis Felipe Ibarra (libretto)
Carmina Narro (libretto)

Song: El amor de mi vida
Singing: Pablo Milanés

Art Director
Carlos Herrera

Production manager
Bernardo Terromes
Víctor Vélez

Directed by
Walter Doehner

Produced by
Epigmenio Ibarra
Carlos Payán
Hernán Vera
Mónica Skorlich (executive producer)

TV Azteca


"El Amor de mi vida" is a remake of telenovela "La señora de Cardenas" (1977, Venezuela) with Doris Wells and Miguel Angel Landa.

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Anonymous   |2008-07-19 23:14:21
Se me hizo muy bonita, aunque no dio mucho de que hablar la historia es muy bonita y el tema musical ni que se diga. Buen trabajo de Pablo Milanes
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