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Amor de Nadie

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Amor de Nadie telenovela Despite having born in a miserable mining village, Sofia desperately tries to achieve a better life through education. Her dreams are cut short, when Pablo, her brother, falls down a mineshaft and is severely mangled. The richest man in the village offers to pay for Pablo's medical treatment as long as Sofia moves with him as his mistress. Sofia has to accept. However, when Pablo dies, Sofia goes away to Mexico City to pursue a career in modeling.

Love comes into her life in the form of kind Guillermo. They get married but sorrow again knocks at her door. Right before the wedding, Guillermo is diagnosed HIV positive. Sofia insists in marrying him and nurses her husband through his illness. Raúl, Guillermo's evil father desires his daughter in-law and rapes her. Guillermo understands it was not his wife's fault and adopts her baby, who is his half brother. Raul's evilness does not end there. After his son dies, he kidnaps Sofia's child. Having no money to fight her powerful father in law, Sofia goes back to modeling and gets a good offer to work in Europe. The Old World will introduce her to two very different men that are willing to show her what happiness and true love means.


Lucía Méndez as Sofía
Sofía was under suppression since birth. She was always dreaming of getting away of the place though she realizes that education is the thing that can save her. She is strong-minded and dedicated. In spite she is a real fighter (against evil people, against her fate and minor troubles) she has to accept love and passion from the person in exchange for the help to her injured brother. Her generous heart does not allow her leaving the person sick n HIV giving lovely care. Though, she is forced to yield to the attack of her father-in-law who suppresses her again manipulating with kids.

Sofia is beautiful and she has excellent shapes to work in model business, and her looks cause envy. Facing problems with building strong family, Sofia travels to Spain to model where she meets her love, though she cannot enjoy it since everyone she meets tries to cause troubles to her to be happy.

Saúl Lisazo as Luis
Luis is the first love of Sofia. He also loves her and she was dreaming of building a strong family with him. Unfortunately, Luis disappears. He is alleged to get into the car accident and get killed. Sofia gets lost and tries to find the support from anyone around her.

Fernando Allende as Guillermo
Guillermo is a handsome young man, full in forces and aspiration to live, though it is not possible – he is HIV-positive and he lives his last days. He has aristocratic looks – strong, moderate, tall and mature. He is the man of his word. He meets Sofia and they fall in love. His love to her is deep and pure and when they realize he is going to die just before the wedding days, he forbids Sofia be with him and is planning to part. Sofia is the one who insists on getting married to him to support and provide necessary care.
He shows his willing to adopt the child that is his step-brother as his own and give his name to it.

Joaquín Cordero as Raúl Santiesteban
Raúl is a strong, athletic, powerful person in his late 50s. He is obsessed with Sofia’s beauty and in spite she is his son’s wife, he gets to her to possess physically. He is a pure evil in face of the man. He rapes Sofia and tries to manipulate and play her emotions to kids for many years. He is the one who destroys her life as a loving caring mother. He is the one who did not allow Sofia be with his son and let him enjoy last days in full.
Raúl is the one who is used to getting things with a wave of a wand. Moreover, when it is not feasible, he makes attempts to get it by manipulation, fraud, threats, blackmailing. He does not hold in abhorrence of things that cause negative response.

Amor de Nadie - telenovela

(1990) - Lucía Méndez, Fernando Allende


Lucía Méndez .... Sofía
Susana Alexander .... Julieta
Fernando Allende .... Guillermo
Luis Arcaraz Jr.
Sergio Basañez
Rosenda Bernal .... Evangelina
Roberto Bonet
Joaquín Cordero .... Raúl
Osvalso Ríos
Bárbara Córcega .... Emma
Raúl Izaguirre
Magda Karina .... Elisa
Elizabeth Katz .... Ivette
Lupita Lara .... Amelia
Saúl Lisazo .... Luis
Irma Lozano .... Betty
Alejandra Maldonado .... Vera
Monica Miguel .... Socorro
Gerardo Murguía .... Jaime
Arsenio Campos .... Jesus
José Elías Moreno .... Jorge
Bertin Osborne .... Oscar
Patricia Pereyra .... Sabrina
Miguel Pizarro .... Pablo
Germán Robles .... Velarmino
Javier Ruán .... Renato
Margarita Sanz .... Maggie
Anna Silvetti .... Nancy
Fernando Sáenz .... Edmundo
Karla Talavera
José María Torre .... Richi
Mimi .... Perla
Yolanda Ventura .... Astrid
Rosario Zúñiga
Marina Marín
Gloria Morell .... Julieta
Alicia Montoya .... Anna
Patricia Martínez .... Zenaida
Aurora Alonso .... Terencia
Cesar Balcazar .... Federico
Roberto Blandón .... Carlos
Olivia Bucio .... Olivia
Aurora Clavel .... Berta
Mario García Glez .... Ramírez
Nadia Haro Oliva .... Marie
Lily Inclán .... Adriana
Rodolfo Landa .... Sergio
Arturo Lorca .... Pepe
Isabel Martínez .... Laureana
Raquel Morel .... Gilda
Lucha Moreno .... Almendra
Bertha Moss .... Victoria
Angelina Pelaez .... Chana

Writing credits
Eric Vonn (original story and adaptation)

Song: Amor de Nadie
Singing: Lucía Méndez

Directed by
Monica Miguel

Produced by
Carla Estrada


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Anonymous   |2008-07-20 01:50:53
This was the last hit Lucia had with Televisa before expanding her acting to other countries. Very interesting story. One of the first to break the "pink" soap operas and portrait real life themes such as rape, homosexuality, poverty, child abduction etc... Very good soap opera, another classic for Lucia.
Rose Gomez  - Best so far!   |2008-11-05 09:01:31
I really loved it, although I was young, it was really great. I actually showed what AIDS was and explained it really well, which was being ignored by the media at the time in the Mexican county.
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