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Amor en Custodia

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Amor en custodia telenovelaJuan Manuel Aguirre is the field worker and lives on the farm. His mother is the Mexican and his father is the Cuban sailor. Juan Manuel Aguirre  is raised in New York living with his mother and his Aunt Soledad. His Aunt is the woman engaged in magic from Catemaco. These two women adore him and love to take care of him. His father spends little time at home in view of his occupation. Juan Manuel loves his father and when he is at home they spend much time together. His father tells him various stories about his sea adventures and teaches him aikido. When it is possible, they love to discuss life and learn something.

The life changes when Juan Manuel meets Paz at the rancho when he was seeking for the job of the rancho manager. He meets Paz when the group of armed men was trying to steal Paz. He was there at the right place and time. Paz realized Juan Manuel is the right man for her to protect her and take care of her estate.


Paola Núñez as Bárbara Bazterrica
Bárbara Bazterrica is half-baked, manipulative, superficial, arrogant and practical woman. She suffers from bulimia trying to be beautiful. She is unpleasantly selfish and merciless. She falls in love with Nicolás Pacheco though she gets married to Fabricio out for spite. Her marriage lasts for several months only. Then she settles in the place of Nicolás believing she wants to live with him. Soon she meets Mauro in her life and changes her values.
Carmen Madrid as Gabriela
She is ambitious wife, jealous and fickle but she is a good mother for Tatiana. She dies early when she learns that Santiago is her father.
Sergio Basañez as Juan Manuel Aguirre
Juan Manuel Aguirre is a humble, reliable, quiet and honest man in his early 30s. he is attractive to women for his appearance and manly looks. He behaves intuitively to people according to circumstances. He is strong and adventurous, in spite he is not risky. He practices aikido and he is physically well-developed, which allows him working as bodyguards or rancho manager which position he is seeking for.
Fabiana Perzabal as Laura Pacheco
Laura is the sister of Nicolas. She was married to Tango who refuses to allow her guarding over the child. They join together but soon they have to part when Tango admits he is in love with Carolina.
Andrés Palacios as Nicolás Pacheco 
Nicolás is very athletic and strong. He learns taekwondo and he is used to earn money as a fighter and a bodyguard. He gets friends with Juan Manuel though he is a good womanizer. He has love affairs with Lily and Victoria though he loves Bárbara and he gets depressed when she marries Fabricio. Nicolás decided to join with Bárbara when she divorces with Fabricio in half a year. However, he gets married to Tatiana, a woman who saves his life.
Margarita Gralia as Paz Achával Urién 
Paz Achával is a smart woman, dedicated, elegant, sensitive and beautiful. She looks attractive to many men. She has particular power and influence as the rancho owner and she employs people who can be loyal to her. She is married to Alejandro, who provides safety for her family. She falls in love with Juan Manuel.
Ramiro Huerta as Pepe Ernesto 'Tango' Salinas
Pepe Ernesto 'Tango' is a bodyguard. He is in love with Laura. Their relations are destroyed by the jealous ex-husband of Laura, then his son rejects him and finally Tango decides to leave Laura behind and marry Carolina, confessing he loves her. He gets lost between these two women who want him completely.
Laura’s evil and immoral husband. He forces Laura end her relations with Tango under the treat that she can lose her custody under their child.

Amor en custodia - telenovela

(2005) - Emilio Guerrero, Fabiana Perzabal


Emilio Guerrero ... Roca
Fabiana Perzabal ... Laura Pacheco
Ramiro Huerta ... Pepe Ernesto 'Tango' Salinas
Lupita Sandoval ... Nora
Lisset ... Carolina
Margarita Gralia ... Paz Achával Urién
Sergio Basañez ... Juan Manuel Aguirre
Paola Núñez ... Bárbara Bazterrica
Andrés Palacios ... Nicolás Pacheco
Sergio Kleiner ... Santiago
Verónica Merchant ... Victoría
Carmen Madrid ... Gabriela
Adriana Louvier ... Tatiana
René Campero ... Walter
Fernando Sarfatti ... Alejandro
Irene Arcila ... Inés
Carlos Millet ... Gino
Daniela Schmidt ... Lili
Surya MacGregor ... Katia
Mauricio Esquivel ... Panchito
Cecilia Piñeiro ... Priscila
Víctor César Villalobos ... Rafael
Armando de Pascual ... Roberto
Adrian Rubio ... Germán
Claudia Soberón ... Enfermera
Soledad Silveyra ... Magdalena Millán
Álvaro Guerrero ... Francesco Fosco
Luisina Brando ... Alicia Almanzi
María Concepción César ... Emilia
Angela Correa ... Bethania
Osvaldo Laport ... Juan Manuel Aguirre
José María Monje ... PepeErnesto 'Tango' Salinas
Eduardo Nutkiewitz ... Mauricio Alcorta

Original music
Ignacio Pérez

Cinematography by
Jorge Medina

Produced by
Emilia Lamothe

Azteca 13


Patricia Bernal was considered to star

Remake of argentinian telenovela "Amor en custodia" with Osvaldo Laport and Soledad Silveyra

Futher remake of novela is colombian telenovela "Amor en custodia" with Alejandra Borrero and Ernesto Calzadilla

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danime2003   |2010-09-19 02:44:26
megusto mas esta version mexicana que la original argentina
Natalie  - Amor en Custodia de Tv Azteca fue buenisima.   |2011-01-18 00:04:49
Me gusto muchisimo mas que las otras versiones, Paola Nunez se lucio en el papel de Barbie.
babsie  - forbidden passion(amor en custodia)   |2011-02-19 09:56:25
i love this movie very much.all the actors and actresses are very good they play their role perfectly.keep it up and you will go very far.
hikima  - good   |2011-03-16 22:44:43
i love this movie very much.this telenovela has a different story and that is good.
Paulla  - Mrs   |2012-06-29 17:43:58
I love dis movie very well please did not finish watching the episodes how do i get the whole of it in the English version. which website should i go and get it. Thanks.
Marty  - ps   |2012-09-28 23:25:26
How does the story end? Will Nicholas end up loving Tatiana?
Thor Finah  - Forbidden Passions   |2012-11-16 08:55:11
who did pachaco ended up with? Barbara or Tatiana?
gladys Ikhinmwin   |2012-12-08 19:04:57
Hi am gladys and a nigerian I really love mexican telenovelas and how do I get to buy the video Cd of forbidden passion. The complete seasons PLEASE
serifat from nigeria  - forbidden passions   |2013-03-17 13:15:51
i really love this movie. It's a fascinating story. All the actors and actresses played their role perfectly. Please, how do i get the whole episodes of this movie. Have tried everywhere but i couldn't find it. It's my best movie have ever watched. Pls.
Anonymous   |2013-09-19 08:07:06
I would have love nickolas&barbara 2 married,dey look gr8 2gether.
ruthie  - forbidden passion   |2014-02-24 21:35:48
Please dis movie z very long,but intresting I really need 2 finish watching it tnkxx.a website will be nyc for those who want to continue watchin it.tnkxx
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