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Amores Querer con Alevosia

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Amores Querer con Alevosia telenovelaThis is a story of love in which there are different ways of feeling it. Carolina belongs to a middle class family. She lives with her parents and her two sisters and she has a boyfriend called Mario. At the university she accidentally meets Pablo, a young man who presents in a happening with his girlfriend. Their meeting is not so friendly and it finishes with a battle but in spite this, there is without doubt a big attraction in between them, which appears to be love from the first look. Guillermo, Pablo’s father, has a problem with the magazines that are publishing his editorial, for which they decide to make a contract with young people and publish a magazine for them. Among them, he meets Carolina who during her return to see Pablo begins a powerful war without realizing that in reality they are in love.

Amores Querer con Alevosia - telenovela

(2001) - Bárbara Mori , Christian Meier


Bárbara Mori .... Carolina Morales
Juan Manuel Bernal .... Mario Rodríguez
Christian Meier .... Pablo Herreros
Paloma Woolrich .... Belinda de Morales
Miguel Ángel Ferriz .... Arturo Morales
Fernando Becerril .... Guillermo Herreros
Gabriela de la Garza .... Carmela Villalonga
Patricia Bernal .... Susana de Herreros
Francisco de la O .... Felipe Montero
Carla Rodríguez .... Consuelo
Carmen Beato .... Ángela
Daniel Martínez .... Iván
Saby Kamalich .... Cristina
León Michel .... Julián
Dino García .... Ignacio Orozco
Elizabeth Cervantes .... Matilde Morales
Irene Azuela .... Rocío Morales
Mariana Isla .... Pilar Sánchez
Eduardo Victoria .... Antonio Redondo
Carmen Perkins .... Mercedes Quintana
Lariza Mendizábal .... Beatriz Quintana
Jorge Levy .... Alberto Ruíz
Carlos Torres Torrija .... Fernando
Héctor Bonilla
Jorge Galván
Plutarco Haza .... Salvador
Verónica Merchant
Claudia Soberón .... Claudia

Writing credits
Bernardo Romero
Jimena Romero

Song: Alevosía
Singing: Luis Eduardo Aute

Original music
Ernesto Anaya
Juana Vargas

Art Director
Carlos Trejo

Production manager
Myrna Ojeda

Cinematography by
Óscar L. Palacios

Directed by
Rossana Arau
Luis Vélez

Produced by
Rossana Arau
Luis Vélez

TV Azteca

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Anonymous   |2008-07-20 01:58:07
Esta telenovela me gusto desde el principio hasta el final, ya que trato temas como la infidelidad, el alcoholismo, la sumisión de la mujer, la drogadicción, etc., en lo personal el actor que mejor interpreto su papel fue el Sr. Miguel Ángel Ferriz, ya que al interpretar a un infiel y a un "alcohólico" yo le "compre" el papel. Espero que se den cuenta de lo mucho que vale un actor de su categoría y que no lo desaprovechen con papeles secundarios. Porque un actor que le "vende" su personaje a público, vale la pena.
Leonel Alcantara  - Buscando   |2008-10-14 20:33:53
No sabes donde puedo conseguir una copia de la telenovela?
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