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Amores Verdaderos

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Amores Verdaderos telenovelaAmores verdaderos is the Mexican telenovela started on July 23, 2012 by Nicandro Díaz Gonzalez for the Televisa channel. It’s plot is based upon the story revealed in Amor en Custodia so popular in Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico. The telenovela will be broadcasted from September as soon as Abismo de passion ends.

Victoria Balvanera de Brizz is the Creative Manager for the Meta International Company, the largest publicity agency in the country. As a successful woman, she is the focus of everybody’s attention. Jose Angel Arriaga meets with her to ask a job. She hires Jose as her bodyguard since she is afraid she will be kidnapped and blackmailed. Due to skills of aikido, Jose manages to save Victoria and they get emotionally attracted to each other, though initially he hated her employer.

Victoria Balvanera is married to Nelson Brizz, the Marketing Manager. Nelson spends lots of time with model girls and has a love affair with one of them, a beautiful Kendra Ferreti.
Nikki Brizz Balvanera, a daughter of Victoria and Nelson, is a young effeminate and fickle girl with unstable thinking and opinions. She suffers a lot due to bulimia and she feels abandoned and uncared since her parents spend all their time working. However, Victoria takes care of her safety either and Nikki has a bodyguard with whom she falls in love.

On the other hand, Liliana, the daughter of Jose Angel Arriaga, comes to seek a job at Balvanera house and falls in love with Nikki’s bodyguard which causes serious troubles. Victoria and Jose Angel struggle all the time not to show their love since both of them are married while Nikki and Liliana fight for Guzman’s love.

Amores Verdaderos - telenovela

(2012-2013) - Erika Buenfil, Eduardo Yáñez


Erika Buenfil ... Victoria Balvanera de Brizz
Eduardo Yáñez ... Jose Angel Arriaga
Marjorie de Sousa ... Kendra Ferreti
Eiza González ... Nicole "Nikki" Brizz Balvanera
Sebastián Rulli ... Francisco Guzman
Eleazar Gómez ... Roy
Mónika Sánchez ... Cristina de Arriaga
Francisco Gattorno ... Santino Roca
Susana González ... Beatriz Guzman
Guillermo Capetillo ... Nelson Brizz
Natalia Esperón ... Adriana Balvanera
Sherlyn ... Liliana Arriaga
Enrique Rocha ... Aníbal Balvanera
Ana Martín ... Esperanza
Rubén Branco
Michelle Rodríguez
Archie Lanfranco
Raquel Morell
Julio Camejo ... Leonardo Solís
Mauricio Mejía
Lilia Aragón
Gabriela Goldsmith ... Doris
Diego de Erice
Diana Golden
Lisardo ... Manolo
Arsenio Campos ... Felipe
Silvia Manríquez
Toño Infante

Writing credits
Marcela Citterio
Enrique Estevanez
Kari Fajer

Written by:

Original music
Alejandro Sanz

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos Gabriel Vázquez Bulman

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Salvador Garcini

Produced by
Nicandro Díaz Gonzalez



Based on telenovela Amor en Custodia

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Evelyn   |2012-11-03 01:32:36
sebastian Rulli un hombre guapo, y muy varonil, no encaja con Eliza Gonzalez una mujer(genero) pero no tan mujer para Rulli.
Atlanta Barrera   |2013-01-28 19:50:01
I think Nikki y Guzman make a good couple. I think Nikki y Guzman should get married.
jennifer  - nickki la nina mas bonita   |2013-02-08 21:54:30
nickki es la nina mas bonita espero que un dia sea como ella
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