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Amor Gitano

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Amor Gitano telenovela Set in a remote past, in a time when the decadent aristocracy imposed its unjust laws on the landless class, when Gypsies were considered less than human beings; and a woman, condemned to the sole function of bearing legitimate heirs to perpetuate power, was not free to choose her love. Much more than a scandal, the impossible love between Countess Adriana of Astolfi and Renzo the gypsy, two beings from very different worlds, was an outrage to the Divine and Moral Laws of the time. This intricate and fast paced drama unfolds in castles and palaces, in dark caves and perilous forests, in deep dungeons and secret passageways, where victims and villains confront each other in dramatic, action-packed scenes, with many unexpected twists and turns which impede Adriana and Renzo from finding each other.

Amor Gitano - telenovela

(1999) - Mariana Seoane, Mauricio Islas


Mariana Seoane .... Adriana
Mauricio Islas .... Renzo
Alejandro Camacho .... Rodolfo Farnesio
Héctor Sánchez
Nailea Norvind .... Isa
Manuel Ojeda .... Pedro
Roberto Palazuelos
María Rubio .... Isolda
Raquel Olmedo .... Manina
Héctor Gómez .... Bernal
Alberto Estrella .... Jonás
Maya Mishalska .... Astrid
Juan Carlos Colombo .... Martín
Mario Prudomme .... Renán
Humberto Yañez .... Danilo
Rubén Cerda .... Quintín
Khotan .... Humberto
Susana González .... Zokka
Alec Von Bargen .... Dino
Adriana Acosta
Enrique Borja Baena
Iván Bronstein
Andrea García .... Lucrecia
Alejandra Jurado
Ana Layevska .... Maria
Valentino Lanús .... Patricio
Yadira Santana
Sherlyn .... Rosalinda
Rafael Bazán
María Teresa Rivas .... Aya
Nuria Bages .... Constanza de Astolfi
Eduardo Arroyuelo .... Daniel di Scarpa
Karla Albarrán .... Aya
Alejandro Ávila
Eduardo Iduñate .... Gitano
Tania Vázquez
Lissete Araiza
Jesús Betanzos
Miguel A. Cardiel
Nayeli Dainzu
Sharon Demetrio
Eduardo Gleason
Liz Gallegos
Hugo Gutiérrez
Eduardo Idunate
Ileana Izaguirre
Edgar Martín
Roberto Meza
Seraly Morales
Iván Francisco Muñoz
Gerardo Obaya
Rolf Petersen
Clarissa Rendón
Elizabeth Rico
Rosy Safont
Rubén Santana
Ariadna Treviño
Ricardo Arjona

Writing credits
Olga Ruilopez (original story)
María Balmori (screenplay)
Katia R. Estrada (screenplay)
Rosario Velicia (script)

Original music by
Jorge Avendaño

Song Amor Gitano
Singing: Carlos Enrique Iglesias

Song Pierdo Toda la razón
Singing: Carlos Enrique Iglesias

Film Editing by
Claudio González
Susana Valencia

Casting by
Martha Gongora

Production Design by
Mirsa Paz

Art Direction by
Eloy Ganuza
Luis Pardo

Set Decoration by
Rafael Brizuela
Antonio Martínez

Costume Design by
Myriam Guerrero
Mabel Pávez

Production co-ordinator
Georgina Garibay

Production manager
Jaime Gutierrez

Cinematography by
Carlos Sánchez Ross

Directed by
Luis Pardo
Eloy Ganuza

Produced by
Georgina Castro Ruiz
Pedro Damián



"Amor gitano" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "La mujer de aquella noche" (Puerto Rico, 1969) with Braulio Castillo (Renzo), Gladys Rodríguez (Adriana) and Mona Marti (Manina).
2 version: telenovela "Amor gitano" (Argentina, 1983) with Luisa Kuliok and Arnaldo Andre.

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Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:00:14
What a disappointment! Very bad and absolutely unreal. There is no way to tell in what century the action takes place, most of the costumes is a salad from different epochs, obviously Televisa has dug out all its wardrobe, I even spotted a duster from the Star Wars there. Everybody wears makeup, even men, the girl who works hard labor in the field wears snow-white dress and has a perfect makeup. The amount of counts and countesses on a square mile is above any reasonable level (is it Mexico or what?! where did so many counts come from?!) And on the top of it the acting is horrible. No doubt, I didn't like it at all
Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:00:49
I thought that it was a good soap! In fact its my favorite!! I would like to c it again but its not possible cause our channels cant show it anymore:( but anyway thats my opinion.
Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:01:06
This serial (soap) was so beautiful!!! Despite I saw it some years ago, I still remember it as one of the gritest serials I've seen. In the course of the year it had one of the best audience rating. I'd be happy, if my country would buy it once more!!! Thanks creators about chance to watch something so good! And of course thanks charming Mauricio Islas
Anonima  - Amor Gitano   |2008-11-17 11:37:46
Creo que es una de las mejores telenovelas que he visto. Me encanta y la primera vez que la vi tenia como unos 11 anos, me encantaria conseguirla pero se me ha echo muy imposible. Si alguien sabe como cinseguirla porfavor dejen me saber lo agradeceria mucho... Gracias
Yolanda   |2009-05-11 23:26:36
I loved this production. I would buy it on disk if it were available. I check periodically to see if anyone has released it on dvd.
Erayana  - Amor Gitano   |2009-05-11 23:36:17
I Love it but did not see it all of it as i saw on you tube and it was not complete would like to buy it but do not know were to go to buy. As i been looking around and i do not see it
Love Mauricio Islas he handsome and sexy.
Sehidy  - Amor Gitano   |2009-09-27 14:38:53
Hola a todos
Yo vivo buscando la novela....creo q debemos contactar a Xenon Pictures q hasta donde se estan encargados de la distribucion de novelas mexicanas para que la saquen en DVD..que opinan?
aaron2010  - Another "period" telenovela from Televisa!   |2010-06-06 01:11:40
The period telenovelas that Televisa has presented recently like "Amor Real",
"Alborada","Pasion", and the recent version of "Corazon Salvaje" have been good. But "Amor Gitano" has been of interest to me for sometime. I've noticed that Mariana Seoane, Mauricio Islas, Valentino Lanus, Susana Gonzalez, Roberto Palazuelos,and even Khotan had acted in this novela. I did have the chance to see a tiny bit of footage of "Amor Gitano" when both Mariana Seoane and Valentino Lanus appeared together on "Don Francisco Presenta" back in 2004 and I did see one full episode a little over a year ago when Telefutura had re-aired it. All I can say is that the little piece of footage and the one full episode looked good and hopefully a DVD version of "Amor Gitano" will be released in the near future. Saludos, Aaron A.
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