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Amor Real

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Amor Real telenovelaMatilde falls in love with Adolfo Solis, an army soldier with no fortune. But her mother Augusta is determined to force Matilde to marry a rich man in order to save the family from bankruptcy. Manuel Fuentes Guerra is the perfect candidate. He is a honorable and handsome young man who has just inherited a vast fortune, in spite of being an illegitimate son. Using all kinds of intrigues, the arrogant Augusta and her son Humberto, send Adolfo to prison, and make Matilde believe that he is married and has children.

Overwhelmed and despaired, Matilde agrees to marry Manuel. Adolfo escapes from jail and immediately goes to look for his beloved Matilde, who has just married Manuel. Adolfo manages to secretly speak with Matilde and to clarify the misunderstandings. They decide to run away, but Manuel discovers them. Deeply hurt, Manuel is not willing to give her up; he takes her to his ranch in the countryside. Matilde’s life in the house is tedious and bitter. Meanwhile, Adolfo finds Matilde and intending to take her away, pretends to be the new ranch administrator. As time goes by, Manuel manages to conquer the heart of Matilde. Suddenly one day, she realizes that the love she felt for Adolfo has disappeared, and she is now in love with her husband.

Amor Real - telenovela

(2003) - Adela Noriega , Fernando Colunga


Adela Noriega .... Matilde
Fernando Colunga .... Manuel
Mauricio Islas .... Adolfo
Chantal Andere .... Antonia
Ernesto Laguardia .... Humberto
Ricardo Blume .... Hilario
Helena Rojo .... Doña Augusta
Mariana Levy .... Josefina
Beatriz Sheridan .... Damiana
Harry Geithner .... Yves
Mauricio Herrera .... Padre Urbano
Oscar Bonfiglio .... Sixto
Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez .... Remigio
Ana Martín .... Rosario
Paco Ibáñez .... Gregorio Heredia
Ana Bertha Espín .... Prudencia
Mario Iván Martínez .... Renato
Sara Monar .... Ana
Toño Infante .... Benigno
Adalberto Parra .... Delfino
Miguel Angel Fuentes .... El Negro
Julio Alemán .... Joaquín
Maya Mishalska .... Marianne
Ingrid Martz .... Pilar
Rafael Rojas .... Amadeo Corona
Yolanda Mérida .... Doña Juana
Raquel Morell .... María Clara de Heredia
Maty Huitrón .... Madre Superiora
Gastón Tuset .... Gervasio
Tania Vázquez .... Adelaida
Leticia Calderón .... Hanna
Luis Xavier .... José María
Héctor Sáez .... Silvano
Kika Edgar .... Catalina
Jorge Vargas .... General Prisco Domínguez Cañero
Carlos Cámara .... Ramón
Alicia del Lago .... Higinia
José Antonio Ferral .... Benítez
Mario del Río .... Lorenzo Rojas
Alejandro Villeli .... Ezequiel
Carlos Amador .... Orlando Cordero
Gerardo Klein .... Santiago López
Dulcina Carballo .... Jacinta
Fernando Manzano .... Garza
Benjamín Pineda .... Canales
Lorena Álvarez .... Bernarda
David Galindo .... Nazario
María Dolores Oliva .... Lázara - mother of Nazario
Carlos Ache .... Graciano
Mayahuel del Monte .... Ceferina - maid at Manuel's house
Alberto Chávez .... Pancho
Carlos Cámara Jr .... Lic. Pérez de Tejada
Paulina de Labra .... Ignacia - maid in Matilde's house
Joseba Iñaki .... Jacobo Negrete
Albert Chávez .... Pancho
July Calderón .... Micaela
Fátima Torre .... Ma. Fernanda
María Sorté .... Rosaura
Francis Ondiviela .... Marie De La Roquette
Patricia Martínez .... Camelia Corona
Adal Ramones .... Circus owner

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams (original story)
María Zarattini (adaptation)
Ximena Suárez (script editor)

Song Amor Real
Written by Leonel García and Noel Scharjis
Singing: Sin Bandera

Music arranger
Jesús Blanco

Juan José Franco
Luis Horacio Valdez

Set Decoration
Ricardo Navarrete
Juan Antonio Sagredo

Production co-ordinator
Guillermo Gutiérrez

Production manager
Lili Moyers

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos
Jesús Acuña Lee (on location)

Directed by
Mónica Miguel
Eric Morales (on location)

Produced by
Carla Estrada (executive producer)
Arturo Lorca (associated producer)



"Amor Real" is a remake of telenovela "Bodas de Odio".
"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 2004.

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Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:07:35
Simply wonderful! I think this is the best out of all of Adela Noriega's telenovelas! Stupendous production, cast, and story! And what to say about the music and the theme song! Simply beautiful work done by the Mexican and Argentinian duet "Sin Bandera", whom sing the theme song of this great novela! To me, this novela deserves a huge +! I simply loved it, especially the ending, so emotional when the character of Adolfo Solis, played by Mauricio Islas, dies seeing his beloved wife Catalina, played by Kika Edgar. Congratulations Carla Estrada and her team and also the cast for bringin us this great masterpiece!
Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:08:02
Great disappointment! I could not watch it for more than 15 minutes!! Refritos de Corazon Salvaje a cada rato, musica prestada de la misma telenovela y un look que por lo menos parecia raro!!!! Puede ser que obtuvo grande exito en Mexico pero no logro lo mismo en el exterior!!! Incluso muchos paises lo sacaron del aire por falta de rating.... Es una pena que tendremos que esperar mas de 10 anos para ver una nueva version!!!
Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:08:21
My wife got me hooked on this novela after only watching the first week of it's original debut. I never thought that I would race home from work, to find out what would happen next in the lives of these character's. This novela never seized to amaze both my wife and I, never did we feel like saying "we won't watch it today". I can add that when we found out that we were going to get the chance to watch it again on Univision, (after watching it last year on mexican-not-always-clear-airwaves) we completely flipped and will set-up our Tivo, to record, every episode, and hope to someday purchase on DVD. I know it sounds like over kill, but believe me, we never missed it if possible. A complete masterpice, from beginning to end!!!
Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:08:32
It is the best thing that has been put on tv. I can't go to sleep without knowing what has happened. Adela Noriega and Fernando Colunga make the perfect couple although I get mad when they start kissing other people.It is a great production and the actors were great. I loved it thanks for giving this to us hope to see these people together again.
Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:08:41
My new favorite novela of all time. Of course b4 this one is was caneveral de pasiones. I just wish i could have seen the uncut version from mexico. I have always loved fernando colunga as a lead character but he really out did himself this time...
Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:08:51
Amor real is a wonderful show. If I were to rate this show 4rm one threw ten I would give it a TEN! It's a wonderful show hope they make another show like that... it's just so romantic and before you know it ur saying whats going to happen after this. I love it it's not a nasty or a cruel (novela) it's just perfect.
Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:09:02
For me, basicly, it sucks... Adela Noriega never stops crying, she cries so much that all you want to do is smack her and kick her out of the novela... Colunga.. I shouldn't waste a word on him... Nah, maybe I should... Pseudoactor!!! The entrance song.. the worst I've ever heard... God, if this is the best novela ever, I don't want to know the rest...
marty17129  - Amor real   |2009-08-17 15:27:44
Amor real es una magnifica telenovela, una de mis favoritas......Aunque pasaron 5 anos desde que la vi en Croacia me recuerdo muy bien de telenovela..... Adela Noriega y Fernando Colunga son preciosa pareja..... Adela Noriega se veia bellisima con vestidos que usaba, es una estupenda actriz....... Amor real merece mis aplaudos, es una excellente historia :-)
Aurora  - Maravillosa serie   |2010-05-08 15:04:42
La mejor telenovela que he visto nunca.
Maravillosa actuación de sus protagonistas.
Muy bien escrita.
Exteriores y casas preciosas.
No te cansas de verla una y otra vez aunque yo cambiaría algo el final porque Rosario no debería morir sino ser feliz junto a Silvano, y su familia.
Adofo tambien me parece excesivamente perdedor.
¡Ojalá hicesen una 2º parte!
Shawn  - Great Show sorrying is has come to and end   |2010-05-15 01:15:25
Read somemore stroy line. Please do not end the show. More...More...More!
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