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Amor Tiene Cara de Mujer, El

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El Amor Tiene Cara de Mujer telenovelaThe story is about four women: Laura, Matilde, Vicky and Lucy, all of different age, life style and economical position. All four work together in a beauty salon. Their life, love and friendship are the main story lines of this intense drama.

El Amor Tiene Cara de Mujer - telenovela

(1971) - Silvia Derbez, Irma Lozano, Irán Eory, Lucy Gallardo


Silvia Derbez.... Laura Valdez
Irma Lozano .... Matilde Suárez
Irán Eory .... Vicky Gallardo y Pimentel
Lucy Gallardo .... Lucy Escala
Ruben Rojo .... Julio
Claudio Obregon .... Pablo Landa
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo .... Gustavo Artiaga
María Eugenia Ríos .... Consuelo Viuda de Suárez
Ana Lilia Tovar .... Nerina Suárez
Tere Grobois .... Diana
Gloria Leticia Ortiz .... Berta Valdez
Miguel Córcega .... Alberto
Javier Marc .... Fernando Ugalde
Héctor Andremar .... Dr. Diego Solares
Enrique del Castillo .... Lic. Restrepo
Julián Pastor .... Emilio Suárez
Manolo Calvo .... Dr. Villafaña
Carlos Becerril .... Daniel Escala
Magda Haller .... Amelia Landa
Daniela Rosén .... María Inés Amescua
Antonio Raxel ....  Sr. Amescua
Estela Chacón .... Lili Mornar y Esther
Fernando Mendoza .... Don Manuel Mornar
July Furlong .... Cristina
Betty Catania .... Nora Tovar de Gracía Iglesias
Olga Breeskin .... Milena del Real
Anel .... Claudia
María Douglas .... Leticia Gallardo
Carlos Cámara .... Alfredo Bustamante
Otto Sirgo .... Cristian
Guillermo Aguilar .... Hernán Guevara
Azucena Rodrígez .... Clarissa
Gerardo del Castillo ... Arnoldo
Jorge del Campo .... Billy
Carlos Monden .... Eduardo
Josefina Escobedo .... Tía Alcira
María Martín .... Leonila
Julio Monterde .... Otón
Raúl Meraz
Karina Dúprez
Cristina Moreno
Evita Muñoz 'Chachita'
Octávio Galindo
Verónica Castro
Aurora Molina
Andrea Cotto
Pedro Damián
Angélica Aragón
Edith González

Writing credits
Nené Cascallar (original story)
Estela Calderón (adaptation)
Manuel Canseco Noriega (adaptation)

Cinematography by
Hugo Cervantes

Directed by
Fernando Wagner

Produced by
Valentin Pimstein

Teleprogramas Acapulco


"El amor tiene cara de mujer" is a remake of telenovela "El amor tiene cara de mujer" (1964-71, Argentina, Proartel) with Delfy de Ortega, Iris Lainez, Angelica Lopez Gamio, Barbara Mujica. The telenovela was airing in Argentina during 8 years.
Further remakes of "El amor tiene cara de mujer" are:
1 version: telenovela "El amor tiene cara de mujer" (1976, Argentina, Canal 9) with Virginia Lago, Beatriz Dia Quiroga, Cristina Tejedor, Dora Prince.
2 version: telenovela "Principessa" (1984) with Irán Eory, Angélica Aragon, Rogelio Guerra
3 version: telenovela "El amor tiene cara de mujer" (1993, Argentina, Televisa) with Laura Flores, Thelma Biral, Laura Novoa, Marisel Antonione and Marita Ballesteros.
The Brazilian version of "El amor tiene cara de mujer" is telenovela "O amor tem cara de mulher" (1966, TV Tupi) with Vida Alves, Cleyde Yaconis and Luis Gustavo
"El amor tiene cara de mujer" is the longest Mexican telenovela, it has 795 episodes / 60 minutes.

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Anonymous   |2008-07-27 02:46:15
I remember it was a great technical and acting work, stylish, sharp in its editing and so many characters!
Anonymous   |2008-07-27 02:48:35
Esta telenovela ha sido la mas larga en la historia de la telenovela mexicana y no Mundo de Juguete como algunos presumen.
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