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Amy, la niña de la mochila azul

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Amy, la niña de la mochila azul telenovela "Amy, la niña de la mochila azul" is a telenovela for children. As a baby, Amy was rescued from the sea by Captain Matías and his wife Perla, who later dies, but Captain Matías promises his wife to take care of Amy. She lives on a ship with her step-father, who after his wife's death is destroyed, keeps loosing everything, almost has no money and is about to loose the last thing he has left: his ship. Amy is mischievous girl and dresses like a boy. Her real father is a millionaire Octavio who has lost his newborn baby in the hurricane and is searching for "him" (as he thinks it was a baby boy). He will meet Amy and they will become friends, without knowing that the "boy" he is searching for in reality is Amy. She will also meet a nice boy Raul with whom she will fall in an innocent love. There is also an evil Carlota who hates orphans, but uses them to get donations and with this money buys herself the fine jewelry. In order to get more donations she needs to get more orphans, and she is now after Amy, whose origin is in question...


Danna Paola as Amy Granados/Betancourt
Amy is Capitán Matias’ adopted daughter. She looks very nice. She adores Matias and she sells bracelts and pendants at beaches to help him earn for living. She makes jewelry from seashells she picks up by herself. She swims perfectly. She also sings nicely which commits to collect more money at beaches. Amy is willing to help Matias but she alsys trapped in troubles. She dreams of the full family since she needs care and love. Most of all she dreams of meeting her mother who died soon after she was born. Amy is the real daughter of Octavio Betancourt.

Pedro Armendáriz Jr as Matías "El Capitán"
Matías is Amy’s adoptive father. He is plain, honest and noble person who always explains Amy’s behavior. He gathers people at the bonfire to tell fairies and legends.Joseph Sasson as Raúl HinojosaA plain fellow who arrives to the place and falls in love with Amy. Raúl alwys fights to attain everything he wants. He is adventourous and brave. Thanks to Amy he learns to appreciate his family, especially parents.

Geraldine Galvan as Mary Loly Alvarez-Vega
A girl from wealthy family, fickle and ambitious. She accuses Amy of every trouble occurring to her.

Eduardo Capetillo as Octavio Betancourt
He is a lonely millionaire who lives his life feeling guilty: he left Marina pregnant and now he is desperately searching for his son. Octavio experiences many affairs but nothing and nobody touches him. He lives behind the mask hiding real emotions. He is astonished to find out that he is Amy’s father.

Amy, la niña de la mochila azul - telenovela

(2004) - Danna Paola, Joseph Sazón, Eduardo Capetillo


Danna Paola .... Amy Granados
Joseph Sasson .... Raúl Hinojosa
Eduardo Capetillo .... Octavio Betancourt
Tatiana .... Coral
Nora Salinas .... Emilia Alvarez-Vega
Alejandro Tommasi .... Claudio Rosales
Alejandra Meyer .... Carlota
Harry Geithner .... César
Alejandra Procuna .... Minerva Camargo
Pedro Armendáriz Jr . .... Capitan Matías Granados
Carlos Speitzer .... Adrian Gonzalez "El Gato"
Alex Perea .... German Rosales "Chayote"
Geraldine Galvan .... Mary Loly Alvarez-Vega
Nicole Durazo .... Mary Pily Alvarez-Vega
Christopher Uckermann .... Rolando
Sharis Cid .... Angelica Hinojosa #1
María Luisa Alcalá .... Virginia Castro
Raúl Padilla .... Geronimo
Lorena Herrera .... Leonora Rivas
Manuel "El Loco" Valdés .... Marcelo
Fabián Robles .... Bruno
Isabel Molina .... Mercedes
Manuel Landeta .... Triton
Yolanda Ventura .... Angelica Hinojosa #2
David Ostrosky .... Sebastian
María Fernanda Sasian .... Mini
Lilibeth .... Luly
Greta Cervantes .... La nina fantasma
Charly Alberto .... Marcial
Alejandro Speitzer .... Tolín
Pablo Poumian .... Fabian
Rossana San Juan .... Soledad
Felicidad Aleveyra .... Alma
Grisel Margarita .... Carolina Hinojosa
Juan Veduzco .... Roman
Luciano Corigliano .... Paulino Rosales "Pecas"
Lucero Lander .... Perla
Rosangela Balbo .... Perpetua
Ricardo de Pascual .... Dagoberto
Grissel Margarita .... Carolina
Alejandro Villeli .... Barracuda
Caty .... Alicia
Alvaro Carcaño .... Jacinto
Hector Cruz .... Roberto
Jorge Ortín .... Manuel
Jorge Trejo .... Pacoco
Juan Carlos Flores .... Fabian
Julio Vega .... Melesio
Levi Najera .... René
Luis Fernando Torres .... Walter
Moises Suarez .... Benigno
Ricky Mergold .... Plutarco
Roberto Munguia .... Ramiro
Roberto Ruy .... Juvenal
Ricardo Kleinbaum .... Mauro
Sandra Destenave .... Graciela
Sebastian .... Chacho
Karen Sandoval .... Valeria
Miguel Perez .... Uri

Writing credits
Denisse Pfeiffer (adaptation and scripts)
Aída Araceli Guajardo (adaptation and scripts)

Song: Azul Como El Cielo
Written by: J.R. Flores
Singing: Tatiana and Danna Paola

Song: La Nina de la Mochila Azul
Written by: Bulmaro Bermudez
Singing: Joseph Sasson

Production crew
Jesus Soria

Produced by
Rubén Galindo
Santiago Galindo



"Amy, la niña de la mochila azul" is a remake of "La niña de la mochila azul" (1978) with Pedro Fernández and María Rebeca.

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Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:10:52
Esta Novela es muy linda porque es llena de aventuras y peligrosas aventuras a veze. Si yo estuviera en una novela como esta me sentiria muy bien porque a mi me gusta ver como actua Amy (Danna Paola) es una nina muy alegre y divertida
hamza belmokadem   |2009-03-04 14:49:54
il est vraiment une bonne série que je vais jamais l'oublier
gerardo  - novela   |2011-01-04 03:56:14
Me gustaria saver donde la puedo comprar esta novels Amy la nina de la mochila azul mi correo es si alguien save como conseguirla aganmelo saver gracias
gerardo  - novela   |2011-01-04 17:09:53
Me gustaria saver donde la puedo comprar esta novels Amy la nina de la mochila azul mi correo es si alguien save como conseguirla aganmelo saver gracias
HAmza Belmokadem   |2011-03-05 10:48:09
es realmente una buena serie que nunca voy a olvidar
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