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Ana del Aire

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Ana del Aire telenovelaThis telenovela is about the world of the air hostesses.  Ana works as an air hostess. Her family consists of Andrea, whom Ana believes to be her mother and her father Esteban who is separated from her mother. She also has a sister who suffered from polio when she was a child, and as a result of this disease was left disabled. She is very traumatized mentally and hates her sister. Ana finds out that her true mother was a famous pianist. She falls in love with a young pilot Gerardo. 

He gets in an accident and loses his sight, emotionally he is very affected and decides to brake up with Ana and her family. He goes away to live in the countryside with the housekeeper, but he needs a nurse to take care of him. Ana investigates where did he go, she quits her work and arrives at his house hiding her identity and gets contracted as a nurse. Gerardo continues loving Ana and he paints her picture. He shows the picture to the housekeeper and says "It's Ana, the woman whom I love". And the housekeeper says "No, it's the nurse!" Gerardo gets furious that Ana deceived him and fires her. At the end Gerardo recovers his sight and marries Ana.

Ana del Aire - telenovela

(1974) - Angélica María , Fernando Allende


Angélica María .... Ana
Jaime Moreno .... Anibal
Sasha Montenegro .... Dolly
Fernando Allende .... Gerardo
Silvia Derbez .... Andrea
Armando Silvestre .... Esteban
María Rubio .... Vera
Susana Alexander .... Lola
Andres Garcia .... Jorge
Cesar del Campo .... Gaston
Susana Dosamantes .... Norma
Maria Eugenia Rios .... Ines
Lupita D'Alessio .... Consuelo
Miguel Macia .... Armando
Camila Borges .... Elena
Patricia Panini .... Vilma
Daniel Santalucia .... Juan
Alfredo Torres .... Luis
Miguel Angel Ferriz Jr. .... Mesero
Raul Boxer .... Lic.Basurto
Nelida .... Paula Dopson
Javier Ruan .... Alex
Alicia Palacios .... Rosa
Chela Najera .... Teresa
José Loza .... Miguel Espino
Héctor Cruz .... Tom
Tita Grieg .... Tita
Eugenio Salas Derbez
Raymundo Capetillo
Alberto Insua

Writing credits
Fernanda Villeli (original story)
Elsa Martínez
María Zarattini

Song: Ana del Aire
Written by: Felipe Gil
Singing: Angélica María

Song: Nuestro Adios
Written by: Eduardo Magallanes
Singing: Angélica María

Directed by
Dimitrios Sarras

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso


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Anonymous   |2008-07-27 02:58:47
Creo que hacen un remake de esta novela, creo que la protagonista ideal seria Angelica Vale, hija de Angelica María ya que es una buena actriz y deberia trabajar con otro productor por que creo que con Emilio Larrosa no tiene futuro.
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