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Angel Caido, El

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El Angel Caido telenovela Ma. de los Angeles is an orphan, her parents died in an accident and she was raised by her aunt, Doña Victoria, who's daughter also died and who lives with her grandson Toño. Doña Victoria is very rich and owns a factory in San Luis Potosi. Ma. de los Angeles is beautiful, has a lot of suitors, and everybody thinks that she is a saint, but in reality she is a demon. She marries a rich man only for his money and killes him, but everybody thinks it is an accident. But she is not satisfied with his money, now she wants the money of her uncle, the only things is that she has to share this money with Toño. In order to get rid of him, she invents things against him, so finally he has to leave the city with his reputation being ruined. Toño arrives in Mexico city and starts working for Roberto Cano. He and the Roberto's secretary, Avelina, become friends. Toño founds out that Avelina is also a daughter of his uncle, and therefore also has the right to inherit the money. Together they unite their efforts to unmask the "Fallen Angel": Ma de los Angeles.

El Angel Caido - telenovela

(1985) - Rebecca Jones, Alejandro Camacho


Rebecca Jones.... Ma. de los Angeles
Alejandro Camacho .... Roberto Florescano
Eduardo Palomo .... Toño Arvide Quijano
Enrique Rocha .... Arturo
Aurora Alonso .... Felicitas
Maritza Olivares .... Remedios Nava
Carlos Andrade .... Victor Manuel Márquez
Blanca Torres .... Victoria E. de Quijano
Lorenzo de Rodas .... Gallo Maldonado
Neria Ferrer .... Nieves Galán
Cristina Peñalver .... Avelina Galá
Fernando Ciangherotti .... Ramón Florescano
Leticia Calderón
Daniel Martín
Claudia Ramírez
Manola Saavedra
Betty Catania .... Elvira

Writing credits
Claudio Reyes Rubio

Production manager
Ma. Guadalupe Arias Aranda

Cinematography by
Gabriel Vazquez

Directed by
Manolo García

Produced by
Francisco Burillo



There is an Argentinean version of "El angel caído" with Miguel Angel Landa and Mayra Alejandra

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Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:15:12
Excelente produccion mexicana con Rebecca Jones como la villana Ma de los Angeles Bustamante que hizo sufrir al entonces novel actor Eduardo Palomo, ojala la vuelvan a retransmitir o volver a grabar.
ovidio vela  - interesante historia, pesimo horario!   |2010-02-01 06:14:43
a partir de esta novela, empieza a pulirse el talento de esta gran actriz, rebecca jones, se lucio a mas no poder, con su talento histrionico, acompanada de excelentes actores de la talla de enrique rocha,alejandro camano,aurora molina, blanca torres, leticia calderon,lorenzo de rodas,la historia estaba super interesante,el gran error en su momento, fue haberla puesta en ese pesimo horario de las 5 de la tarde, valdria la pena que se hiciera un remake, en un horario estelar!!!!!
Anonymous   |2011-02-28 02:58:24
Angelique voger,despues de haber interpretado a Teresa es excelente para este personaje de Maria de Los Angeles,esta actriz tiene talento para interpretar al angel caido!
Anonymous   |2011-12-31 22:07:16
Esta villana interpretada por Rebeca Jones era peor que Catalina Creel, no entiendo por que nadie lo menciona.
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