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Angelitos Negros

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Angelitos Negros telenovelaAna Luisa De La Fuente is the young daughter of a rich man, Don Luis De La Fuente. Ana Luisa is young, beautiful, and rich. But she is also filled with vanity, and has a cruel heart. She is racist and prejudiced with black people, and that is why she hates her nanny, Nana Merce. But what Ana Luisa doesn't know is that Nana Merce is her real mother. One day, Ana Luisa meets famous singer Juan Carlos Flores, they fall in love, and some time later they get married.

Ana Luisa gets pregnant, but is horrified and angry that her baby girl turns out to be black. Ana Luisa detests and hates her little girl. This becomes a big problem in her relationship with Juan Carlos. The years go by, now the little girl is 5 years old, and Nana Merce tells Juan Carlos her secret, that she is Ana Luisa's real mother. Ana Luisa is leaving her mansion because she cannot stand her husband and her black child, and Nana Merce is trying to stop her at the edge of some stairs. Ana Luisa yells at her, "Get out of my way you damned black woman!" and slaps her, and Nana Merce falls, rolling down the stairs. Exactly when Ana Luisa slaps Nana Merce, Juan Carlos sees her and tells Ana Luisa, "Don't ever slap her, because that damned black woman is your mother!". Nana Merce, lying on the edge of the stairs, almost dying. Ana Luisa cries, and asks for her pardon. Nana Merce forgives her, and she dies in Ana Luisa's hands. At the end, Ana Luisa and Juan Carlos' little daughter spills milk all over herself, so that she can be white and her mother can love her, and Ana Luisa cries along with her daughter, telling her that she will always love her by the way she is.

Angelitos Negros - telenovela

(1970) - Silvia Derbez, Manuel López Ochoa


Silvia Derbez.... La Nana Mercé
Manuel López Ochoa .... Juan Carlos Flores
Alicia Rodríguez .... Ana Luisa de la Fuente
Antonio Raxel .... Don Luis de la Fuente
Lilia Aragón .... Jova
Miguel Maciá .... Sr. Sánchez
Rafael del Río .... Toño
Raúl Padilla .... Don Romualdo
Teresa .... Belén
Titina Romay .... Isabel
Malú Reyes .... Malú
Norma Jiménez Pons .... María Flora
Gerardo del Castillo .... Don Laureano
Fernando Mendoza .... Abogado
Josefina Escobedo .... Carlota y Elisa

Writing credits
Joselito Rodríguez (original story)

Directed by
Antulio Jiménez Pons

Produced by
Valentín Pimstein

Teleprogramas Acapulco


Further remake of "Angelitos negros" is telenovela "El Alma no tiene color"

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Anonymous   |2008-07-27 03:26:54
I saw this novela when I was very young, but I remember it as if it were yesterday.....I cried for la nana Merced, for the little girl, for Juan Carlos and specially for Ana Luisa for being so messed up and prejudiced.
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