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Aparicio, Las

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Las Aparicio telenovela Three generations of women in this family are suffering from the same “family tradition”. All of them have become widows in unusual circumstances, and they all bear only girls. This situation can be easily explained from magic realism irreproachable logic point of view. Is this family damned? Or it is just a coincident that all women of this clan have so similar life-stories?

But in spite of the desperate situation all of them meet at the definite moments of their lives, all these women after husbands’ deaths take the leading positions in life, they took or started business and make it unbelievably profitable. They became successful businesswomen. The damn had started with the eldest generation - Rafaela Aparicio. Rafaela buried 3 husbands, and all of them died in the crash accidents. Three times Rafaela started her life from ground up and won a great success.

Rafaela has got three daughters – Alma, Mercedes and Julia. And all her daughters repeat their mother’s fate.

Alma, the eldest sister, is a widow of businessman murdered in the mysterious circumstances. She was ruined after her husbands’ death but she managed to start new business and became a respectful and prosperous business woman. Alma is an owner of big escort agency, providing the escort young men for successful and rich women.

Her sister Mercedes succeeded to her husbands’ practice, who was a lawyer and died after heart attack in a bed of another woman. But She can’t suffer too long, she became a tough and successful lawyer, separated to her partners, left her married lover, and now she cares of her two daughters.

The younger sister Julia is a young actress. She rejected a proposal of marriage as she believed in her family damn. And now Julia has to choose between love to unfaithful man and devoted friendship of a gay.

Las Aparicio - telenovela

(2010) - Plutarco Haza, Gabriela De la Garza


Plutarco Haza ... Leonardo
Gabriela De la Garza ... Alma
Liz Gallardo ... Julia Aparicio
María del Carmen Farías ... Rafaela
Eduardo Victoria ... Claudio
Ximena González Rubio ... Mercedes
Lourdes Villarreal ... Aurelia
Marco Antonio Treviño
Erika Hayser ... Alejandro
Erendira Ibarra ... Mariana
Manuel Balbi ... Mauro
Mario Pérez De Alba ... Armando
Néstor Rodulfo
Aurora Gil Castro
Paulina Gaitán ... Ileana
Eva Sofía Hernández
María Del Carmen Farias ... Rafaela
Silvia Carusillo ... Isabel

Writing credits
Leticia López Margalli (original story)
Verónica Bellver (original story)
Leticia López Margalli
Verónica Bellver
Natasjja Ybarra
Luis Miguel Martínez
Basilio Álvarez

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Moisés Ortiz Urquidi

Produced by
Carlos Payán
Ipigmenio Ibarra

Argos Comunicacion


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Natalie  - Las Aparicio, lo mejor!!   |2011-01-18 02:05:36
Las Aparicio ha sido la mejor telenovela en muchos anios, abordo temas actuales, reales, y con excelentes actuaciones.
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