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Atrevete a Olvidarme

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Atrevete a Olvidarme telenovela Andrea Rosales is a young girl who lived all her life in a small mining town Real del Monte. She is beautiful and also has an internal strength, she cares about the well-being of the others more than her own. At the beginning of the story Andrea is going to marry Manuel Soto, a good looking mining engineer. Daniel González is a young idealistic reporter who never imagined that he had bonds with Real del Monte. But an accident that puts in risk his life makes him go to that town to look for his grandfather, Gonzalo Rivas Montaño, whom he never knew existed. This trip of Daniel becomes a destiny when he meets Andrea and they fall in love. She breaks up with Manuel Soto. For many of the inhabitants of the town this love story begins to remind the story of his grandfather Gonzalo and the love of his life Elena, that ended up tragically, and not only for him but for Real del Monte. Elena died and Gonzalo closed the mine, that was the economic lifeline of the town.

Atrevete a Olvidarme - telenovela

(2001) - Jorge Salinas , Adriana Fonseca


Jorge Salinas .... Daniel González
Adriana Fonseca .... Andrea Rosales 'La Guapa'
Alexis Ayala .... Manuel Soto
Mariana Seoane .... Ernestina Soto
Ignacio López Tarso .... Gonzalo Rivas
José Carlos Ruiz .... Cecilio Rabadán
Ana Martín .... Sabina
Macaria .... Hanna Rivas Montaño
Raquel Olmedo .... La Coronela
Juan Peláez .... Santiago Rosales
Adriana Roel .... Evarista
Juan Carlos Bonet .... Rosendo
Yolanda Ventura .... Liliana
Jorge Poza .... El Gato
Francesca Guillén .... Lucina
Arsenio Campos .... Patricio
Aurora Clavell .... Eduarda
Socorro Avelar .... Epitacia
Jaime Lozano .... Padre Buenaventura
Alberto Estrella .... Gonzalo joven
Alejandra Barros .... Olga Bocker
Daniela Aedo ... .... Andrea Rosales
Rebeca Tamez .... Elena Boker
Jacaranda Alfaro .... Ludivina
Olivia Cairo .... Rita
Everardo de la Mora .... Gerard
Hugo Macías Macotela .... Dr. Nazario
Patricia Martínez .... Refugio
Roberto Miquel .... Vicencio
Queta Lavat .... Fidela
Edgar Ponce .... Soriano
Luis Reynoso .... Melesio

Writing credits
Martha Carrillo (story)
Mario Hernández (adaptation)
Mário Hernández (writer)
Martha Oláiz (story)
Javier Ruán (adaptation)

Song: Eres mía
Singing: Pepe Aguilar

Original music by

Directed by
Alberto Cortés
Gustavo Hernández

Produced by
Roberto Hernández Vázquez


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Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:23:58
Gran fracaso de televisa, una historia lenta y cruda. Adriana fonseca luego del fracaso de rosalinda en donde tenia un papel muy bontito le diron su primer protagonico en la fracasada atrevete a olvidarme, luego de esto hizo la mininovela mujer bonita que le fue mejor en rating,despues un odioso papel en mariana d la noche y ahorita esta en grabaciones con la novela contra viento y marea en donde hace su primer papel antagonico estelar, ya que habia hecho otros d villana pero no como la central
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