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Atrévete a Sońar

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Atrévete a soñar telenovelaAna and Patito live in a small town in mountains, too far from the civil world, far from love of Ana and from Patito’s father. Ana lives her daughter's life, she devotes herself to her and her dreams. They have to move to Mexico seeking for medical help and find a doctor, a love of life and the father. This is Rodrigo who cannot even guess Patito is his daughter since he experiences a huge love to Ana some time back in the past. Ana and Patito live in a private house where Rodrigo lives dreaming to be Patito's father. They feel their love is the same and emotions are as strong and impulsive as ever. However, Rodrigo is about to marry Bianca who cannot afford leaving him ’lone for the sake of brilliant perspective she gets as a wife of a successful doctor. She is ready to struggle.

Ana starts working in the canteen of the private school where she lives. Patito makes friends there, as well as enemies, though. Patito is like an ugly duckling among other students being mocked and humiliated by the school top groups. Patito leads a musical group Polular to show how timid and sensitive girls can be talented against the group Beautiful who are keen on trendy wear and beauty only. The struggle gets tighter when it comes to musical contest to present the school. The two musical groups have to compete to prove they are worth to represent their school. Patito, with the help of Rodrigo, wins but the battle between the groups continues till the end of schhool time. Patito is engaged in search of her father, though. She cannot even imagine he is close as never.

Sometime later Ana finds the chance to reveal her secret to Rodrigo feeling tired to confront Bianca, and Rodrigo seems to be very happy that Patito is his daughter, but at the same time he ends all relations with Ana furious she concealed the truth and he had not opportunity to enjoy the parenting all this time. However, the couple keeps on thinking of each other since there is unexplainable attraction. They do a lot to forget each other but the fate is that they are born for each other to live together. Moreover, Patito falls in love with Mateo, a boy Antonella considers for herself. Patito makes everything to get Mateo’s love making Antonella furious only.  With the lapse of time they make friends and enemies again until the life of Ana and Patito gets even and stable.


Vanessa Guzmán as Ana

Ana is Patito’s mother. She is ordinary young woman, tender and modest to devote the whole herself to life of her daughter. She is enthusiast in what her daughter is involved. She is engaged in sales of natural products. She speaks too much and tries to correct the mistakes she does. The school boys like her though she feels the only love to Rodrigo.

Danna Paola as Patito

Patito is 13. She is naïve and humble. She is not aware of who is her father. She is chasing two goals of her naïve and vulnerable life, that is to find her father and become a famous singer.

Eleazar Gómez as Mateo

Mateo, 15, is Catalina’s brother. He is Raymundo’s best friend. He is levelheaded and quiet, keen on football and dreams of getting celebrated as a footballer. He has to attend musical classes by request of his parents who cannot even guess he adores sports than music. He is close to Antonella, though the relations with Patito make him frustrated at first and excited then.

René Strickler as Rodrigo

Rodrigo is the doctor from high society. Harsh and well-disciplined, traditionalist and well-ordered, he loves children and when being forced to study medicine, he opts for pediatrics to be close to kids. Cristina, his mother, was the one to break his relations with Ana.

Cynthia Klitbo as Bianca

Bianca is Antonella and Raymundo’s mother. She is like a hunter, crafty, subtle, and slanderous. She adores money only. She is the leader of the fraud group to aim to possess Rodrigo’s fortune. Divorced but pretends to be a widow to deceive Cristina who is delighted with her.

Violeta Isfel as Antonella

Antonela is only 14 and she loves trendy clothes, good life without ant concern and trouble. She does not progress at school, though she sings and dances well. She dreams of getting as famous as Madonna. She leads a musical group at the school. As her mother, she has some predatory instincts to get what she plans to eat and digest. But Patito is a hard nut to crack for her.

Atrévete a Sońar - telenovela

(2009) - Danna Paola, Eleazar Gómez


Danna Paola... Patito
Eleazar Gómez... Mateo
René Strickler... Rodrigo
Vanessa Guzmán... Ana
Ilean Almaguer... Catalina
Samadhi... Amaya
Ricardo Ceceńa... Ricardo
Miguel Martínez ... Francisco
Julissa... Cristina
Raquel Garza... Nina
Natalia Juárez... Fabiola
Alex Ibarra... Amadeus
Violeta Isfel... Antonella
Patricio Borghetti
Cinthya Klitbo ... Bianca
Jesús Zavala ... Roger
Alejandro Speitzer .... Raymundo
Adriana Ahumada ... Marisol
Miguel Martínez ...Francisco
Roberto Carlo ..... Lorenzo
Michelle Prats ...... Susana
Roxana Puente ..... Luciana
Nashla Aguilar .... Paola
Verónica Ibarra ...Constanza
Kendra Santa Cruz ..... Ingrid
Roberto Barona ....Sebastián
Mariano Ramírez ... Brad
Daniela Ibáńez .... Nuria
Raquel Garza ...... Nina
Lolita Cortés ..... Emilia
Fátima Torre
Viviana Macouzet
Gloria Izaguirre
Ricardo Fastlicht
Cecilia Macedo
Gabriela Platas
Alejandra Guzmán
Enrique Iglesias
Nora Salinas
Alicia Machado ... Electra

Writing credits
Adrian Suar
Manuel José Mario Schajris
Marcela Laura Citterio
Martha Olaiz
Guenia Argomedo

Song: Mundo de Caramelo
Singing: Danna Paola

Cinematography by
Bernardo Nájera

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Rodrigo G. H. Zaunbos

Produced by
Luis de Llano



Remake of argentinian telenovela Patito Feo (2007) with Laura Natalia Esquivel, Gastón Soffritti

Number of episodes - 300

Sabine Moussier played the role of Bianca but she was replaced by Cinthya Klitbo because of problems with health

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Yulisa Márquez Molina  - Importante   |2009-01-27 23:12:05
Hola me llamo Yulisa y me muero por ver esta novela ,seguro que me va a gustar como la otra Argentina que miraba . bueno me voy chauuuuuu !!!
Desiree  - La novela me llama la antencion.   |2009-03-14 01:21:55
Empeze a ver la novela por Youtube y me parece super linda. La novela es muy tierna y emocionante. Patito es una nińa que apesar de ser feita es muy inocente y buena y esta es una historia de amor unica. Me gusta.
jennifer gonzalez  - o my god!   |2009-03-23 18:40:33
Holla mi nombre es jennifer Kristal Gonzalez soy de Weslaco T.X. me encanta la tevenovela de patito. Patito es muy buena,yo creo que es mas bonita que las otras(OMG).Me gusta mucho la cancion que canta Patito y el video.
maira  - negra   |2009-04-03 01:03:07
ala yo me llamo maira a mi me gusta tanto la novela es muy divertida yo soy de LAREDO TX no va llan a pensar que no la miro atrevete a sonar es mi favorita novela toda mi familia la mira mis primas y mis padres a mi me encana mas so la divinas ustedes son lo mejor.
lylianie  - o my god   |2009-07-12 21:05:30
patio es el mejor en so vida porque antonlla esta orenda para simpre viva las populares
fabiola  - son the best   |2009-08-22 17:12:00
son las mejores en especial las divinas me encanta su novela nunca me la pierdo baii saludos a todas las divinas
vianey  - re: o my god   |2009-09-03 01:03:19
esta novela esta de lo peor y son unos copiones
meg   |2009-09-23 01:30:59
hola me gusta ser parte de la divinas y de las populares yo soy de las divinas paola y antonella me gusta la cancion de las super stars y gasolina de las populares soy patito y cataliname gusta la cancion de fiesta fiesta y un mundo de caramelo viva las populares y las divinas!!!!!!!
debanie melissa  - ho my god   |2009-10-09 00:18:54
ola me encanta la novela todos mee parecen geniales pero mass las divinas tambien populares y klasikos y basikos me encantan
lizeth  - esta buenisima la telenovela   |2009-10-23 23:47:10
hola la novela yo la veo por youtube esta buenisima pero quiero saber cuando la van pasar en los estados unidos y si ya la pasan si por fa me pueden decir en que canal.
danna me gusta mucho como actuas y cantas esta barbara la novela
Alejandra  - soy total mente divina   |2009-11-02 16:34:07
ola chicos la novela esta padrisima me encanta es de lo mejor nunca me la pierdo
catalina es muy bonita fabiola y patito tambien todos ustedes son lo mas cool of the hold world
julia  - hola a todos   |2009-11-04 00:02:33
hola a todos esta telenovela esta de lo mas padriuris me gusta todo lo que pasa es la mejor de la television y espero siga asi lo malo esque me vine para Estados Unidos whacala y aca no sale espero y pronto salga aca porque sin esa novela me muero saben si no sale me regreso a mexico lo juro
mariloli  - necesito hacer una pregunta   |2009-11-07 12:25:35
Hola eh necesito hacer una pregunta a los fans de patito feo , bueno atrevete a sońar en este xaso. sabriais decirme que dias y a que hora lo hacen? esque nunca consio verlo .. gracias
ernestina  - hola atrevete sonar   |2009-12-14 21:30:08
esto emocionada por lo que voy a ver esta tarde en atrevete a gusto mucho atrevete a sonar soy popular
Julissa  - Atrevete A Sonar   |2010-01-03 04:28:35
hola mi nombre es Julissa nadamas les queria decir que me encanta esta novela soy un big fan de todos ustedes me encantan todas sus canciones me encanta la cancion te quiero tanto de danna tambien les quiero decir que isieron un buen trabajo en acerla esta muy chistosa bueno eso es todo cuidencen ohala que agan otra novela como esta
Diana  - Atrevete a Sonar   |2010-01-04 20:24:54
Esta novela esta muy linda. La vi en Mexico y omg. Espero que la pasen aqui en los estados unidos. Alguen sabe cuando sale?? y en que canal?? Por favor si alguen sabe me puede decir!!!
patricia  - rosa   |2010-01-08 19:45:49
hola la novela esta muy bonita lo mejor son los chavos y patito auque ya quiero ver el cambio de patito auque me caio mal mateo por echarle la culpa a patito atonela me cai mal y todos del grupos de lasd divinas las populares me cai bien y son mis favoritas
vivian   |2010-03-06 09:51:02
patricia wrote:
hola la novela esta muy bonita lo mejor son los chavos y patito auque ya quiero ver el cambio de patito auque me caio mal mateo por echarle la culpa a patito atonela me cai mal y todos del grupos de lasd divinas las populares me cai bien y son mis favoritas[/quote][quote=patricia]hola la novela esta muy bonita lo mejor son los chavos y patito auque ya quiero ver el cambio de patito auque me caio mal mateo por echarle la culpa a patito atonela me cai mal y todos del grupos de lasd divinas las populares me cai bien y son mis favoritas
jocelyne  - es la mejor novela   |2010-03-25 23:23:36
bueno primero hola a todos espero q les vaya super bien y q dios los vendiga bay bay
Diana Contreras  - the best tv novela   |2010-04-21 19:42:22
Es una de las tv novelas que mas me a gustado que an pasado para ninos
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