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Aventuras en el Tiempo

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Aventuras en el Tiempo telenovelaAt the end of the school year Violeta is upset because Markos, her uncle and teacher has to leave on a business trip and she will have to spend all her vacation at the house of her grandmother Margarita in Villa Florida, in a small town where nothing ever happens. The summer promises to be very boring, and even more because her grandmother, although tender and affectionate, lives with her friend Urraca, a rigid lady whom everything irritates. Violeta invites Angel, her best friend, to spend the summer with her at the house of her grandma. He arrives accompanied by his brother Neto, his aunt Flora and his cousin Narcissus, a very egoistic boy. In the basement of the house there is an old machine invented by the Margarita's father, and on which her husband Geranio worked all his life, but the grandma never knew what this machine is for. Violeta and her friends will soon find out the purpose of this mysterious device... it's a time machine!


Christopher Uckermann as Angel del Huerto
Angel,12, is bold and responsible for his age. He is skilled in skateboarding. He is impulsive which confuses people and makes troubles.

Maribel Guardia as Flor del Huerto
An independent woman who loves dancing and singing. She is Angel’s aunt and Neto’s mother. She is divorced. Flor works as a teacher at school and her pupils respect and love her.

Gerardo Murguía as Marcos Flores
Marcos is serious and responsible. He loves painting. He is a bachelor since he devotes his life to Violeta. He is an engineer for the construction company belonging to Mr. Wolf.

Marga López as Urraca Valdepena
Urraca is an aristocratic and refined lady. She loves speaking French language and she tends to correct everyone who is close to her. She hates children and loves her cat.

Alejandro Speitzer as Ernesto “Neto” del Huerto
A bright and cute boy of six, creative and talented. He has lots of things in his bag to change his looks and avoid problems. He is selfish, though he loves Violeta.

Belinda as Violeta Flores
Violeta is an 11-year old girl, cheerful and joyful. She loves reading and animals. Her best friend is Angel.

Aventuras en el Tiempo - telenovela

(2001) - Belinda, Christopher Uckerman, Gerardo Murguía, Maribel Guardia


Maribel Guardia .... Flor del Huerto
Gerardo Murguía .... Marcos Flores
Belinda .... Violeta Flores
Carmen Montejo .... Margarita Rosales de Flores
Marga López .... Urraca Valdepeña
Odiseo Bichir .... Avaro Zopilote
Carlos Bracho .... Geranio Flores
Vanessa Guzmán .... Faby Wolf
Luis de Icaza .... Kent Wolf
Christopher Uckermann .... Ángel del Huerto
Alejandro Speitzer .... Ernesto 'Neto' del Huerto
Roberto Marín .... Narciso
Ramiro Torres .... Leonardo
Ernesto D'Alessio .... El Brother
Alessandra Rosaldo .... La Flower
Mario Prudomme .... Carlos Espino
Gustavo Aguilar .... Señor Malrostro
Juan Carlos Casasola .... Lic. Chacal
Pedro Weber 'Chatanuga' .... Don Manuel
Mónica Riestra .... Estefani
Nora Velázquez .... Rocío
Héctor Ortega .... Geranio Flores
Roxana Saucedo .... Mamá de Ángel y Neto
Javier Herranz .... Papá de Ángel y Neto
Bárbara Ferré .... Begoña
Irán Castillo .... Azucena
Juan Pablo Gamboa .... Salvador
Daniel Gauvry
Ricardo Chávez .... Octavio
Diego Barquinero .... Payasito Dieguin
Martha Carrillo
Irán Eory .... Violeta
Fabian Lavalle
Carlos Monden .... Angel
Lourdes Munguía .... Rosalba
Naydelin Navarrete .... Paloma
Ariadna Orguello .... Belinda's double
Silvia Pasquel .... Silvia
Silvia Pinal .... Neto's friend and dance partner
Martha Sabrina
Yulyenette Anaya .... African girl
Joemy Blanco .... Dany
Susan Vohn
Rebeka Mankita .... Violeta
Wendy Gonzalez .... Equis
Marco Uriel
Julio Camejo
Francisco Rossell
Carlos Amador Jr.
Archie Lanfranco
Pedro Romo
Toño Infante .... Epaminondas
Suzeth Cerome
Jose Antonio Estrada

Writing credits
Sergio Shmucler (original story)
Irma Ramos (script editor)

Song: Aventuras en el tiempo
Singing: Belinda and Christopher Ukerman

Production co-ordinator
María Alba Espinosa

Cinematography by
Gabriel Vázquez Bulman
Alejandro Álvarez
Gilberto Macín
Roberto Zamora Soldevilla

Directed by
Adriana Barraza
Salvador Sánchez (on location)
Martín Pérez Islas (general director)

Produced by
Rosy Ocampo
Eduardo Meza (associated ptoducer)



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Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:25:24
A mi me gusta mucho esta novela!! Y ademas Angel esta guapisimo!!!! lo unico malo es que aqui en US nomas lo pasen el sabado y domingo a la 8:30 de la manana y abeces se pone emocionante y tengo que esperar hasta el otro fin de semana!!
Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:25:35
I loved Aventuras en el Tiempo because it's a tremendous novela. I think that Belinda does a fantastic job and I really admire her work. Now, that she's a singer I think she'll do great and she'll succeed more
Anonymous   |2008-07-20 02:25:49
"Aventuras en el tiempo" is the worlds best thing on t.v. I really loved it. My favorite part from Aventuras en el tiempo was when they whent to the future I loved X's powers i loved the one she could freeze people and her bracelete I wish I had one that really worked!!!
rise   |2009-08-03 08:38:36
i really like this telenovela....i showed in indonesia in 2001...i really admire to christopher or i'm 18...and i always dream n imagine that oneday i'll meet him...because i really admire him...he's the best actor in the world...miss u christ..
veronica yaneth rodriguez alma  - 8-09-2009   |2009-09-08 21:08:36
no pues estubo muy bonita la novela por la acctuacion y la perfeccion que les salio y me gustaria que la volvieran a pazar en octubre por que nunca la llegue a ver completa
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