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Baila Conmigo

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Baila Conmigo telenovela The story is set in the late 1950's in the greaser era, around the time of The Beatles and the birth of Rock and Roll. Pilar, youthful and popular, falls for ambitious, adventure-seeking Bruno. But less-attractive Andrea, her best friend, wants him for herself and sets out to get him. Although Bruno is more attracted to Pilar, he strings both girls along. On the other hand, Eddy, an aspiring singer, is truly in love with Pilar, yet when she chooses Bruno, he steps aside. Using her father's name as owner of a radio station, Andrea offers to help make Bruno a star, at which point he dumps Pilar, leaving her broken and humiliated.

Pilar turns to Eddy and they get engaged. Just before the wedding, Bruno reappears, luring Pilar away and making Eddy believe that they had run off together. His heart broken for a second time, Eddy resolves to forget the love of his life. There are also others characters: German, who is Andrea's and Tomas's father, and Don Juan. He gets a crash on a sophisticated and superficial woman, but he will discover the real love in Lety, his secretary. Nelly Moll is an ex-actress and she doesn't resign herself to pass of the years. She forces her daughter to dress and to behave as a little girl so she doesn't feel old. Nelly hides a secret of her life, but Alfonso knows it and he blackmails her. "El tubito" is an usurer who lives badly. He is defaced by a scar on his face. Then there is Dona Refugio who is Eddy's and Rosario's mother, she is a bolero singer who lives in her husband's memory. Teresa, who is Pilar's mother is a big friend of her daughter.

Baila Conmigo - telenovela

(1992) - Eduardo Capetillo , Bibi Gaytán


Eduardo Capetillo .... Eddy
Bibi Gaytán .... Pilar
Rafael Rojas .... Bruno
Paulina Rubio .... Andrea
Alexis Ayala .... Tomas
Joaquín Cordero .... German
Claudia Islas .... Nelly
María Victoria .... Refugio
Stephanie Salas .... Clara/Clarissa
Andrea Legaretta .... Rebeca
Sergio Jiménez .... El Tubit
Lorena Rojas
Rodrigo Vidal .... Samuel
Pedro Weber 'Chatanuga' .... Chattanooga
Abraham Stavans
Dacia González .... Teresa
Martha Ofelia Galindo .... Lupe
Marta Resnikoff .... Sara
Marta Aura
Amparo Arozamena .... Consuelo
Héctor Gómez .... Fidel
Arturo Adonay
Gerardo Gallardo .... Kikko
María Rebeca .... Mary Jean
Angélica Ruvalcaba .... Mary Jean
Alejandro Treviño
Oscar Traven .... Adolfo
Mayra Rojas .... Lety
Giorgio Palacios .... Martinez
Patricia Valdes
Jacqueline Voltaire

Writing credits
Susan Crowley (original idea and libretto)
Gabriela Ortigoza (original idea and libretto)

Song: Baila Conmigo
Singing: Los Gatos

Set Decoration
Germán Paredes A.

Art Director
Juan José Urbini

Production manager
Adriana Arroyo

Production co-ordinator
Giselle González S.

Cinematography by
Manuel Barajas

Directed by
Manolo Garcia

Produced by
Luis de Llano Macedo
Marco Flavio Cruz (associated producer)


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Anonymous   |2008-07-31 00:21:54
I watched this when I was 6 too and I remember I loved it. I have asked people if they remember this novela but no one remembers it :( Oh well but I hope they put it on again because it was a good story and Paulina Rubio was the most memorable character in this novela.
Anonymous   |2008-07-31 00:22:11
Well, I love this novela. I've always loved Bibi Gaytan and her role in this masterpiece was amazing!!! She looked beautiful, gave a great performance and sang amazingly!!! I've tried finding the cd to the novela's soundtrack but unfortunately I cannot find it anywhere. I do have the tape though, lol. It plays kind of funky now, since I couldn't stop playing it back in the day. But honestly, this novela rocked. I loved everyone of the actors on it.
Aide.P.B   |2009-07-30 20:35:48
What happened to those kind of Novelas? They dont do them anymore. Now and days they are putting dumb ones. Of course I remembered this one "Baila Conmigo" It's one of my favorites. Im just waiting for this novela to repeat.
lidia   |2009-11-17 19:20:13
Deberian de volver a pasar esta novela en el canal de tv novelas durante este año 2010
Jazmin  - Baila Conmigo   |2012-01-19 20:16:38
Deberian volver a pasar o tener en venta. I saw this novela when I was 7 years old and remember it well. I've been looking for it for years but all I have found is the youtube clips. I wish they'd play it again or atleast sell it!
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