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Bajo el Alma

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Bajo el Alma telenovela

This is the story about Diego and Giovanna, two people from two different worlds. Diego Cavazos refuses from his fortune after some of his family members and employees die for some reason including his younger brother Patricio who died on fire at the VITALAB plant. He feels guilty and wanders across the world doing most dangerous work and experiencing situations for he seeks for punishment to die eventually.

Finally he arrives to Chiapas village where he clearly comprehends he is able to do a lot for people and sells his idea named Jatropa. This is the herb based on which the future cost-effective bio-diesel fuel can be manufactured. Diego tries to convince the society that this is advanced technology that can change the world for better than cultivating marihuana pressed by Armando Bravo.

While in the village, Diego meets Agustin who becomes his advisor since he lived without a father. Agustin insists that Diego go for his family to Mexico and that only peace and love inside the soul can heal his hurt heart and correct the situation. Diego ignores the advice until he is killed by one of Bravo persons. To honor Agustin, Diego decides to go back to Mexico and his family and revive his family business inherited from grandfather.

On arrival to Mexico has to face and choose what to choose between VITALAB, struggling against abusive misconduct and corruptive management of his step-father Mario Quiroz, or to revive his family that is ruined leaving his mother Sofía sank in alcohol and his sisters Carlota and Roberta. Roberta gets the wrong way deeply in scandals and drugs obsessed by the person who hits and humiliates her.

The other side of the story depicts Giovanna Negrette. Giovanna is the second daughter to Pedro and Conchita. She has a brother Chucho, the pain in the neck of the family facing drug problems, Jorge and a sister Gaby who is sick with leukemia.

Giovanna’s family adheres to traditional common customs and vision to earn money to survive, to income distribution, to housekeeping. They can afford ice-cream once a month. Through the whole time they struggle to survive though they hope for better life and pray for it every night.

Giovanna was raised in thoughts that wealthy people are bad and rotten and she is hurt with the social discrepancy and discrimination. She is the one to struggle for the rights of the poor.

Diego and Giovanna have to live up a lot to comprehend that love not money that drives the world and the society to live and prosper.


Matías Novoa as Diego Cavazos

Diego believes his father Patricio dies because of him. He does not believe people and their intentions. As a child he was told by Quiroz, his step-father, that the award is followed by punishment. He believes in happiness but he feels guilty in death of his being helpless to save her from his step-father. As a child, he aspires to get acknowledged by Quiroz. As a teenager, he gets rebellious and faces too many troubles in attempts to prove what is better, in his opinion. As an adult, he wants to provide social justice for all of his employees and he seeks for balance in everything.

Bárbara de Regil as Giovanna

Giovanna was in the jails as a younger girl for her first love, Bravo.

Giovanna is impulsive, but she seeks for justice to everyone who deserves it but sometimes she gets in troubles because of it. She sometimes acts instinctively without thinking of the consequences. She gives a hand to all those who in need. She is the real leader with the charisma to gain attention and sympathy. When the family situation is worsened, Giovanna has to leave school and go working.

Lia Fere as Natividad

Natividad is the one of those ladies who dreams of living a wealthy and prosperous life. She was grown as the fickle and frivolous child and in spite she has enough assets, she aspires to get higher social status marrying a rich magnate.

Huan Manuel Bernal as Armando Bravo

Armando was the best friend of Chucho, Giovanna’s brother. As a teenager, Armando got nvolved in drug distribution at school to pay for Business Administration College. He spends four years in the jail, though, where he learns all the illegal world laws. He meets Alacrán in the jail who gets his right hand companion. He gets engaged in drug trafficking business, illegal gun sale, women and drugs.

Roberto Sosa as Alacrán

Alacrán is impulsive, intuitive and very violent depicting the sharp contract between the deep love and tenderness he feels to his sister. Alacrán was put to jail as a minor offender and he wins respect next to Armando Bravo. Bravo teaches him to be violent, tolerant and patient to take time in taking revenge of all the time they spent in jail.

Alma Delfina as Roberta

Roberta follows the motto: "Live bright and die young". Diego is like her blood father but she cannot forgive that he left her and her mother. She is joyful, very stylish and never wants to regret on what she has done. She falls in love with men who treat her ill. She prefers attending night clubs and parties and most often she relates to scandals and conflicts in the society.

Bajo el Alma - telenovela

(2011) - Matías Novoa, Bárbara de Regil


Matías Novoa
Bárbara de Regil
Roberto Sosa
Juan Manuel Bernal
Lia Ferre
Alma Delfina
María Rebeca
Claudia Lobo
Sergio Bonilla
Ari Telch
German Girotti
Denisse Marion

Writing credits

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by

Produced by
Bruno Bichir
Fabián Torres

TV azteca


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xavier  - bajho el alma   |2011-05-25 02:49:13
pero quiero un puto resumen de la novela de bajop el espino
rebeca  - bajo el alma !   |2012-07-09 06:35:54
Excelente telenovela,historia clásica pero contada de manera diferente e innovadora;esa es la clave.

Me encanta!!!!
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