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Bajo La Misma Piel

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Bajo La Misma Piel telenovela For 25 years Sara has been married to Bruno Murillo, and her life with him has been hell on earth. Bruno is a fifty year-old dominant and harsh man, who cheats on her with other women and firmly believes that money can buy everything. For love to her children Miranda, Andres and Paula, the daughter of her first marriage, Sara has repressed her frustration and all these years she has sacrificed her own happiness in order to give them a stable home. It is evident that this is not an ideal marriage. However, Bruno would not let her divorce him. But when Sara has already accepted her course to live without love, Joaquin, the great love of her life who never forgot her, returns to her life...

Bajo La Misma Piel - telenovela

(2003) - Kate del Castillo, Juan Soler


Kate del Castillo .... Miranda
Juan Soler .... Alejandro
Sergio Catalán .... Patricio
Susana Zabaleta .... Ivonne
Marga López .... Esther
Diana Bracho .... Sara
Víctor Noriega .... Gabriel
Azela Robinson .... Regina
Alejandro Camacho .... Bruno
Pedro Armendáriz Jr . .... Joaquín
Manuel Ojeda .... Rodrigo
Laisha Wilkins .... Paula
Ernesto D'Alessio .... Andrés
Manuel Landeta .... Ramiro
Isadora González .... Norma Rioja
Andrea Torre .... Roberta
Alejandro Tomassi .... Eugenio
Lupita Lara .... Rebeca
Alejandro Aragón .... Marcos
Mariana Karr .... Alina
Lorenzo de Rodas .... Agustin
Yolanda Ventura .... Macarena
Paola Cantu .... Monique
Sharis Cid
David Ostrosky .... Jaime
Adriana Roel .... Blanca
Tiaré Scanda .... Aurora
Julio Bracho .... Iker
Claudio Báez .... Lic. Ramon Gutierrez
Polo Ortín .... Nicky
Lourdes Canale
Maricarmen Vela
Anabel Gutiérrez
Alfonso Iturralde .... José María
Juan Carlos Bonet
Alberto Chávez .... Barman

Writing credits
Martha Carrillo (original story)
Cristina García (original story)

Song: "Miranda" (Mexico edition)
Singing: Eduardo Capetillo

Song: "Como ayer" (Mexico edition)
Singing: Eduardo Capetillo

Song "Antes" (USA edition)
Singing: Obie Bermudez

Song: "Regina"
Singing: Nicho Hinojosa

Musical Producer
Chacho Gaytán

Cinematography by
Alfredo Sánchez

Directed by
Julian Pastor (general director)
Luis Eduardo Reyes

Produced by
Carlos Moreno Laguillo



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Anonymous   |2008-07-31 00:31:14
Me encantan los actores de esta novela y los protagonistas hacen una pareja muy bonita y real.
Anonymous   |2008-07-31 00:31:40
A very medium plot. There are many things that are not explained to the viewer. Some characters are jsut too stupid to exist. However the cast is just WONDERFUL! All the good mexican actors are in it! I wonder how did they accept to play in such a medium soap! Azela Robinson is great as Kate del Kastillo is but i really can choose the best actor because they are all good! The songs are great too! If the cast and the music was the same but the plot was different it would be the best soap in the world!!! What a shame!
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