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Bajo un Mismo Rostro

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Bajo un Mismo Rostro telenovelaAfter the murder of her father and brother, Irene Saldivar travels to Greece. There she meets and falls in love with entrepreneur Alexis Theodorakis. Carlos is the administrator of Irene's fortune and cooperates with Alejandro in a rotten and corrupt business where he marries rich women, kills them, and obtains their fortune. When Carlos finds out about Irene's marriage to Alexis, he formulates a plan to kill Alexis and obtain his fortune. During Irene and Alexis' honeymoon, Carlos' plan succeeds when the boat Alexis travels in explodes. A desperate and pregnant Irene returns to Mexico, where she falls in love with Dr. Diego Balletstros. However, Irene is forced to leave him for the sake of her friend Carolina, since Carolina loves him and has cancer. Since Alejandro isn't able to win Irene's love, Alejandro gets in her life and forces her to marry him or risk losing her son - all of this as part of another plan Carlos formulated so he and Alejandro plot Irene's death in another fatal catastrophe.

Bajo un Mismo Rostro - telenovela

(1995) - Christian Bach, Alfredo Adame


Christian Bach .... Irene Saldívar Teodorakis
Alfredo Adame .... Diego
Saúl Lisazo .... Teodorakis
Carlos Cámara .... Carlos
Magda Guzmán .... Rosario
Rosario Gálvez .... Luciana
Lorena Rojas .... Carolina
Luis Aguilar .... Padre Tomás
Ernesto Alonso .... Melchor
Nuria Bages .... Laura
Roberto Blandón .... Alejandro
Anthony Alvarez .... Cura Lorenzo
Aurora Clavell .... Lupita
Tomas Goros .... Renato
Virginia Gutiérrez .... Esther
Josafat Luna .... Franco
Marifer .... Estelita
Ramón Menéndez .... Andres
Raquel Olmedo .... Cassandra Teodorakis
Frances Ondiviela .... Melisa
Ramiro Orci .... Arnulfo
David Ostrosky .... Ruben
Rodrigo Oviedo .... Ramiro
Fabián Robles .... Teo
Mayra Rojas .... Sandra
Isabel Salazar .... Ana María
Roberto Sen .... Cristobal
Juan Soler .... Marcelo
Silvia Suárez .... Cristina
Sergio Sánchez .... Héctor
Cecilia Gabriela .... Magdalena
Carmelita González .... Lucía
Jorge Molina .... Matias
Alejandro Tomassi .... Manuel
Ninel Conde

Writing credits
Jorge Lozano Soriano (original story and adaptation)
Lili Yolanda Andrade (adaptation)

Original music
Amparo Rubin

Production manager
Martha Perez Valdez

Production co-ordinator
Luis Fernando Rojas

Antulio Jimenez Pons

Directed by
Antulio Jiménez Pons

Produced by
Christian Bach
Humberto Zurita
Gerardo Zurita (associated producer)


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Anonymous   |2008-07-31 01:11:00
A very good "telenovela" but I would like to see Irene Salidivar and her first husband back together. It would have been nice to see him meet his son. It was only fair. And Magdalena should fought for Diego's love she should be rewarded.
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