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Belinda telenovela Belinda suffers when her mother dies. The day her mother dies she finds out that her parents where never married. Her father Roberto Arismedi, is married to Lucrecia. Roberto will take Belinda to live at his mansion, but Lucrecia and her daughter Anabela will make her life a living hell. Roberto has cancer and will try to get Belinda involved in the family business. However, Lucrecia, with her lover Adolfo, will try to get rid of her in the business.

Richardo, son of Adolfo, will meet Belinda and falls in love with her, but Belinda igornes that he is the boyfriend of her half-sister Anabela. He hides the relationship between him and Anabela, when he's decision comes to break it off, Anabela black mails him into showing the bad judgement of his father how he was handling the business. Anabela tells him he has to marry her or else he's father will go to prision. Belinda discovers the lie of Richardo in the dinner of the engagement between him and Anabela, she will not forgive him and decides to get her revenage. When Roberto dies, Lucrecia wants all the fortune and wants Belinda to leave, so she leaves the mansion. Belinda will find support in Gustavo, a long childhood friend who always been in love with her. She finds job in a public agecy and has a great career.Richardo and Belinda will meet again and in that occasion Belinda decides to get her reveagene on him. Because of her career she becomes millonaria y wants to get back the family business of her father and the mansion. Gusatvo delarces his love to Belinda and ask her to marry him. Richardo finally gets Anabela off his back when his father Adolfo suffers an accident and dies. Anabela hides her relationship with her lover Ernesto, who dies in a strange situation, and Richardo being blamed of the death and is arrested. Belinda decides to save his life and the family business and have him regain his liberty back, putting her love first before her revenge.

Belinda - telenovela

(2004) - Mariana Torres, Leonardo Garica


Mariana Torres .... Belinda
Leonardo Garica .... Richardo
Tamara Monserrat .... Anabela
Rodrigo Cachero .... Gustavo
Héctor Bonilla .... Roberto
Gabriela Vergara .... Christina
Laura Padilla .... Renata
Anna Ciocchetti .... Lucrecia
Sebastián Ligarde .... Adolfo
Adriana Cataño .... Jacqueline
Regina Torne .... Eloisa
Tania Arredondo .... Coraima
Andres Palacios .... Jesus
Carlos Mata .... Alfonso
Elsa Aguirre

Writing credits
Mariela Romero (original story)
Freddy Salvador Hernández (adaptation)
José Luis Durán (adaptation)
Lorenza Engell (script editor)

Song: Amor Mío
Singing: 3 De Copas

Original music
Ramiro Pastrana

Music arranger
Ignacio Pérez

Art director
Raúl de la Nuez

Production co-ordinator
Laura Bautista

Abimael Macías

Directed by
Luis Alberto Lamatta
Sergio Treviño Freddy García
Johnny Solórzano

Produced by
Igor Manrique
Meiling Ley

TV Azteca


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