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Bendita Mentira

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Bendita Mentira telenovelaEsperanza works as a governess in the house where her son Diego lives, but Diego doesn't know that she is his mother and he hates her. Carolina, a poor beautiful girl, lives with Margarita, her mother hates her very much. This is a true story about a girl who is lonely because of the hatred of her mother and a mother who is suffering because of the hatred of her son.

Bendita Mentira - telenovela

(1996) - Angélica María , Mariana Levy, Sergio Catalán

Angélica María .... Esperanza
Mariana Levy .... Carolina
Sergio Catalán .... Diego
Ana Patricia Rojo .... Mireya
Ramón Abascal .... Fabricio
Constantino Costas .... David
Mariana Karr .... Mariana
Alejandra Meyer .... Petrona
Angélica Vale .... Margarita
Zully Keith .... Flora
José María Torre .... Benny
Marisol Mijares .... Lili
Joel Nuñez .... Saúl
Karla Graham .... Jéssica
Evita Muñoz 'Chachita' .... Goya
Héctor Gómez .... Erasmo
Guillermo Aguilar
Socorro Avelar .... Veneranda
María Idalia .... Julia
Marina Marin
Alicia Montoya .... Virtudes
Gabriela Murray .... Aurora
Julio Monterde
Maty Huitrón .... Ramona
Guillermo Rivas .... Padre Roque
Susana Lozano .... Marypaz
Beatriz Martínez .... Amelia
Sergio Sánchez .... Edgardo
Fernando Torres Lapham
Riccardo Dalmacci .... Angelo Fontanelli
María Prado
Rubén Morales
Dolores Solana
Luis Ferrer
Luis Bernardo
Moulay Peralta
Salvador Ibarra .... Augustín
José Luis Sedeno
Susana Ruiz
Arturo Lorca
Luis Ferrer
Jesús Carrasco
Néstor Leoncio

Writing credits
Inés Rodena (original story)
Celia Alonso (adaptation)
Andrea Ordoñez (adaptation)
Alberto Aridjis (script editor)

Song: "Bendita Mentira"
Singing: Angélica María

Music arranger
Javier Ortega

Art Director
Juan José Urbini

Production co-ordinator
José Luis Leon

Chief of production
Beatriz Soria Pulgar

Cinematography by
Juan Carlos Frutos
Luis Toledo (on location)

Directed by
Lorenzo de Rodas
Karina Dupréz (on location)

Produced by
Jorge Lozano Soriano
Carlos Moreno Laguillo (associated producer)



"Bendita mentira" is a remake of  telenovela "Soledad"

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Anonymous   |2008-07-31 01:35:03
Excelente telenovela ya que tenia el sello de garantia con la actuacion de ANGELICA MARIA quien a pesar de estar pasando por momentos criticos en su vida privada (muerte de su madre) demostro ser una de las mejores actrices que tiene Mexico, prueba de ello el premio TVnovelas que gano por dicha actuacion.
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