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Bodas de Odio

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Bodas de Odio telenovelaAlejandro Almonte is a illegitimate son of a rich man who recognized him as a son just before his death. He comes to Puebla to see the factory his father left him. There he meets Magdalena, daughter of the general Ivan Mendosa. Magdalena is in love with a poor soldier, Jose Luis. The Mendosa family are economically ruined and because of that Paula, the mother of Magdalena, proposes a deal to Alejandro: to give him Magdalena if he pays to save their mansion. When she finds out that Magdalena is in love with a soldier, she achieves that he is taken to prison and Magdalena marries Alejandro.

Jose Luis manages to get out of jail and goes to the mansion of the Mendosa family after the wedding. He asks Magdalena to come with him but Alejandro finds out and takes Magdalena to his ranch. On the ranch also live: Rosario, who is the real Alejandro's mother, Maria, the foreman's daughter, who loves Alejandro and his friends: Cipriano and Victor. Alejandro has the liberal ideas and he supports rebels movement against Porfirio Diaz's regime. Jose Luis starts working as a foreman at the ranch. He marries Angelica, who has an incurable disease, but in his heart he always loved Magdalena. But Magdalena loves Alejandro now. When Alejandro finds out the truth about the new foreman, Magdalena is pregnant, but Alejandro doesn't believe it's his child and he abandons her. At the end, during the revolution, Alejandro is captured by Governmental troops, but Jose Luis saves him by sacrificing himself in the memory of Magdalena.

Bodas de Odio - telenovela

(1983) - Christian Bach, Frank Moro


Christian Bach .... Magdalena
Frank Moro .... Jose Luis
Miguel Palmer .... Alejandro Almonte
Magda Guzmán .... Carmen
Rafael Sánchez Navarro .... Dimitrio
Rosario Gálvez .... Paula
Antonio Valencia .... Adolfo
Yolanda Mérida .... Rosario
Julieta Egurrola .... Josefina
Arturo Benavides .... Rufino
María Montaño .... María
José Luis Padilla .... Dn. Porfirio Díaz
Ofelia Cano .... Nadia
Silvia Manríquez .... Armida
Antonio Medellín .... Francisco
Jose Antonio Ferral .... Victor
Jorge Mondragon .... Padre Abundio
Carlos Villarreal .... Tomas
Fabio Ramírez .... Joaquín
Roberto Antunez .... Cipriano
Luis Xavier .... Felipe
Arsenio Campos .... Sebastián
Carlos Riquelme .... Ivan
Carmen Cortes .... Manuela
Lupe Silva .... Dominga
Enrique del Castillo .... Loreto
Patsy .... Angelica
Lizzeta Romo .... Esperanza
Adalberto Parra .... Ezequiel
Alfonso Kafitti .... Alfonso
Miguel Angel Negrete .... Manuel Calderon
Consuelo Frank .... Tía Prudencia
Helio Castillos .... Juventino
Saldivar Quiros
Rigoberto Carmona
Nerina Ferrer .... Amalia
Mary Carmen Martínez
Macario Alvarez
Alvarez Espinoza

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams (original stiory)
Maria Zarattini (free version)

Original music
"L'entrèe" by Giuseppe Verdi

Cinematography by
Carlos S. Zúñiga

Directed by
José Rendón

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



Further remake of "Bodas de Odio" is telenovela "Amor Real".
"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 1984.

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Anonymous   |2008-07-31 01:49:40
Definitivamente, es la mejor de todos los tiempos.
Anonymous   |2008-07-31 01:50:10
Es una de las producciones mas completas y realistas que he visto, sobre todo el tema de acjuerdo con la epoca, la explendorosa presentacion de Christian Bach y por supuesto la de sus dos pretendientes.
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