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Cadenas de Amargura

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Cadenas de Amargura telenovela After her parents death, the little Cecilia is under the care of her aunts: Natalia and Evangelina. Evangelina is a cruel woman who doesn't love the child and she treats her bad. Unlike Evangelina, Natalia is good and will help Cecilia because she is her real mother. She was seduced and got pregnant by Padre Julio. Evangelina hates Padre Julio because in the past he preferred Natalia to her.

Many years later, there is a problem, because Evangelina doesn't want to give Cecilia money to attend the University. But Cecilia wins a grant and she can study now. She is engaged and wants to marry Giovanni, but Evangelina is against. She will poison him with a drink. Then Cecilia meets and falls in love with Gerardo, who is engaged to Sofia. Sofia's parents are Marta and Armando. Armando returns home after abandoning his family for many years. Marta has a romance with Manuel, but Sofia and Armando are opposed. Ines and Renato, who are Gerardo's parents, also are opposed to his romance with Cecilia. She breaks up the romance and goes to sor Angelina's nunnery to become a nun. Sonia and Roberto try to separate Gerardo from Cecilia. Then Cecilia finds out the truth about her birth and meets padre Julio. Natalia discovers that Evangelina tries to appropriate the whole patrimony of Cecilia and Evangelina kills her.

Cadenas de Amargura - telenovela

(1991) - Daniela Castro, Raúl Araiza Jr.


Daniela Castro .... Cecilia Vizcaíno
Diana Bracho .... Evangelina Vizcaíno
Raúl Araiza Jr. .... Gerardo
Cynthia Klitbo .... Sofía Gastélum
Delia Casanova .... Natalia Vizcaíno
Tina Romero .... Martha Gastélum
Hilda Aguirre .... Inés
Fernando Luján .... Padre Julio
Raymundo Capetillo
Alexis Ayala .... Víctor
Gilberto Román
Aurora Molina .... Jovita
Marcela Páez .... Sor Angélica
Raquel Pankowsky .... Raquel
Raúl Magaña .... Joaquín
Tiaré Scanda .... Liliana
Jorge Salinas .... Roberto
Juan Carlos Colombo
Cecilia Romo .... Madre Superiora
Ivette Proal .... Elsa
Susana Zabaleta
Roberto Montiel Felipe
Luis Cardenas

Writing credits
Cuauhtémoc Blanco
María del Carmen Peña

Song: Si Esto No Es Amor
Singing: H2O

Directed by
Luis Velez

Produced by
Carlos Sotomayor



"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 1992.

The futher remake of Cadenas de Amargura is the mexican telenovela En nombre del amor

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marcela  - porfavor   |2008-11-07 09:46:55
si alguien sabe toda la novela y me puede decir mas informacion porfavor mandame un email. gracias
Anonymous   |2008-12-19 05:27:59
well there is a remake that is airing in mexico now with victora ruffo and alison loz
alejandro gomez   |2009-12-08 19:33:41
esrtuvo buena esta telenovela asi como la de rina con ofelia medina y no es una rima
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