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camaleones telenovelaThe adventure begins with meeting of two strangers hiding their real appearance which make theft of jewelry and works of art, but it is discovered and they flee from police - in such an unusual form they get acquainted with each other. Valentina Isagirre and Sebastian Jaramillo are known by nicknames "Chameleons" as they change their appearance when they commit thefts.

Both are compelled to commit crimes under pressure of the Owner - a mysterious character who, trying to achieve his purposes, threatens to kill Pedro - a friend of Valentine and a thief who is imprisoned, and Don Armando - daddy of Sebastian who is in jail for the crime he did not commit.

Young thieves hate each other, but they are compelled to pretend that they are brother and sister as they are wanted. They find shelter in prestigious college which appears to be the property of the chief of police - Augusto Ponce of Leon, the director of it is his former wife - Francisca Campos.

Sebastian and Valentina become teachers in the college and gain trust of pupils, among which there is Solange - a daughter of the owner, her friend Patritcio, and Ulises - a poor boy whom Augusto helps because his brother-policeman was killed on duty. Sebastian and Valentina know, that their presence at college is temporal, and soon they won't be able to support children. With each theft which they make for the Owner, they become more and more popular all over the town and hence the probability to be caught and exposed increases. During their stay in the college Valentina and Sebastian learn, that Augusto is a "bad" policeman, and they pay attention to very strange things happening there.

Their problems become more complicated, when Pedro and Don Armando escape from prison and Pedro is represented in the college as a new sports instructor. Valentina and Sebastian suddenly understand, that they love each other, but they are confused. Pedro, in the meantime, tempts Francisca - the director of the college. When the moment comes to escape together with Pedro and Don Armando, Chameleons understand, that they cannot leave their pupils. But what will happen, if it becomes known that they are well-known thieves? Learn it from "Chameleons"..., where love changes everything.


Valentina Izaguirre as Belinda

Belinda is a young woman known for her stunning beauty, brave and adventurous nature and moral fortitude. When in various occasions, she is impulsive to shock and tactful. She is the perfectionist and prefers things to be done well perfectly. She is sincere and frank in her words and actions. As a child she was brought-up at the orphanage. Living in lack of love and affection in her heart, she is greatly touched by Pedro Recalde who treats her well and protects being a little bit older than her.

Belinda wrongly believes there is no one except Pedro to love and who would provoke stronger and deeper feelings in her. With Sebastián, she feels herself differently and all her emotions are stirred.

Alfonso Herrera as Sebastián Jaramillo

Sebastián comes as the young person with a great charm and charisma. Apart from being handsome and neat young man to enjoy the looks, he is a good womanizer. He is a professional about women and knows the ways where to please and hurt, to flatter and butter and he always thinks before he speaks. He is a man of a taste and style since he is close to the world of art since childhood. His father, Armando, teaches him to cultivate the taste to beauty in every its expression. Sebastián feels miserable about his father who has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for fraud paintings.

Guillermo García as Augusto Ponce

Augusto is Solange’s father who holds 51% stake in San Bartolomé College, Manager at the Municipal Police Federal Bureau of Investigation and the fast foe for chameleon. Augusto is a man of many faces, though he is policeman who seems to be strict, loyal and firm in nature. He is experienced in white-collar crime investigation and he has some features typical for that crime group. He is selfish and known to enjoy narcissism. Only he himself majors in his world and he does not really care of others when he sets and acts to achieve his goals. The major objective of his life is to get the authority and power and, thus, he does everything to get it.

He is expert in manipulating people and he even deceives his daughter Solange. Augusto marries Francisca because he gets more stability in the way to political authority and he thinks she is his fortune.

Edith González as Francisca Campos

Francisca is Solange’s mother. She is the President and owner of San Bartolomé College with 49% stake in it. Francisca in brought-up by the austere and thoroughgoing Catholics. It is already two years passed since she divorces with Augusto and she is still alone.

José Luis Reséndez as Pedro Recalde

He is very attractive and pleasant in looks. Many women find his irresistible with his amazing smile and shapes. Pedro has always been protecting Belinda. He is the person with the dark side of the whole himself that nobody perceives, though. He seems charming that is the mask of the prudent and selfish person hurt deeply in heart. He is extremely intelligent to play his game.

Yet, Belinda is the only person who manages to touch his icy heart.

Camaleones - telenovela

(2009) - Belinda, Alfonso Herrera


Belinda ... Angelica / Valentina Izaguirre
Alfonso Herrera ... Sebastián Jaramillo
Manuel 'Flaco' Ibañez ... Leónidas
José Luis Reséndez ... Pedro Recalde
Edith González... Francisca Campos
Sherlyn ... Solange Ponce de León (Sol)
Roberto Ballesteros ... Ricardo Calderón
Irvin “Pee Wee” Salinas ... Ulises Morán
Guillermo García Cantú ... Augusto Ponce de León
Ferdinando Valencia ...Patricio Calderón
Taide Rodríguez ... Cristina Hernández
Karla Álvarez ... Ágata Menéndez
Juan Carlos Flores ... Bruno
Michelle Renaud ... Betina Montenegro
Alberich ... Federico Díaz
Lucia Zerecero ... Rocio
Carla Cardona ... Mercedes Márquez
Paul Stadley ... Rolando Rincón
Yurem Rojas
Ana Bertha Espín ... Lupita Morán
José Elias Moreno ... Armando Jaramillo
Erika Buenfil
Sandra Echeverria
Luis Manuel Ávila ... Eusebio Portillo
Marisol Santacruz ... Magdalena Orozco
Dolores Salomon 'La Bodokito'
Mariana Ávila ... Carmen Castillo
Ricardo de Pascual ... Conrado Tapia
Erick Guecha ... Gerardo Zúñiga
Juan Carlos Flores ... Bruno Pintos Castro
Lucía Zerecero ... Rocío Santoscoy
Mariluz Bermúdez ... Lorena González
Erick Díaz ... Lucio Barragán
Alfredo Adame ... Javier

Writing credits
Gustavo Barrios
Diana Segovia

Song: Sal de mi piel
Written by: Sal de mi piel
Singing: Belinda

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Produced by
Rosy Ocampo



Forum Telenovela World - Camaleones

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Anonymous   |2009-09-26 19:20:30
Edith Gonzalez should be credited first
Mex83   |2009-12-23 08:38:06
I agree but then she is not a main character in the history she is just a supporting.

Btw in what country are you watching it? Its almost over in Mexico.
mex83  - Edith Gonzalez   |2010-01-16 06:33:51
I just wanted to let you know that Edith Gonzalez is credited first along with Belinda. The list here is outdated since alfredo Aldame wasnt able to do the role so they got Roberto Blandon in his place and Erika Buenfil never appeared in the novela.
Jeannie Chavez   |2010-02-24 20:55:21
Do you know by any chance when it will air in the US?
aaron2010  - Answer to Jeannie Chavez's question on US debut!   |2010-05-04 05:10:01
Jeannie, the US debut of "Camaleones" will be tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. on Univision. Like you, Im interested in seeing this novela myself. With Alfonso Herrera, Belinda,Edith Gonzalez, and Jose Luis Resendez acting in this novela, I believe it's going to be worth watching. Saludos, Aaron A.
pri   |2010-08-18 05:49:53
where i can see the novel??
bitchez  - question   |2010-12-05 03:39:05
what is robertos real name i have been trying to find it for like 3 weeks lol i was crying when i knew he was dead in camaleones!!
Norma Castro   |2011-02-07 22:51:46
I am from Miami me encanta Camaleones pero el fin de semana pasado no lo encontre podria por favor decirme si cambio de horario Gracias Norma
Norma Castro  - Camaleones   |2011-02-08 04:19:23
I live in Miami and I like the novel Camaleones Last weeken I did not find it Please do you know if it change time again Thank you Norma
sindy  - camaleones   |2011-03-17 00:20:31
i love this novela it is the best put it on tv again samtitime
roja  - Camaleones 'el amor todo lo cambio'   |2011-08-30 00:15:59
I am a High school Spanish teacher and want to know if 'Camaleones" is appropriate for Juniors/Seniors in High School? Is there any nudity or swearing that I should be aware of?
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