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Caminos Cruzados

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Caminos Cruzados telenovela Patricia is sensible and intelligent girl who begins to work at Ambrosio and Cesar Augusto's firm (father and son). Both fall in love with her but it is Cesar Augusto who breaks his engagement with Valeria and marries her. They will separate though, but later they will meet again, having a totally different lives: she is a manager and he is married to another woman.

Caminos Cruzados - telenovela

(1994) - Mariana Levy, Ariel Lopez Padilla


Mariana Levy.... Patricia
Ariel Lopez Padilla .... César Augusto
Roberto Vander .... Ambrosio
Margarita Gralia .... Emma
Carmen Amezcua .... Mónica
Isabel Andrade .... Celia
Dacia Arcaráz .... Marilú
Odiseo Bichir .... Orlando
Héctor Cruz .... Reynaldo
Laura Forastieri .... Gaby
Octávio Galindo .... Pedro
Javier Gómez .... Mario
Tania Helfgott .... Valeria
Norma Lazareno .... Gigi
Luis Xavier .... Leoncio
Mercedes Molto .... Jackie
Gerardo Murguía .... Manuel Ulloa
Martha Navarro .... Silvia
Raquel Pankowsky .... Inés
David Rencoret .... Rafael
Lucy Tovar .... Rocío
Arath de la Torre .... Rubén
Regina Torné .... Katy
Ricardo Blume .... Olegario
Gastón Tuset .... Dr. Miller
Rosa María Bianchi .... Alicia
Monserrat Gallosa .... Elenita
Hilda Aguirre .... Lilia
Claudia Abrego
Eduardo Rivera .... Diego
Maricruz Nájera .... Elsa
Vanessa Angers .... Odette
Bárbara Córcega
Clara María Dian
Surya MacGregor
Mónika Sánchez
Janet Pineda .... Anita
Teo Tapia
Anita Kelsey
Rolando Valenzuela
Jhon Knukey
David Guzmán
Renato Master
Raúl Azkenazi .... Perez
Claudia Campos
Mario Carballido .... Eduardo
Claudia Cañedo
Carlos Espinosa
Graciela Estrada
Francisco Fandino
Paulina Lazareno
Patricia Lukin
Rubén Morales
Eva Prado .... Julia
Mario Prudomme
Darwin Solano
Nelson Velázquez
Ricardo Vera
Elias Rubio

Writing credits
José Antonio de Souza (novel "Todo o Nada")
Silvia Gutierrez (adaptation)
María Chacón (adaptation)
Ximena Suárez (adaptation)
Ricardo Tejeda (adaptation)

Original music by
Franco de Vita

Song:Te amo
Singing: Dulce

Directed by
Herval Rossano

Produced by
Herval Rossano


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