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Candidato, El

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El Candidato telenovela Ignacio Santoscoy is at the peak of his professional and personal life despite a marriage of convenience with Marycarmen Manrique, which has placed him solidly within the political circles where his father-in-law, Juventino Manrique (a traditional conservative power broker) holds sway. With the help of Juventino, Ignacio has captured the Secretary General post of his political party: People's Alliance. When Ignacio decides to marry MaryCarmen solely because she was Juventino's eldest daughter, little did he know that true love would appear in the form of Beatriz Manrique - MaryCarmen's younger half-sister and lead him into an intricate war between love and power.

El Candidato - telenovela

(1999) - Humberto Zurita , Lorena Rojas


Humberto Zurita .... Ignacio Santoscoy
Claudio Obregón .... Juventino Manrique
Olivia Collins .... Marycarmen Manrique de Santoscoy
Lorena Rojas .... Beatriz Manrique
Martha Verduzco .... Griselda Austin
Arturo Beristáin .... Fortunato Santaella
Roxana Chávez .... Gloria Ballesteros
Fernando Ciangherotti .... Abel Santana
Mercedes Pascual .... Catalina Austin
Roberto Blandón .... Adrián Cuevas
Guillermo Gil .... Eliseo Prieto
Anette Cuburu .... Ana María Mijares
Stephanie Salas .... Perla Santoyo
Constantino Costas .... Carlos Sagredo
Nubia Marti .... Eugenia
Libia Abihaid .... Brenda
Marcela Alvarado .... Raquel
Rodolfo Arias .... Lito Santoveña
Juan Manuel Bernal .... Jerónimo Manrique
Ana Borrás .... Priscila Galván
René Campero .... Cirilo Mandujano
Óscar Castañeda .... Mariano Canchola
Angelina Cruz .... Dolores Armenta
Alejandro Guerrero .... Plácido
Lucía Muñoz .... Mayra
Jorge Patiño .... Pepe Leaño
Priscila Patiño .... Nina
Rafael de Quevedo .... Ornelas
David Rencoret .... Álvaro Canillas
Mayra Rojas .... Rocío
Edwyn Sadot .... Beto
Jesús Vargas .... Lucio Ovadía

Writing credits
José Ignacio Suárez Vázquez (original idea)
Jorge Patiño (adaptation)
Gerardo Sánchez Luna (script editor)
Gabriela Pérez Lau (script editor)

Original music by
Hans Zimmer

Production manager
Martha Pérez-Valdez

Production co-ordinator
Meiling Ley Rodríguez

Chief of production
Pedro Luévano

Cinematogrpahy by
Carlos Guerra

Directed by
Humberto Zurita
Ariel Bianco

Produced by
Christian Bach
Gerardo Zurita
Humberto Zurita

TV Azteca


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Natalie  - El Candidato fue excelente!   |2011-01-18 02:19:14
Muy buena novela, ademas Mexico estaba pasando por un momento muy acorde al tema, ojala y la repitieran.
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