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Cara o Cruz

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Mariana is a normal, middle-class girl who is about to marry the man of her dreams: Martin is a very rich, yet playful and goodhearted young man. But his heart is also quite weak due to a congenital defect, and he dies on his wedding night shortly after proclaiming himself the happiest man in the world. Mariana, who never suspected his illness, falls apart. Hunted by the press, she runs away to the neighborhood where she was born and rents an apartment there using the name Aida. Soon she discovers that her husband has left her in complete control of his family's assets, something which brings her no end of trouble from his incredulous relatives, but which also brings her into close proximity to Ismael, Martin's partner and best friend. Mariana has no idea that Ismael has always been in love with her in secret. At the same time, she meets Armando Pescador, an intelligent and fun lawyer who lives in the same building as Aida. Mariana begins to develop feelings for Ismael, but Aida also begins to fall for Armando. Worse of all, her "parallel" lives are set to cross paths any minute.

Cara o Cruz - telenovela

(2001) - José Ángel Llamas, Ana de la Reguera


José Ángel Llamas .... Ismael
Ana de la Reguera .... Mariana / Aída
Julieta Egurrola .... Matilde
José María Yaspik .... Armando
Patricia Pereyra .... Teresa
Gabriela Roel .... Claudette
Jorge Lavat .... Melchor Hidalgo
Patricio Castillo .... Fidelio
Fabián Corres .... Aurelio
Luisa Huertas .... Julia
Alpha Acosta .... Cony
Enrique Singer .... Leonardo
Itari Martha .... Lourdes
Isabel Herrera .... Noemi
Plutarco Haza .... Martin
Roger Nevares .... Dr. Efrain Guzman
Fernando Serfati
Joaquín Cosio
Dora Montera
Georgina Tabera
Veronica Toussaint
Juan Pablo Abitia .... Eduardo Medina
Sandra Quiroz
Alberta Guerra
Martha Higuero
Fabian Peña .... Lic. Emilio Carranza
Javier Ríos

Writing credits
Eliseo Alberto
Luis Zelcowicz

Song: Cara o Cruz
Ricardo Arjona

Executive Producer
Carlos Resendi

Associated Producer
María Auxiliadora Barrios

Directed by
Antonio Serrano
Jorge Ríos Villanueva

Produced by
Carlos Payán
Epigmenio Ibarra

Telemundo USA and Argos Televisión de México


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Anonymous   |2008-07-31 02:07:48
Esta novela fue todo un fracaso en los Estados Unidos casi nadie la vio. Por ser una mala historia.
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