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Casa del Naranjo, La

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The Olmedo sisters hide a grave secret in the House of Orange, their mansion, which also doubles as a nursing home for the elderly. Lic. Cadena, Sara's husband, is an ambitious man running for political office. As far as society is concerned, the House of Orange is a charitable institution; little do they know that the home is the only source of income for the Olmedos. Sara is a tightwad; Dolores is a fanatically religious widow; and Narcisa is a spinster who loves herself above everything else. The sisters' peace is disturbed when their brother mysteriously commits suicide and their nephew Fausto and niece Alicia come to live with them in the mansion.

La Casa del Naranjo - telenovela

(1997) - Saby Kamalich, Martha Verduzco


Saby Kamalich .... Sara Olmedo
Martha Verduzco .... Dolores Olmedo
Regina Orozco .... Narcisa Olmedo
Rodolfo de Anda .... Lic. Cadena
Sergio Klainer
Plutarco Haza .... Fausto Olmedo
Mónica Dionne .... Ornela
Carmen Delgado .... Fidela
José Carlos Rodríguez .... Padre Tomás
Víctor Huggo Martin .... Sergio
Cecilia Suárez .... Alicia Olmedo
Gabriel Porras .... Damián
Raúl Arrieta .... Willy
Carmina Martínez .... Edith
Gina Morett .... Mimi
Mauricio Davinson
José Alonso
María Luisa Banquells .... Francisca
Griselda Contreras .... Reina
Carmen Durand .... María Clara
Federico Esnal .... Carlos Ramos
Manolo Mancera .... Pablo Villareal
Isaías Mino .... Comandante
Miguel Ángel Negrete .... Ministerio Público
Fernanda Reto .... Patricia
Benito Ruiz .... Pedro Villareal
Carmen Vera .... Blasina de Galán
Guillermo Von Son .... Silvio

Writing credits
Julio Jiménez (original story)
Cecilia Pérez Grovas (adaptation)
Enrique Renteria (adaptation)
Gabriel Pérez Lau (script editor)

Original music
Santiago Ojeda

Art Director
Cristina Faesler

Cinematography by
Luis Reyes

Directed by
Alejandro Gamboa

Produced by
Rafael Gutiérrez

TV Azteca


"La Casa del Naranjo" is a remake of telenovela "Los Cuervos" (Colombia).

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